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Five Year Old Boy with Swollen Testicles

My son has been sick with ear infections and hives. He saw his Pediatrician for the hives on Friday. On Friday afternoon, he was complaining of testicular pain. This morning, his testis were swollen, painful and dark red. We went back to the doc and had an ultrasound performed which showed nothing but some swollen tissues. If this doesn't resolve by Monday we have to go see a Uroligist. Has any one ever dealt with this? Not only is my child in pain, but he is quite embarrassed about this. He hasn't been injured, so I can't figure out what has caused this. Thank you.

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L., ask your doctor if there is any chance the swollen testicles could be caused by a hernia. Good luck to you and your sweet little boy!

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My son had a problem with hives also. We found out he developed all kinds of allergies (ones he didn't have when he was younger). When his private area was swollen and red, we were sent to a dermatologist, who gave him allergy tests and found he was allergic to nuts (as well as a bunch of other things.) Anyway, we had been to one of those steak houses with all the peanuts at the tables; only, he didn't eat them- he cracked them open for everyone else. The Dr said he was having a reaction of his privates because he had touched the peanuts, and then when boys use the bathroom, they use their hand to guide things. I had never put it together. Hopefully your son's problem is simple as well.

My son is five and has a Hydrocele of the right testicle due to trauma. We have been going to the Urologist for eight months now. Tomorrow is his next appointment. It hasn't gone down all the way after all this time. I'm afraid surgery may have to be the answer.

are you sure he didn't fall while playing and just doesn't rember it.

It sounds like it may be a hydrocele.

My ex husband got really sick once and his testicles swelled up to the size of a baseball. The doctor said the infection had gone to his testicles. He wanted to put him in the hospital, but we had no insurance. He gave him really strong antibiotics and the swelling finally went down after about five days. He was in a lot of pain.

K. A.

Hi L., I'm K.. I have 5 children of my own, 3 of which are boys. My oldest son had something that sounds similar to your little guy's problem. Our doc diagnosed him with something called a hydrocele. This is a small tear inside his lower body which allows the testicles to become quite large and uncomfortable due to fluid build-up. Try to google this and see if it sounds like the same thing. The good news is that it's completely reversable with a small surgrey and one overnight at the hospital. My son came through it smoothly and had no complaints. He was 7 at the time. Now he's 23 and barely remembers it. I have no idea if I'm right about this, buut I hope it helps you to narrow things down. Many Blessings!

It may sound crazy but could it be a hernia? A friend of mine's grandson just had surgery for one and he is about 5 or 6 years old. She said the testicles were involved in the diagnosis. I can't remember all the details but I think one testicle may have been larger than the other so it may be worthwhile just to ask the doctors about this. Also I would definately recommend getting several opinions. Make sure you can have the ultrasounds available to the other docs. It never hurts to hear what other medical professionals have to say as there are many opinions and not all are well versed in all areas.
Best of luck and I hope this helps in some small way.

One of my sons has had similar situations, had the ultra sounds to make sure that his testicles had not turned, this started happening around the age of 7. He is now 13 and has not had that problem for quite some time. I guess some boys just have to deal with this as they never found anything wrong or a cause to this. He would just take antibiotics for the inflamation. Like I said it has not happened for a whie so maybe it is something he will grow out of. Little girls have periods and pap smears...maybe this is a boys equivalent. I can't give you any advice other than reassure your son that their are other boys that have the same problem and hopefully it will go away. My son had problems walking due to the swelling and pain. He was embarrassed as well but it was something that he just got used to.

Hi L.,

My husband had a reaction to an antibiotic years ago that caused this (red, swollen and painful) in him. It lasted over a week. I believe it was Zithromycin. We don't use antibiotics anymore so I'm not sure what they give for ear infections and I can't even remember why he took it but it was new on the market then and I remember the reaction as if it were yesterday...

God bless!


I don't have experience with this but wanted to give you the name of the best pediatric urologist in this area Luis Perez, MD of Children's Urology of the Carolinas (he has a partner who is wonderful Dr.Ebbers). Their phone number is ###-###-#### I would call his office ASAP let a urologist tell you that it is normal. I know he gets call after hours from new patients. I personally am concerned to hear you speak of the redness and pain. I hope this helps

Hi-You probably should see a pediatric urologist. If you are near Lexington, KY, Dr. Cameron Schaffer is the best.

My 5 year old boy complained of groin pain, when I checked, his testicles were swollen. He was born with one testicle that never descended down. Went to the Emergency Dept right away. They said it was a small hernia and hydrocene. He did put pressure on it for a few minutes to drain it back to the abdomen, but he said it should be fixed by surgery, which we are now waiting for a phone call.

My son was much younger when it happened, but it was called hydrocele. There was fluid in his sac. They waited til he was older (They wanted him 1 year old before they made any decisions what to do). There are 2 diferent kinds of hydrocele, 1 is fine but the other requires surgery. It just depends on where the fluid is coming from. We didn't have to have the surgery, praise the Lord. His urologist is a pedriatic urologist at Vanderbilt. His name is Mark Adams. Just in case you need one.

sounds like you've already gotten a lot of good advice. Just wanted to ask, when they did the ultrasound they made sure the testicles weren't turned or twisted? A couple of my family members had that problem. It can be easily corrected if discovered early.

My baby had got it twice when he was a baby and now. I just change him n I was wiping him and as I started wiping he kept moving I said whats going on then i looked up and saw it and it was red and swollen..

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