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First Plane Ride for 6 Month Old, Advice?

Hi, we're going on vacation next month, flying with my 6 month old daughter, and I just want to know if anyone has any advice on what to bring/not to bring, tips, etc. Like, I have a travel system, is it too bulky to bring? We'll need the car seat and stroller anyway, shouldn't I just bring it and check it (check the stroller at the gate),or do you know an easier way? Any info is appreciated!

UPDATE: I have gotten SO MUCH WONDERFUL advice from you all!! Now I just want a vote, if possible... at the end of your response, could you just give me your VOTE on the following: STROLLER -- CHECK at GATE, or CHECK at BAGGAGE? I do have a Bjorn and plan to check the car seat--OH, and I'm NOT bringing the grandson, just the 'lil girl', who will be 6 months old by then... hope to hear from you!

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Thanks everyone, we did it! I checked the car seat AND stroller at the gate, only because I forgot to check the carseat, she was in it when we checked in. But it still worked out, they were waiting for me on the tarmac <sp?>, so simple to pop her in it and go. She did GREAT on the plane, both ways, no crying, took her bottle and went to sleep for most of the flight. Thanks again, you've all been GREAT!

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I have traveled many times with a baby. You have already gotten great advice. The only thing I would add is if you are renting a car, see if they rent carseats. One less thing to pack. Stay light, take an umbrella stroller.

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I traveled with my first born when he was 9 months old. We flew from S.F. to Pittsburgh, PA. My pediatrician at the time advise not to feed him right before the flight. Give him light snacks & water or juice. Be careful with apple though, the upset to the tummy from flying can cause many symptoms not needed on a flight. Such as diarrhea or nausea. Before my flight I alerted the airline I was bringing my child. Of course they always let those with children board first and the crew members are very good at helping with the boarding of children. My best advice is to ask your doctor about traveling with little ones. If you have a back pack, it is a good idea to carry one on your back & one in the stroller.

Checking the stroller is always a pain. Will it come out of the luggage shoot or not? And if it does will it have the wheels attached or will you have to re-assemble after it appears?

If it is convenient, carry on with a few essentials as you will need for the child. Diapers, snacks & things for you. Traveling light on the plane with children is always a good bet.

The entire flight to Pittsburgh went without a hitch. My son was facinated by the ride. When we landed in Pittsburgh, just as we touched down, he threw up all over me! The plane turns off the water & stores everything securely on take off & landing. SO, I had no way to clean myself up!

What a great impression to meet my mother-in-law for the first time. In 28 degree weather, we had to make the 45 minute trip from the airport to her home with the window open. OH JOY!

Expect the worst and hope for the best! :-) Always remember, adults take a little longer for jet lague. Children are rearing to go! If it is light, they will play, if it is dark and they think it is light, they will play and generally the excitement of traveling will encourage them to play. EAT YOUR WHEATIES!

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Hi J.,
We took our son for his first plane ride when he was the same age and we found it helpful to do just as you said- take the travel system and check the stroller and carseat at the gate. The other thing is make sure you have a change of clothes handy (in your carry-on) just in case she has an accident (which our son did!) It also helps to get a few new books and/or toys that will be new and interesting to her, as well as some favorites. Not sure if you're still nursing or not, but it helped for me to nurse my son during take off and landing. Good luck and have a great vacation!

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i just took my son who is 5 months on a short plane trip. It was only about two hours so it wasnt too bad. I ended up putting him in a baby carrier (baby bjorn) while walking through the airport so that i had all my hands to carry boarding pass, etc. I checked in his car seat / stroller so we wouldnt have to pay for another seat. I made sure i nursed my son, so his ears wouldnt pop. Im sure a pacifier or a bottle will work just the same. He didnt cry at all during take off or landing. Oh, and when you get to the gate, take advantage of the family boarding. I had two other adults with me, and we were all able to board at the same time ;O) Good luck -

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My son has been on 3 plane flights and he is just turning one. The secret to our success was taking our boppy. I would put that around my lap and my son could stretch out on it and slept most of the flight. All the flights were 3-5 hours in length. I also gave him a little tylenol just before we got on the plane. Good luck! Have fun on your vacation.

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My vote would be to check both carseat (unless you know the baby will have a seat to herself) and stroller at the gate -- both UAL and AA were accomodating for recent travel. If you haven't bought a seat for the baby, you may still be able to use the carseat on board if an extra seat is available. If you check at baggage, you won't have that option.

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Gate check the stroller and the car seat. If possible, at the Gate desk, see if there is an available seat. If there is, then you can use it for your baby and use the car seat, too! I did that on the way from visiting family in Hawaii when my littlest one was 6 months. We were put in the back, but it was great since we also needed space to walk around!

I've also read that the Bjorn is not cleared for flights so if the attendants do ask you to take your child out, don't stress. It happens.

One thing I would bring is antibacterial wipes to wipe down the trays and surrounding areas. They are NOT CLEAN. After one trip with my then 18 month old, she came down with hand, foot, mouth. Her pediatrician said it was probably from the airplane.

Also if you don't have gear like a crib waiting for you, there are a few websites that can send what you need. It'll be waiting for you. One website is babiesaway.com. Prices vary according to where you are going.

Verdict: Gate check

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i took our daughter on a pretty long flight.. and i overpacked. all i used was my diaper bag and my bjorn front carrier. strollers are a pain in the airport when they are little. carseat and stroller can be checked in. diaper bag like you would be going to a friends house. change of clothes, diapers, etc. if you are nursing, try to hold out a feeding for take off. it helps their litte ears. or a bottle of water, juice or formula. she slept all the way there. the way home, we only brought what i listed up top. :) they aren't quite at finger food stage so it's hard. toys are a must.. anything for possible teething comfort. bring some tylenol in your bag too. usually staples for most of our diaper bags. it's not too hard to travel. it's when they become mobile. that's when i found it hard. :)

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I definitely made sure the kids were able to take a bottle to help with ear pressure. The sucking helps unplug ears. Have snacks available and interact with the baby during the flight. I was very lucky that my kids tended to fall asleep but there were a few long trips to Mexico 4 hour plus flights and it seemed as long as they were paid attention to they were fine. I also had the help of traveling with family members and we all shared spending time. Hope this helps.

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