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First Time Marathon Gift Ideas Needed!

Hi Ladies,

I have a friend (female) and a cousin (male) who will both be running their first marathons in March. I would like to get a little congratulatory gift for them both, but need some gift ideas. I don't have a lot of money to spend (maybe $10 - $15 each) as we are on a tight budget, but would appreciate hearing from other marathon or long distant runners to know what type of gift might be most useful or appreciated after running 26.2 miles. Thank you for all you mommas who have been such a great help to me in the past!

Have a great week,

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Socks that say 26.2. That way they are practical, thoughtful, and can remind them of their accomplishment.

If you are giving it to them before the marathon. My husband loved what looked like deodorant (Body glide) but you put it on areas to prevent chaffing.

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I agree with Alysson - I have run only one marathon (which is enough in one lifetime) and what meant the most to me is that people came and cheered me on...go watch it and cheer...if possible at two different locations one near the beginning (first 4 to 5 miles) and then again around mile 20-23! Specially near the end, you presents will be greatly appreciated.

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One More Mile has really funny running shirts...there are like 10 that I want, here is their website.


Shirts are 24-26 bucks each, which is more than you said you wanted to spend, but keep in mind they are technical shirts, which your friends will appreciate (light, breathable, moisture wicking, fast drying) for future training. Otherwise, they have hats that are 15 bucks each that have the same sayings. Also, stickers, magnets, etc. which are cheaper.

Some examples of sayings are:

running is my happy hour
running is cheaper than therapy
26.2 miles and still smiling
will run for beer (also have chocolate, wine,ice cream, margaritas, etc.)
26.2 miles: been there, run that
Does this shirt make my butt look fast?
Slow is the new fast
In my dreams, I am a Kenyan
Toenails are for sissies
I know I run like a girl, try to keep up
My sport is your sports punishment
(front) one more mile logo (back) Dear God let someone be behind me to read this
I'm only doing this so I can post a picture on facebook
I thought they said "rum"
I'm not slow, I'm getting my moneys worth out of the entry fee
You think I run funny? Wait till you see me walk tomorrow

And my personal favorite:
If you see me collapse, pause my Garmin

Hope your friends have a great race! Yay running!!!!

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Maybe a personalized water bottle?

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I don't have any suggestions, since everyone has different favorite items, but I think it is great that you want to give a little gift to show you think they are awesome. I have never been given anything, didn't expect it, for any of my races, my longest being a half ironman, but I like when people acknowledge that I did something that was really freaking hard. My husband has been at every single one of my races, usually with our young son, and four family members plus husband and son were there for the big race. Just having them there supporting me, and with a poster or two as well, was great. I think doing that is even better than a gift, if you can make it to the race.

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really good running socks. they are going to be 10 bux each.

or just a really great heartfelt letter, and an invite to come over for dinner to celebrate. not the same day....

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I'm sure you have running, biking, or outdoor enthusiasm stores in your area. I live in a suburb of Dallas, TX and am frequently at Luke's Locker, Run On, and several bike/triathlon stores, and those places always have little add-ons near their registers. Also, REI is a great place to look for this type of thing. You could google these stores websites for ideas.

I never have enough Gu (an electrolyte gel that is commonly used in training and racing), so if someone gave me a box of Gu, I'd be thrilled. Also, I've seen men using this Sweat Gutter headband, and it might be something your cousin might like.

For a sport that just requires a pair of good shoes, there are a lot of expensive little things you can add... gift certs for a running store would always be good too.

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Socks that say 26.2. That way they are practical, thoughtful, and can remind them of their accomplishment.

If you are giving it to them before the marathon. My husband loved what looked like deodorant (Body glide) but you put it on areas to prevent chaffing.

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Will you be around to watch them run the race? This wouldn't be an immediate gift, but maybe you can make them a shutterfly photobook as a keepsake. You could be a photographer for the day and take pics pre-race, checking in, on the route, afterwards, holding up race shirt, etc... you can get creative and take shots of just their shoe, their hand holding a water bottle in the sunlight, close-ups of their ipod, etc... This is a big moment for them being their first marathon and they might appreciate looking back on it from time to time. You can add quotes or phrases about running in the book too.

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Well for the female, maybe a charm to go on a necklace? Here in Texas we have www.jamesavery.com (silver jewelry). I know they have had two running type charms in the past. If you click on the website and click on charms and search 'runner' a shoe will come up. It's $39, so perhaps not quite very economical. But maybe something LIKE that would be nice.

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