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Flea Problem!!! Very Upset!

OK Ladies, I've got a flea problem and I seriously don't know what to do. We've had an indoor cat for 8 years and NEVER had fleas before. Now, even after we've had a couple of freezes, we have fleas. They are biting my one year old daughter!!! We have treated the cat with Advantage, and because of our panic, used a spray from the hardware store on our two carpeted areas that we have found the fleas. (We used a spray that was recommended to be safe for children - NOT TRUE) The next morning there appeared to be even MORE fleas and after a couple of hours of play around the treated areas, my daughter now has a rash on her legs!!! (she is still crawling) I am EXTREMELY upset now, and don't know what to do. Anyone have any suggestions on how to rid the house of fleas for good. Obviously I am now going to have to have my carpets cleaned for my daughter sake, but I am told that that will not get rid of the fleas either.

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Thank you all for your great advice! My daughter's rash was gone by morning, but the fleas still remain. My husband and I have kept them under control by vacuuming twice a day. My husband works crazy hours and has not been home to help much, but will be home Friday to help me bomb the house. I'm looking forward to it!!!!

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well, this is what we did for a flea problem we had a couple of years ago.

1) treated the cat with advantage - make sure you keep up with the medication as indicated
2) bombed the house - we had to. the fleas were everywhere. need to stay out of the house for 4 hours.
3) vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! i also like to use baking soda as a pretreatment on my rugs
4) you might want to discuss with your pediatrician what you can do to treat your daughter's bites

it will take between 1-3 months to notice a marked improvement with those pesky fleas


I know that this sounds crazy but try spraying skin so soft and it gets rid of bugs and fleas. Spray it around your house and around the door to see if that prevents them from coming into your house. You can also mix it with water and spray it on your pet. I hope things help.


We had a fairly bad flea problem as well a few months ago. Our new puppy brought them in and gave them to our cat. There are several "home remedies", a lot of the times though, you just have to wait it out, as horrible as that sounds. We were fortunate to not have carpeting, only 2 rugs. If you sprinkle salt all over the carpet and let it sit for 2 hours and then vacuum it helps. The salt kills the fleas. Of course, with a 9X6 rug, it was a little easier, but it did help. Also, if you take a bowl and fill it with water and dish detergent and put it under a small night light with a green light, it attracts the fleas and they drown in the water. Sounds dumb, but it worked also. We put Frontline Advantage on both the animals. We also trimmed the cats hair, but that really didnt help any. I dont know if any of this will help, but I hope you get rid of them soon.

THIS stuff is awesome and the vet told me that it is way better than frontline...so I tried it and I had a terrible flea infestation on my dogs and after 30 minutes there was none on them living.... I havent had as bad of problem in the house...but when you bomb make sure you get the FLEA FOG it stays in the air longer and the bomb mist just drops...the fog actually gets under things and works...

M. Rich

We have 2 dogs, and got fleas for the first time this year too. We have always used front line on the dogs, and never had a problem. I guess they are extra bad, because of the wet summer. We had to strip all the beds and wash the bedding in hot water. I also had Orkin come out. They were the most reasonable, however I had to sign up for a year. They come every other month, and I think it is $80. The first treatment was $90, because they had a $30 coupon. They sprayed the carpet really good, and we had to leave the house for several hours, so that it could dry.

first off call her pediatrician tomorrow morning. see what he recommends. i know there are bug bombs, etc, which my folks used when i was little but who knows if they were actually safe, or would work for fleas. do you have any relatives she could stay a couple nights with, while you fumagate the house?

Fleas have been very bad this year. I have never ever had this problem until this year and it was bad at my house as well. I treated my animals over and over and nothing helped. I called the vet he told me to bath my animals every other day with blue Dawn dish soap it kills them it has to be the blue though. But you also need to buy a conditioner for your pet so their skin don't dry out. It really helps then I have sprayed my floor and furniture with Raid flea spray. You can get it at Walmart with the other bug sprays. My small grandson lives with me and it does not bother him and its also safe for animals but read the instructions so you buy the right one. Good luck.
J. T.

I'm having the exact same problem as you! We also have a one year old. I have read not to steam clean carpets because fleas actually thrive in moist environments. Just vaccuum ALOT! Always empty the vaccuum outside. Wash linens frequently in hot water as well. We tried Frontline on the pets, but that didn't work. I've heard that Advantage is better. Other than that I don't have any new ideas. My vet told us fleas were really bad this year, if that's any consolation to you. Good luck!

The flea bombs do work. I had them in my place awhile ago and my EX boyfriend put a few of them in, set them and a many hours later I got to go back in and the Fleas were all gone. You just have to put dishes away. I'm sure it will say on the cans what need to be done.

Good Luck

My cat got fleas this year and I've treated her monthly faithfully and still can't quite get rid of them, althought I haven't had them in the carpet yet. About 10 years ago that happened with our dog, and we ended up treating our yard, and our house by exterminator. The dog got treated at the vet clinic. FINALLY we were able to get rid of all of them but man, it's frustrating when your toddler is on the floor and getting bitten.
Go ahead and clean your carpets because it will help. My advice is to call an exterminator and have them come out.

Fleas are sooooo bad this year! I never have fleas with my 3 cats either, but this yr was different. I was told about a spray called Knockout. You can get it at the vets and it is about 20.00. It covers 3000 sq ft. It worked wonderfully. You can spray in on all furniture, bedding etc. I am still having trouble with them on the cats! I bought a bottle of frontline and should only be spraying them once a month but have been doing it once a week! They are stubborn. There is a pill you can give the animal that kills the fleas in one hour, but I have not tried that yet. Might be doing that this wk! The Knockout is supposed to be repeated in a week, but I didnt do it and so far ok. Good luck!

I have two indoor cats and ended up getting them about 5 or 6 years ago. I ended up using the flea bombs as recommended on the package (for square footage and all that), I took my cats to the vet and had them give them flea baths and that took care of my problem. It was alot of work, but it did work. With having a little one I would probably do that plus get your carpets cleaned then too. I wish you the best, I know it such a hassle and so uncomfortable.

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