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First Period After C-section

Alright--This may be a little "explicit" and im sorry but i need some input. I had a c-section 6 weeks ago. The normal post partum bleeding stopped at about 4 weeks after, so i've been back to normal (No bleeding) for about 2 weeks. Bleeding started back up 2 days ago, so i assumed its my period. Even though i'm breastfeeding exclusively, i know it's not unheard of to start your period before you've weaned or begin supplementing. (And the blood had a strong iron smell, like a jar of pennies--which is how it normally smells during my period)

Bleeding was normal flow until about a day into the "period". Then it got extremely heavy. I'm going through a super tampon AND an OVERNIGHT sized pad (I wear both at the same time) every 30 minutes. 30 minutes after i change them, blood is running down my legs they are so drenched. Plus, when i pull the tampon out there are huge clots attached to the tip of it. By huge i mean about golf ball sized.

I feel fine, other than the frustration of changing my shorts and everything every 30 minutes. But, is this normal?? Has anyone else experienced this? It's sunday or else i would call my OB office.

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Thank you SO much for everyone's advice and concern. I have had posted on here before and got only 1 response, so i didnt expect so many posts---that's why i didnt check for responses until now. I now know to check more...sorry for the delay in my posting. I called my OB, they said it "sounded normal" but made me an appointment for this friday to do a blood test, i guess to see if i'm anemic.(Military hospitals/docs' answers to problems is either go to the ER or wait for an appointment. They dont do emergency appointments. Going to the ER or waiting is your only 2 choices) I'm still bleeding just the same, and i still feel fine. I dont feel tired or anything, so maybe my body is keeping up? My husband said I look pale. I'm taking it easy, because the bleeding started slowing down the other day and then i started mopping the kitchen and it rushed back. As long as i take it easy, i dont have to change my tampon and pad but every hour instead of 30 minutes. I know drenching a pad and tampon every hour is still way too much though. We will see what they say this friday. I know this isnt "normal" but my body seems to be handling it ok for now. If it picks up more than the 30 minutes i will call my husband home from work and he can take me. Again, thank you all so much--im sorry if my lack of logging on caused anyone to worry. I will let yall know what the doc says friday.

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I when I gave birth to my youngest son I was having trouble with excessive bleeding and the doctor had to give me some medicine to stop it.
I hope you have get hold of a doctor soon.
Update us and let us know how you are doing.
Good Luck!

Like most of the others have said, this isn't normal!!! Please please let us know what is going on!!

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HI, You need to CALL your Dr. ASAP if you haven't already! please get looked at. this is not normal all. That is Alot of blood loss. Please let us know how you are doing. And Congrats on your new addition.

I have had two periods like this, one 6 months after giving birth, and one a year and a half giving birth. I bled for six weeks with each period, extremely heavy with large clots. The doctor gave me progesterone to clean out my system and then I was on birth control for a month to regulate myself out. The doctor wanted me to stay on birth control longer, but I have never been one to remember to take a pill every day. Definitely call your doctor to see if he/she wants you to come in immediately. It may just be a very heavy period. I was never anemic with either of my six week long periods, so you might not have any issues with that. Good luck.

Hi K.. I experienced something similar after having my son (vaginally). My period were super heavy and I could feel the clots coming out. I called my OB doctor and had an exam. Turned out to be fibroids. I would only have them when I was pregnant then they'd go away. But this time, they came back and made my periods terrible. I would miss work because the bleeding was so heavy. I had them removed and now my cycles are so light that I only use pantyliners. Good luck.

Anytime you are using more than one pad OR tampon in an hour you should seek medical attention. Seeing as how you are using 4 an hour (2 of each) You need to get to the doctor right away. They need to check you fo anemia and make sure you don't have other problems going on. This is serious. Please let us know what is going on.

That is NOT normal! You need to be at your doctor's office as soon as it opens, or better yet, call the doctor on call and go to the hospital NOW! I am a former labor and delivery nurse and current operating room nurse in a Woman's hospital. Your body is still trying to replenish the blood you lost during delivery and with the bleeding you described you will become very anemic very quickly. Please let us know what happens and I hope you can get his resolved quickly!

1st (and 2nd and 3rd) periods after preg can be VERY heavy, with clots, so this is not entirely concerning. (It will get back to normal in a few months.) However to be sure CALL your OB and let him/her know what is going on. If they find it to be concerning, they will ask you to come in. Congrats on the new baby!


I would talk to a doctor as soon as possible. You can't afford to lose a lot of blood, not after major surgery and not while nursing your child - those take too much out of you as it is. I had a C-section with my first and at three months had my OB insert an IUD (because I knew I wouldn't be consistent with the pill). Shortly thereafter I started hemorrhaging, mildly at first, then heavier over the course of a month until I was bleeding heavily all day. This culminated in a week-long migraine. My OB felt it was just my first post-partum period and that we should leave the IUD in, but I felt convinced it was the fault of the IUD and insisted on having it removed. Within a day or two, I'd stopped bleeding, and the migraine went away. (Don't get the wrong idea - my OB is a very good doctor and I'd recommend him to anyone; he was just mistaken in this instance.] Anyway - lots of bleeding is a bad thing, and you need to do what you can to find out what's causing it and to make it stop.

Congratulations on your new baby, and please accept my family's thanks for the sacrifices you and your husband are making for our safety. :)

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