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Fleas on a 2 Month Old Kitten

How do you get fleas off a 2 month old kitten. They cant be treated till they are 4 months old.

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2 Vets said he would not give any meds till 4 months old. We have been bathing her 2 times a week but no luck.

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Yes, you can treat a cat this young. You can use one of the sprays. You spray it on a gloved hand and rub it around the body.

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If there are no other animals with the fleas in your home, then get you a good flea comb and comb away.
It takes time but it's worth it because they multiply so quickly and you don't want them filling up in your home.
You can try some flea bombs for your home but that's kind of a pain in the a**! : )
As soon as the kitty's old enough, get some Frontline or Advantage. I thought they made a kind that's safe in a kitten form but I'm not posotive.
Check around at some local vets and good luck.

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Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo will stun the fleas long enough for you to pick them off and send them down the drain. I have personally used it on a 6 wk old kitten on the recommendation of our old vet and had no problems with it. It definately helps to have an extra set of hands. If the kitten has been loose in your house, you also need to treat there or they will just jump back on it. Good luck.

Take it to the vet, and they can give your kitten a pill and fleas will drop off instantly!


I have heard that Dawn dishwashing liquid kills fleas instantly. If you dare bathe the kitten, do so in the Dawn and rinse it off thoroughly.


i had this same problem last year. I kept bathing them in dawn and ended up getting one really sick. Now I know the vet has Topspot or Advantix that are specially made for kittens less than 6 months, all the fleas will be gone within 12 hours.

Call you vet. you should be able to get Advantax or Revolution for them I don't think there is an age requirement. The over the counter stuff might be a little different that is why it says wait until they are 4 months old. You want to call asap fleas lay eggs pretty quickly and can get in your carpet.

Yes, you can treat a cat this young. You can use one of the sprays. You spray it on a gloved hand and rub it around the body.

Just like the Dawn liquid, I have also used Lemon scented JOY dishwashing liquid. It worked. Hold the kitten by the back of the neck and dip in the sink of tepid water and liquid. Have the other sink filled with a rinse water. That way the process will be pretty quick.
Tip- where long sleeves and some sort of gloves if possible. (scratches)

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