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Fisher Price Ocean Wonders- Anyone Experience Water Loss?

My almost 4 year old daughter received both the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders bouncy seat and crib toy when she was born. We got tons of use out of both and she loved watching them.
Once she outgrew them, I stored them in her bedroom closet (not necessarily upright) and never noticed any problems (ie leaking water or water stains), but when I pulled them out for my second daughter, I noticed that both products' water levels were down at least an inch! (If your familiar with them, the stars and spinning items actually poke out of the water.) They still work fine, but I am surprised since they are Fisher Price.
Has anyone else experienced this?

What can I do next?

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I am so glad that you asked this. You got some good responses. I recently got out mine and noticed that the water is halfway down. I was also wondering if we could refill it and now I know. Thanks.

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This happened to me too!! My daughter is 4 also and I pulled out her Ocean Wonders for my twins and it had a low water level. I bought a new one for one twin and gave the old one to the other twin. I HATE THE NEW ONES! They don't have the spinning star or the clam that opens/closes. So there is nothing for he baby to play with other than turning it on/off. I still let me little ones play with it because it still works--just looks like the fish are jumping in and out of the water--LOL!

We have the fishbowl and the bouncy seat and both of them have lost so much water they don't even work properly anymore. I had stored them in the attic between kids though, so I just figured it was my fault for keeping them in such a hot place. I didn't realize it was happening to everybody!

As far as I know, almost everything if not everything that is Fisher Price is made in China so I would not really be surprised. FP, may be a "good" name but when stuff is made poorly and cheaply in other countries the quality is not going to be as good as stuff made here in the USA.

Fisher Price was the center of MANY recalls this last year because of lead in toys...

that being said, My ocean wonders stuff did not loose liquid but I have heard of some of those liquid ones evaporating depending on what conditions they are stored it. you might want to call the 800 number on it to see what they say.

good luck-

We have the Ocean Wonders crib toy. Our 6 yr old son loved it from infancy thru changing his crib to toddler bed. We just left it up for his brother from infancy thru toddler bed as well. And we left it in place back to crib again for their brother/sister. So it has never been "packed away" and has been upright the entire six years. I can't remember exactly where the water level was when we first got it, but there has been significant evaporation - like an two to three inches. I have thought of looking for an insertion valve to maybe refill some with a syringe or something, but we may have to break down and buy a new one. They are great!

I had an older version of this toy many years ago (received it 7 years ago.) When I got it out for my baby 5 year ago I experience what you described. I called Fisher Price and they replaced it for me free of charge. I had received it as a gift so I had no receipt or anything. I had to get a little pushy with them though. You might want to give them a call. AFter all, what have you got to lose?

I know the product you described, but have not used them.

However, it is impossible for a product to be COMPLETELY air-tight. Therefore, the water will minutely and microscopically evaporate out of the seemingly water-proof plastic. (The presence of heat is not necessary, but it CAN speed up the process of evaporation.)

Hope this explains it.

P. <><

We bought one for our granddaughter and were very disappointed when we saw how much water evaporated from it. After 3 years, its was down 1/3. I called Fisher Price and they told me that there is no way to refill it. We sold it in a garage sale after that.

Yes, the same thing happened to us! I have an almost 4 year old son and a 19 month old son. When we pulled out the bouncy for our youngest, a lot of the water had evaporated from the activity bar of the bouncer. I, too, was shocked. The stars and fish inside actually made noise and didn't spin as well. I think I am going to sell mine before #3 - I wasn't impressed with this one!

I am so glad that you asked this. You got some good responses. I recently got out mine and noticed that the water is halfway down. I was also wondering if we could refill it and now I know. Thanks.

I just sold mine several months ago...it was 2 years old. Some water evaporated as well but only about half an inch. My daughter loved that bouncy seat. I am sad that I sold it now...since we have decided to have one more child after all.

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