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Fleas! How to Get Rid of Them?

We do not have a pet, yet we have fleas! We had a dog in the house about a month ago and I guess this could be just showing up from that? I don't know. I have an older house with original wood flooring. The only carpet is one area rug in the living room. I have gotten bites on my feet and have seen the fleas in several areas/rooms. I have tried the carpet sprinkles made just to rid of fleas and they were still there- also used a shop vac with good suction on the wood floors. Then tried Borax on the rug and that hasn't worked. I have one son (4) and am expecting another any day. I really want to get this taken care of! If anyone has any tips that are not harmful for children or pregnant women to be around, I greatly appreciate it!!

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This will sound so strange, but my friends SWEAR by it, and it is free so give it a try. IF you know where the fleas are, take a bowl of warm very soapy water and put it on the floor, and when you go to bed and it is dark in the house, set one bright light directly shining on the water. (The light needs to be like a small table light- book light- or something. It needs to not be a lamp. Does that make sense? It has something to do with the heat of light right on the water and then they jump in the bowl and get sucked up by the bubbles- and die in the water. Again, it is worth a try, my two friends say that it worked wonders. Every morning- for about three mornings- they would have flees- and with regular vac. and cleaning, they were gone. Good luck.

Hi M.,
I also had this problem about a month ago. I have an indoor cat that's never been outside, yet I still got fleas bad. We bring them in from outdoors. I found borax to work for me but I used it everywhere ( hard floors and all). I also washed all my linin with it and used the frontline on my cat. I hope you get rid of them because I know how you feel. It's such a headache.

To prevent bites wash with selsun blue shampoo all over, they won't bite you, then call a holistic exterminator

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All good ideas from others and would just say be careful if you try the Eucalyptus as it makes me wheeze and be sure nobody in your family has that problem and also the moth balls will be so hard to get the smell out of the vacuum and they are very poison. I know they can cause medical problems breathing them long term too. Check it out.

Hello, I have the same problem and am also reluctant to try sprays for the health of my little ones. So, I did some research and actually one lady I know told me to put moth balls in your vaccuum cleaner bag and vacuum the floor everyday for a week or two (even the hard wood) and that'll get rid of them. She swears it works, I haven't actually gotten to try it yet because I haven't been to the store but htought it may be worth a try! Good Luck!

Go to the vet's office and ask for Vet-Chem carpet spray it works wonderful!

well M. my grandson told me of some stuff that kills them dead it is called knock out , for killing flees , hope u can fine it and that it works great for u ,, E.

Call United Bug Spraying at ###-###-####. The man to talk to is Chris Robinson..I believe the phone goes directly to his office anyway. We've been using this local company for probably 15 years. There are no contracts to sign, and I think he handles fleas. Give him a call!
Good luck.

I told a friend how he can get rid of fleas with a natural product. It's called teatreeoil. if you research this oil online it will tell you what you can use it for, especially for fleas. My friend said it definatly worked because he saw the fleas jumping off the dog when he sprayed the dog with teatree oil and water mixe. So see if this wil work for you. You can purchase teatree at Walmart or Whole Foods health food store.

The quickest, easiest, and most effective way to rid your home of a flea infestation is to bug bomb your house. Once you set the bombs, go visit your mom or inlaws or best friend for a few hours (it should say how long on the can) and when you return home your problem will be solved. simply pick up the empty cans and throw them away, wipe down your table and counter tops and you should be good.

We've had fleas in our own house and fleas in our rentals. I've set off bug bombs, but in the end have had to call an exterminator. You should do the same. Just tell them you are pregnant and have a small child. They can tell you about any precautions you need to take.

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