First Experience with Bottles

Updated on May 05, 2009
K.E. asks from Warwick, NY
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I'm in a wedding and though my son will be attending, it's possible that I may have to miss a feeding. I just boiled the bottles today to sterilize them - and there's a white film on everything including the pot. I found a tiny piece of plastic in the pot that fell in from the packaging. Could it be from that? My mom thinks it's just residue from having hard water. Has this happened with anyone with their bottles? Should I re-sterilize or wash them?

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So What Happened?

I'm nursing so I may have to miss a feeding due to photos or some other wedding activity. My husband is going to try giving him a bottle a couple times this week - and will give him a bottle during the wedding if necessary. The bottles are Avent and are the BPA free ones. I boiled them for 5 min per instructions on the package. Will try washing them with Method and see if residue goes away. Thanks for your help!

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Hi K.~
Are you using plastic bottles? If you want to sterilize then you should switch to glass. Boiling can break down the chemicals in the plastic. I boiled with my first until I found out that it wasn't safe. I didn't boil with my second and .......she survived,lol. Just rinse everything REALLY well.
You can google it to find out more!!



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I have hard water and I had the same problem. After you boil them, just wash them with a paper towel and some soap and hot water and they will be fine! Why would you have to miss a feeding? If you arent able to give your son a bottle, can someone else? A family member? your husband?


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Are these glass or plastic bottles? If they are plastic I wouldnt use them, boiling for an extended time can break down the plastic. If you can, get glass and you really just need to wash them in hot soapy water and make sure you rinse them well. Sterilizing bottles were important when formula was made from cows milk and many water supplies were unsafe and filled bottles were kept in the fridge for hours. If you are filling the bottles with your milk and refrigerating them immediately there shouldnt be any opportunity for bacteria to grow.,,b11b,00....



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I think your Mom's right. Out here, I get white spots on EVERY piece of tupperware, every glass, every bottle I wash in the dishwasher. (Jet Dry gets rid of that problem, by the way.)

Do the spots wipe off with a dry towel? If they do, just wipe them off and you're done. :-)


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Hi K.,
It's possible that it could be reside from hard water. If it bothers you, perhaps try sterilizing in bottled.
Good luck!


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You have to look at what kind of bottles you are using. If they are not BPA free, don't use them. If you don't know there are tons of reports online that tell you which ones are. Even if you just go on the babies r us website, and search under bottles, they have a category for BPA free.
I've never seen a white film and I used to sterilize the bottles, i don't think that's normal.
try dipping them in boiling water again, and see if the same thing happens.
the easiest thing to use are the playtex drop-ins, then you don't have to worry about sterilizing and they take a lot less space to transport.



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i would do it again. mine looked cloudy while they were still hot sometimes but then cleared out, the old medela ones. also, im sure you know this, but from your subject... if your child has never had a bottle before, you should probably do a test run or 2 before the wedding just to be sure he wont refuse.

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