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First Hair Cut for Boy?

Hello Everyone!

When did you have the first hair cut? My son's hair is fine and growing long. He doesn't seem bothered by it yet, but it's starting to creep towards his eyes. He's 11 months old and we can brush it out of the way but I was wondering when to have it cut? How easy/hard was it, squirming when getting it cut, etc? And of course, how do you cope with the first hair cut? :)

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Thank you everone for your responses. We ended up going to my sister-in-law since she cuts our hair (and I didn't really want to hear her complain that we didn't go to her for his first hair cut). It went.....okay I guess. He was very wiggly and was really interested in her supplies so the "haircut" was lopsided and we had to fix it up at home. It has finally grown out a bit and doesn't look lopsided. I guess the good thing was we didn't have to pay for it. But I don't think we'll be getting his hair cut for quite a while now!

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I got my son his first hair cut when he was 12 months old and it was very hard on him. He screamed worse than for shots! It was very traumatic. The second one was not as bad but still tough. Even with snacks, toys, dvd, music, me to sit on, nothing worked. Just be prepared for the worst and hopefully it will be quick.

I'm not going to lie, my son's first haircut was not pretty! He wasn't thrilled, but had no choice because his hair was too long. Bring some distractions, they gave him a lollipop which worked for about 5 minutes.
Good luck and bring the camera!

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My son is 14 mo and has needed a monthly haircut since he was about 10 mo old. I did take him to a hairdresser once - and it was fine - he sat in my lap. But I actually enjoy cutting his hair myself. I now do it while he's in the bath tub (he loves baths.) so he's happily entertained with his bath toys and not paying too much attention to my going at his head with a pair of scissors. Just get one of those small scissors. His first cut, we only had big ones and that was far scarier for me (I don't think he even noticed).



We gave our daughter her first haircut when she was about 15 months old, when the hair was just getting too long in front of her eyes. We did it at home and she squirmed but I held her down while my husband cut. She didn't cry at all. At 22 months, she had her first cut at a kids salon. There, she caused a much bigger fuss but they were very professional and were able to trim her hair well in 5 minutes, despite all the tears. Now, she doesn't cry at all (she's 2.5 years old). Start the haircuts at home first and see how he reacts. Ask your husband to help for that first time. You'll be more nervous than your son but if your portray calmness, he will too. Good luck!

We first cut my son's hair at 13 months because it was looking pretty raggedy. We went to Charles Kids Salon on Route 4 because they know how to handle a squirmy kid and they don't try to get him to sit still. They have cute cars for the kids to sit in and for the first hair cut, they'll give you a certificate, a lock of hair, and a polaroid picture.

I would highly recommend going to a kids specialty salon even though it is more expensive. I started getting tired of paying for this expensive haircut every month and took my son to Super Cuts - big mistake! It wasn't much less and the woman was a wreck and wanted him to stay still - ultimately she nicked his ear and he was bleeding! NEVER again - he loves getting his haircut at Charles Salon (Carol is the best), so we go there regularly now (he's 4 and we've been going since the first hair cut, with the exception of that one time).

I'm not going to lie, my son's first haircut was not pretty! He wasn't thrilled, but had no choice because his hair was too long. Bring some distractions, they gave him a lollipop which worked for about 5 minutes.
Good luck and bring the camera!

I have 3 kids and all three of them responded very differently. My first had a major haircut at almost 2 years old and she kicked and screamed. It was awful! But I think that was because she was the child that never wanted anyone but Mommy to ever touch her. The second one had to start getting haircuts at 7 months because he had so much hair growing over his eyes. He was fine, I think because he saw his big sister get a haircut first and just followed suit. The third just had his first haircut at 15 months and he was ok in the beginning of it, then just got a little impatient towards the end, just didn't want to sit still anymore, but no screaming.

One thing I do suggest to you that is fun, take before & after pictures. I love having them to look back on!

R., I've been cutting my son's hair (born May 2008) since he was born...of course keeping a lock of hair from the first time I snipped it. I'm not a professional hairdresser, but my son's hair has been complimented a bunch of times. I basically attempt the layering thing on the top, by lifting a row (from back to front) and snipping about a half inch. Then repeat that across the top of his head, row by row, from left to right. It usually takes about 2 or 3 rows at most. Then I lay him on his back (on changing table) and snip over his ears. I also have started expanding and applying the same row/layer technique on the back of his head. Please keep in mind, that I do plan on getting it professionally cut for his 1st b-day, but this saved us some cash along the way!

My son was 10 months old when we brought him for his first haircut. We wanted to wait until he was 1, but it was getting much too shaggy. We went to Sharkey's in Greenwich, CT (a chain kids' salon) and for $28!!, it was the WORST haircut ever! The woman didn't layer his hair and it was all crooked and horrible looking (even though he sat perfectly still!) I was so upset when we walked out of there. However, we decided to try another kids' salon called Snip-Its on Central Ave in Hartsdale and the woman was EXCELLENT. My son was hysterical the whole time and would not sit still but she was sooo patient and understanding. We had to take several breaks just so she could finish the job. All in all, it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it. Good Luck!

If you want to do it yourself, I recommend using a high chair. I have no training but I can trim bangs even on my very squirmy son. Now he is 3 and knows to stay still. When we had a haircut by a professional he saw her cut his father's hair first and she was quick about cutting his. The first time he wiggled but now he doesn't anymore. Also, I like his curls longer so we only do maybe 3 full haircuts a year and I trim the front in betweeen.

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