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Flaxseed Oil in Infants?

I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of using flaxseed oil to help with constipation in babies? My son has been constipated since we started solids and I've tried everything dietary, I've called the Dr's. several times and talked only to nurses. Finally the last time I talked to them I told them I have done everything they said and he is still having maybe one small hard stool a week and they said there's nothing else to do but continue what I'm doing. Well, someone I talked to said they used flaxseed oil in their baby and it worked. I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this? I've also heard to use karo syrup, but it's loaded in sugar.

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My son had the same problem, he's 6 now and he stools are normal, but until he was about 4 he was very constipated. I never used flaxseed oil but I did use mineral oil, I would put
a teaspoonful in his milk or juice. This would keep him regular
and keep the stools soft !

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My daughter had major constipation when she was your son's age too. What helped was adding about an ounce of prune juice to her formula. I started out mixing a little bit to work up to an ounce and first tried this in the mornings... when she would be most hungry. It worked for us!

I have used kayrosyrup and I have also heard to put about 1 oz of prune juice in with the formula

I have never used faxseed oil my dr recommended that I use the karo syrup. It did work and you only use a teaspoon in like 3 or 4 oz of water. It did not work right away maybe after my little guy having that bottle twice. My dr also recommended pear juice and usually went that route.(less sugar) Hope that helps!

Since you are feeding your baby solids, have you tried feeding him prunes? You might want to give that a shot.

i have heard of both. I would agree that the flaxseed oil is a better choice for a number of reasons. Try it and see if it works for him. Flaxseed is very dense in fiber and so it loosens the bowels and the intestinal track. Consequently it helps them move their bowels a little bit more effectively. You also could try giving him prune juice. He probably would love it since it is SO sweet for a baby. When my daughter hasn't moved her bowels in the morning (she always does) I give her a few dried organic prunes and immediately (within 15 minutes tops) she fills her diaper. Try the various options. Different ppl.'s bodies respond varying. Good luck!

I haven't given it directly to my babies, but I do take it myself and the baby gets it through my breastmilk. All I can say is if you do give it to the baby directly, a little goes a LONG way. I take just one pill and they go within an hour, not to mention me too LOL!

My son had the same problem, he's 6 now and he stools are normal, but until he was about 4 he was very constipated. I never used flaxseed oil but I did use mineral oil, I would put
a teaspoonful in his milk or juice. This would keep him regular
and keep the stools soft !

Try cooking sweet potatoes they are high fiber. Give the child the juice off the sweet potatoe in a bottle. My co-worker told me her mom used it. The sweet potatoe worked for me. It is health food.

Lots of water helps.

Flax seed oil is used for joint repair. Cods liver oil is used for intestines and bowels. Smells gross and gages me to watch a child take it.

Did you massage the babies back down toward the butticks? also move the legs and bent knees to the tummy. Massage the tummy also.

There is nothing more awful than a child who is in pain. It maybe allergies or other simply solved issues.

The gross thing to try is olive oil incerted in the anus to grease the track. Use your little finger and just grease the inside olive oil.

Good luck

I did use it for both of my kids and you need 1 or 2 drops only!! It is very effective very quick! I would not do Karo because of the sugar either.

I had the same issue with my daughter who is now 17 mo old. The issued seemed to resolve itself by the time she was 11 months, so hang in there. I did go the Karo syrup route when she was younger, but once she started solids, there were other options. Fiber is key, as my ped wold tell me. Applesauce and prunes were the way I went. In her cereal each morning , I would mix in applesauce. You could also mix the cereal with apple juice, instead of milk, also. If it got to be a couple of days she would be backed up, I would mix in the prunes. My ped. also recomended using mineral oil, but I never had to use it, it started to resolve itself. Hang in there, it will get better!

try prune juice it makes anyone go to the bath room even if you don't want to good luck

I teach child/infant massage and it works wonderful for kids and babys of all ages.If you want more info let me know.

I agree with the other posters on the prune juice/prunes suggestion. Would also like to suggest reducing the amount of iron your baby is getting. Not sure if you're bf or formula feeding but if he's getting a lot of cereal try to replace that with baby fruits & veggies. He doesn't need cereal anyways so it won't hurt him. Hope things are moving again soon!

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