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First Birthday Party Ideas? - Portland,OR

Our daughter is turning one in a few months and we have some family coming in for the event but we also want to open it up to friends as well and our house is too small for a larger gathering. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive and/or convenient place to hold a First Birthday Party for about 20 people? We were thinking a pizza place might be an inexpensive route but not Chuck E. Cheese - we want adults to be able to have fun too! (i.e., the place should have beer!) Thanks, in advance, for your recommendations!

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Papa's Pizza off of 158th in Beaverton is good. They have good pizza and a play area for the kids. They also have party packs I have used it time and again when I need room for about 20 people and a little 2 bedroom apartment isn't going to cut it.


Papa's pizza would be an option for a Pizza place. They have a seperate play room and have adult beverages. They have party packages or you can just reserve a space for the party.

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Hi M.-
We had our son's 1st b-day party at Baja Fresh on Scholls. They have a big party room and its free if you buy food from them. We had a lot of little kids but didn't want the chaos of a big pizza place- lets face it at 1 its more about the grown-ups anyway and everyone getting to see the birthday kid!
We brought in lots of toys and a play mat and the kids- I think there were about 10 kids and they played really well. We bought party packs for food and they took really good care of us. We brought the cake and some decorations. It worked well for us and I think the adults liked having something other than pizza.
Good luck- next years party will be even better!!

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There are many neighborhood pizza restaurants around that could accomodate your party. How many other children will be present? Alcohol and kids parties are not a good mix. People who come and drink will have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle to get home, and it's not a smart move. Alcohol often loosens tongues and some language spoken can be inappropriate for the younger generation. This is a birthday party for your little girl and a celebration for you as parents for surviving the 1st year. Make it her party gggggand keep the alcohol and adult celebration to a minimum. Get a babysitter later, you and your husband join your friends for an evening of adult fun and celebrating. Congratulations to all of you!!! Many more wonderfilled and full years.

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Hi M.,
Congratulations on a one year old! There is Pietro's with games and beer or Flying Pie which also has some games and beer too. Between the two Flying Pie tends to be less noise. Something I did for my children was to buy a container and lock it for a time capsule to be opened at age 16. On the invitation, I asked the guests to write a note, state what they think the child will be when they grow up, and/or any pictures of themselves. Especially his great-aunts who may not be around. Just a thought. Take lots of pictures/video and have fun!

What about Mississipi Pizza...or Papas Pizza (in Beaverton)

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If you have kids of various ages, I suggest Papas Pizza in Beaverton. The older kids won't get bored and they have beer for the adults.

Definitely keep it simple, though.

Happy Birthday to your little one.

I know people have said it but PAPA's PIZZA!!!!!!!!!

We did that for our sons first.. it ROCKED! we got a whole room FREE and then on the invites I just put BYOP *buy your own pizza* we had 41 coming so it was too expensive for us to buy for everyone.. they all understood! we had 18 kids coming out of that 41 and they ALLLL had a ton of fun! The only thing that was sad was the decorations.. hehehe... I thought I had brought enough... but the room was so big that it looked silly... I ended up just making one table all decorated... then it worked out great. There is also a window to the play room which was great for the other parents... however I didn't let my little one go by himself.. I still won't now *he's almost 2* but he was content when he did get to play and then the other times the kids where in and out and all stopped to play with him. The other bonus is that there is only one machine that takes money *a chicken prize egg thing* so really not a lot of kids whining for more quarter!

Good luck!!!!

PS there is beer there!

First, I have to say that I don't think that alcohol is necessarily the way to entertain at a child's birthday party - is this gathering for your daughter or for the family? If for the family - then just have a party at your house and don't involve others with kids...not against drinking, just don't think it belongs at a kids party...Also, I am not sure if your friends have kids...will assume that at least some do...We had our son's first party at a community center - we were living in a different state at the time, but it was relatively inexpensive, we used the book If you Give a Pig a Pancake, made different shaped pancakes with different toppings, sang a bunch of animal songs and painted ceramic piggy banks (from Oriental Trading)...it was fun and easy - especially given we had a variety of ages. If a community center is not a choice, what about having two separate parties at your house - one just cake and ice cream (and beer) and one more kid friendly with a few activities for guests that aren't related. You can get a couple of blow up swimming pools and fill them with plastic balls for the kids to play in...A park works, although if it is coming soon...weather probably prevents that option!

I would just advise that when deciding on a place, think of what will work best for the adults, since it sounds like will be mostly older children or adults, with very few 1 year olds. Which means that the birthday girl will probably be happy with goldfish and a cupcake and because it's a big crowd and she is so young she will probably be happiest being held a lot. Therefore don't worry about activities -- just look for a big/private space that will provide food & drink that satisfies the adult crowd, and bring your own small array of snacks for the baby/babies, and maybe a few toys from home.

At one year old the party is definitely for the family, not for the child. (I am not saying do not have a party -- it is a huge milestone and you definitely want a candle and lots of photos!) In the coming years you will have lots of opportunities for Chuck E Cheese type parties that will be more meaningful for the child.

Have fun!

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