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First Half-marathon

I'm hoping someone out there can help me I have agreed to do a half marathon in oct with my husband and a few other family members. I have never ran (I mean really ran or jogged). I need Jillian to come kick my a$$ and get me motivated to prepare me because anything over 3 miles kinda scares me. I am also looking to lose about 20lbs (post baby weight that just likes me too much to leave) Are there any good books or what kinds of foods should I be eating. How should I prepare myself for this? I am not just planning on a marathon but a life change I am 30 not overweight at least not by the bmi measurements but I feel like im 50. Energy levels suck and things that should be firm, arent. Where do I start?

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If you an ipod download the "couch to 5k" application. That will get you are great and gentle start into running. It did for me as I hadn't ran in 5+ years. Congrats to you for such a goal and best of luck!

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My mom and I trained for a half marathon together. I am not, and have never been, a runner. My mom has run 8 marathons and 20 half marathons - loves to run. So she helped me train. What we did was start small. We walked (quickly, smallish steps but moving the feet fast) at least half an hour a day every weekday. Then on Saturdays, we'd walk longer. At first, it would be 1 hour. Then every week we would add 15 minutes to that, until we were walking 4 hours on Saturdays! Sundays we would take as a rest day. Then as I got in better shape, I would add a bit more time to my weekday walks. On Monday and Wednesday I'd walk for an hour, and on Fridays, 45 minutes. (Tues and Thurs, still 30 minutes.)

Anyway, I did my first half marathon and entered as a walker (no running allowed if you enter specifically as a walker), with a goal of 3:30. I ended up finishing in 3:06! I was thrilled! So I continued on with my training regimen and the next year I finished in 2:56.

Now, if you wanted to run, you could just train as above, but instead of only walking, alternate walking and jogging. For instance, walk 4 minutes, jog 1 minute, walk 4 minutes, jog 1 minute. Then as the 1 minute feels easier and easier, jog 2 minutes and walk 3 minutes. And keep increasing the jog times as you feel like you can.

Good luck!

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Check out biggestloser.com. They have tons of great stuff on there.

Rule number one: Get fitted correctly for GOOD shoes! Please save yourself and do not just buy shoes that "feel" good off the wall at any store. Go to a running store and have someone watch your stride, see if/how much you pronate, and fit you to a shoe that is specifically made for the way you run.

One of the most important things about becoming a runner is to fuel yourself correctly. Also, though you will likely lose most of your weight, especially in the beginning and just by changing your eating habits, know that if you are fueling and hydrating yourself properly while running long distances, you will not necessarily keep losing weight-so don't get frustrated if you plateau. (in fact it is common to gain a few pounds when training for a marathon) Make sure you are getting plenty of protein in your daily diet, and the obvious, cut out the junk food, stick with the good stuff.

I jumped into triathlon last year, and it evolved into a love for distance running. The thing that helped me in the beginning was to just go a little further every day. Someone mentioned Hal Higdon's plan; you can check his 12wk half marathon Novice plan here: http://www.halhigdon.com/halfmarathon/novice.htm
Another that is highly recommended is here:
Runner's World.com also has one, I believe their's is a 9wk prep plan.

Strength training will also make a big difference in your ability to run, so it is wise to plan some strength training into your workouts. Specifically core strength is a big asset when you are a runner. Cross training is also helpful and can help you avoid repetitive motion injuries as you increase your mileage.

Though I have never been a fan of most running books, I have found one that I absolutely LOVE, and I highly recommend. It's called Run Like a Mother. It's not only helpful (hits nutrition, speed, strength and cross training, etc), but it hits a lot of the things people won't tell you about-feminine "issues", bodily functions, etc. And it's written so well it's almost like a long conversation with a friend about running-and fitting it into life as a mom.
Good Luck-hope you end up loving running!

I can't answer about specifics, because what works for one person, may not for another. What I do is to find something I enjoy doing and then it isn't so much of a workout - to start. I love to rollerblade, so I used to put the kids in the trailer and go. I am now doing that again. Once you start to notice a difference in yourself, you'll want to keep doing it. I started rollerblading again and running. I started to notice my clothes getting looser. I didn't see so much of a a change on the scale, but that doesn't matter to me so much. Then, I started to cut out sugar. I'm not saying I don't occasionally enjoy a cookie, but I don't eat dessert every night and you know what? I don't crave it. I don't want it in the least. That's also helping, I'm sure. It's also about baby steps. I'm also looking into a marathon next October. My SIL started on a training program that told her how many miles to get in each day. I don't know the website name, but I'm sure if you search marathon training, you'll get a lot of different sites to choose from. The biggest thing for me was to keep pushing through in the beginning until I started noticing a change in energy level. When I workout, I feel so much better the rest of the day. You CAN get "addicted" to working out in that you feel so good, you want to keep doing it. You could try rollerblading, biking, dancing, etc.-anything you can do to get your heart rate up is good. Once you start getting in better shape, move on to training. The problem is that if you really don't like to workout or run, it will be so much harder to make yourself do it. Start with something you like!! I wish you luck!!

If you an ipod download the "couch to 5k" application. That will get you are great and gentle start into running. It did for me as I hadn't ran in 5+ years. Congrats to you for such a goal and best of luck!

Get something fun to wear. I always feel more like running when I feel like I look good. Embrace your motherness too! Some fun mom phrases printed on cute shirts at www.runlikeamotherstore.com. Good luck, enjoy! I will be running the Denver 1/2 with my husband too!!

My suggestion would be to google half marathon training programs and take a look at those...they have a 12 week one by Hal Higdon, that's a good place to start. you can repeat weeks to get you to October. But take a look and it will tell you how far you will need to run each week to train properly. This is going to take a great amount of time and dedication, but it can be done!! Another suggestion would be to sign up for a 5k, and a 10k before your half and run them. Signing up for them holds you accountable gets you pumped to keep pushing for more miles.

The Non Runners Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett really put me on the right track when I was training for my first 1/2 last year. You can do it! It made me feel SUPER! Best of luck!!

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