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First Time Mom in Need of Clothing Size Lesson

Is it just me or is it difficult to find 12 month sizes!?! There is a vast array of 3-6,6-9,and even 18 month. Where do the 12 months go? Also, what the heck does 1T, 2T etc mean? My daughter has outgrown the 6-9 and the 18 month are too big. And let it be known that I shop for clothes at Wal-Mart, Target and Babies'r' Us. I prefer(because of budget)to shop "cheaply", as she will not be in them for long.
Alright ladies, let me have it!!!!
Proud Housewife of one 11.5 month old,

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I appreciate all the responses I received. Unfortunetly, I am in Galveston County. So, I will not be able to shop at alot of stores suggested to me. I do, however, appreciate the 411 on the 1T, 2T mystery. At least now I am better able to shop for clothing the right size
Thanks to all!!!
M. :)

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Okay, I shop at The Children's Place beacuse they have the cutest clothes and are very inexpensive. As far as where the 12 month clothes go...I dont know. 1T and 2T are 1 toddler, 2 toddler, etc. When you baby has outgrown the 24 month outfits that is the next step. Hope this helps!

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Old Navy and Gap have the size you are looking for. Great deals online. Kohl's too.
My son was in 24 months by 12 months old, so I was always buying ahead... lol
There are a lot of great online shops.
ebay is a great one. There is a lady K&MBoutiques or something like that...
I have a ton. Shop the sales or clearance. It takes time/patience.
Also most online and most all stores have size charts. Typically 24m and 2T are close to the same, but 2T is longer.
ALSO for whatever reason, more expensive clothes run smaller?! That is my experience.

I know my response is late but here goes. I didnt see any mention Bells. We have a "getto" Bells in Victoria which I prefer shopping at because they are usually stocked with idems and they have great sales. Also try Sears, I havent yet but I am guessing they might have both those stores in your town. Hate not being able to find 12 months but the 1T might come in handy!

I'm with you on the "affordability factor" so, I do alot of Wal-Mart and Target too. Ok, so while the other responses are acurate about the 1T / 2T / 3T corresponding with the typical age, I found that some Wal-Mart brands "24 months" are sometimes slightly (ever so slightly) smaller than the 2T's of the same brand. It doesn't make sense since it's the same age!! Also, I have found that the Circo brand at Target runs small, so buy bigger.
Great resale shops: Once Upon a Child in Plano, and Kid to Kid (the one at Parker and Midway had a much better selection). Last time I took clothes to Once Upon a Child, I walked out of there with about $180.00 worth of clothes that I only paid $20.00 for with the credit from the box I brought to them.

I agree with the fact that Target's brand (Circo) runs small, so you will want to go up a size with them. I think the other posts have covered your size questions. I think (although not sure since my daughter is still wearing 18 months and she's 2) that 24 months is a wee bit smaller than 2T, but probably not much of a difference there. I don't actually think I've ever seen a 1T size before, but I would imagine it's the same as 12 months, so if you see one, that might be what you're looking for!

Good luck! Also, Children's Place is great if you can find stuff on sale and they almost always have coupons. Carters can be expensive unless you find their stuff on sale, but when they do have sales, I go there because I LOVE their stuff. Also, Kohl's carries Carter's brand stuff for lots cheaper, so you could check that out too.

I have a daughter & I shop alot of re-sale shops ! I find name brand clothing & at a cheap price ! I live in s.w. Houston, if you lived in this area i would give you a few to check out ! Also, try ebay - you can get good deals there too ! Just punch in 12 mos. Girl clothes & it will pull it all up for you. I also shop garage sales - the expensive subdivisions - and I have found from gymboree, to childrens place - limited too - polo - tommy hilfiger - all under $ 5.00 - excellent condition ! I am a clothes hog ! - I dress my children very well !! also, 1T-2T'S those are toddler sizes - Have a good day !!

I used to work for the Gap and all of their clothes run big. 2 T means 2 toddler. Your child may be too small for these but go ahead and try the 18month clothes and just roll them up.

Try Craigslist or Kid to Kid.

1T is 12 mos and 2T is 24 months. They are usually a little thinner around and do not always have the snaps in the crotch. I find a lot of 12 month stuff at Babies R Us at Baybrook. I have one in 12 mos (or 1T) and one in 24 mos (or 2T). I don't buy at Walmart so I don't have an idea about them. Target doesn't seem to have as many at Babies R Us. Toys R Us - baybrook again - also has a fair selection. hth

I totally agree with shopping on a budget! Have you tried Macy's? They have Great sales. The best one to watch for is when the put the clearance on sale. I got my son 10 shirts for $20!! The Children's Place is another place to watch for great sales. With the sale prices you are paying the same as a Target/Walmart outfit. I have also noticed they also run a bit bigger and don't shrink as much. So you are covered if they hit a growth spurt. Re-sale shops are awesome too. Esp. when they just outgrow the clothes and put holes in the knees! You may try buying one outfit in size 18 months at Walmart/Target and see how much it shrinks after you wash it. I always buy big at those stores and am surprised that they fit after I wash them.
Oh and 1T is the same as 12 months just a tad bigger. So that should work for you. Shorts tend to run long so you may need a smaller size. My son always needs smaller shorts than he does in pants. It may be different for girls though. Good Luck!

Well, this is a tough one, because what you really need to know is the weight/height for the size stated. Each brand is a little different (just like adult sizes). Most of the time what I have seen is a 12-18 month size after 6-9 months (I do not know exactly what happened to 9-12, but honestly that is not a size mine would be in for long. More expensive brands tend to be 6-12 which helps, but my favorite place to shop is Carters! They have some cheap things there too. 1T should be about 12 months, but I dont think I have ever seen that before. I agree that it can be great to find deals at "Once upon a child" etc. Good luck! ~A.~

As noted, you have received a lot of great info. I have two sets of twins so I have to stretch my clothing dollars well. I really like the Children's Place. Also, I have been able to get great deals on play clothes at Penneys, especially when they have a big sale (like this weekend). Don't buy too much, as you don't know how much she will grow during this season. I'm about to have to go up an additional size on one of my 4 yr olds for the second time this season. Buy a lot of mix and match so that you don't have to toss the whole thing if there's a stain or tear. Find someone who has a child about one year older than your child (or has the size about one year older), and buy hand-me-downs in bulk. (Worked for me years ago with my niece but I've not found that for my children yet) Good luck and have fun shopping!

Okay, I shop at The Children's Place beacuse they have the cutest clothes and are very inexpensive. As far as where the 12 month clothes go...I dont know. 1T and 2T are 1 toddler, 2 toddler, etc. When you baby has outgrown the 24 month outfits that is the next step. Hope this helps!

THE most affordable place for a wide variety of clothes is Kid to Kid in Valley Ranch (it's just a bit north of 635, on the right (east) side of MacArthur. They carry 'gently used' clothing & gear. I'm a new first time mom and am still in shock of how quickly my baby outgrows clothes. He is not even 5 months old and is already wearing 6 and 9 month sizes. You can get sleep & play onesies at Kid to Kid for only a couple dollars. I've also bought several books and DVD's there for only a few dollars.

Hah! I can never find the 18 month ones. I guess what ever it is you want is gone. Any way, 1t and 2T etc means toddler sizes and roughly corresponds with the year old your child is, but my 3 yr old wears 5T and my 13 month old wears 18 month sizes. I just learned about 6x size (between size 6 and 7).I have also found sizes vary drasticly from brand to brand. I always try to buy a little large so they will be able to wear it for more than a week. Also, there are some great resale shops around town. Hope this is helpful.

Try Carter's and The Children's Place. They both carry inexpensive items, even sign up for the coupons.. They both have outlet stores too!! :)

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