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First Birthday Party for Twin Girls!!!

My twin girls are turning 1 very soon!!! I have no ideas for a first birthday party. With my son he had an interest in baby Einstein...but my girls aren't interested in anything enough to make it a theme. Any cute ideas??? I am stuck and can't find anything!!! Thanks!!

Thanks for all the good ideas!! I know some are saying not to spend alot. That was never my plan....just like plates and stuff and the cake. But i did get good ideas. Michele- Thanks for the info on the meeting. I don't belong but oddly enough I work at Toledo hospital and I will be working here already. Where is it at in the hospital?? If I get out early maybe stop by. My email is ____@____.com for further advice...I can't figure out this website!!!

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What about simple cute things like LADYBUGS.....KITTENS....PUPPIES? There are a TON of ideas for kids parties in books when you go to places like PARTY PLUS, etc. You can do EASY ladybug ideas w/ oreos or cupcakes OR a cake if you like.

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For my twin daughters' first bday party, we did pink and purple themed with girly decorations and cake(s). The second was butterflies and the third was elmo. Honestly, they may not remember their first bday party, except for all of the pictures you take.... and they'll be most happy with their "first bday" cake that the store usually provides for them to dig into than the main cake. Have fun!!

Children this young really do not need a theme for a birthday party unless they are showing a great interest in one certain thing. I would go with bright girly colors and happy sounds. You might also want to have a miniture birthday cake made for each of them with them being twins.Put them in thier high chairs and let them do as they may, Makes a great photo, don't worry the frosting will wash out easily.Use bright colored plates and glasses and enjoy.

I'll never forget the first birthday of my twin sons, though it was 31 years ago. I don't recall that there was a theme. But I do remember that I sat them both on the floor (freshly and thoroughly scrubbed) and gave them their individual birthday cakes. I knew they would not be so interested in eating it as playing with it, and that they did. What a mess, and what fun. I wish I had taken pictures.

I'm not sure a theme is so important as the love that will be shared. Gather family and friends around and celebrate the year. A theme might be pictures of the twins as they are growing. Or how about a Noah's Ark theme since they came in two by two?


I have boy and girl twins, and was not sure either. But I saw somethings for a "Cupcake" themed party and it turned out great!
You could go to partyexpress.com
Just look for the cupcake themed items. All the things were really nice.

A great party idea site is:


Here are some ideas that might be fun (you can search through their kid’s birthday party section for other ideas):
Ladybugs (could add in bees or butterflies, too)
Tea party (“a tea for two sweet little girls…”)
Under the sea (fish/ocean/mermaid theme)
Autumn Harvest party (for Fall birthday)

We did a ladybug party for my daughter’s first. No, she won’t remember it, but it was more fun for me to plan everything and have the family over. We decorated by making cutouts of green leaves and pink, purple, and yellow flowers with construction paper. We also did balloons and streamers in these colors. I bought red gift bags and painted black dots on them and filled them with candy for the kids to take home. I also did the same with red balloons. I made ladybug antenna for everyone (those were a big hit). I just bought a cheap pack of headbands and Target, then glued black fuzz balls to black pipe cleaners and attached the pipe cleaners to the headband. I also made ladybug invitations with wings that opened up. I wore red polka dot tights and my daughter had a ladybug dress. It was lots of fun and really did not cost that much more than a regular party.

We just kept it simple for my daughter's 1st birthday as well as my twin boys. They are not old enough to remember so going all out is more for mom and dad than the child. I would wait to get too "into" the birthday parties. When they are older they will appreciate it more and the effort will be so worth it. We just did pink butterflies and dragonflies that were printed with a number 1! You can find really cutsie ideas at your local Walmart or paper supply place.
Have fun! Twins are the best and the birthday parties only get more fun as they age!

Ruffles & Cream Baby and Children's Boutique, www.rufflesandcream.com have a fabulous selection of birthday outfit and birthday tutu Sets for girls and birthday hats for boys and girls. Here's the link:

Why not just do a princess party? They have all sorts of decor and favors in various designs all over the place for princess parties. We did one in May for our daughter's 1st birthday and evne found a "1st Birthday Princess" outfit complete with tiara at Babies R Us. Oriental Trading has a lot of different themes as well.

We save the money for big parties for when they are old enough to enjoy them and remember them. Most 1 year olds get way overstimulated at their parties and end up crying and cranky. :-(

Just have a few close friends or family members over for cake and ice cream one afternoon. Get each girl a small 'smash' cake for them to enjoy. You don't need a theme - get colored paper plates and stuff at the dollar store. Or they do have a variety of "1st birthday" theme stuff at party stores like Party Tree in Carmel.

IMO, spend as little as possible and take the money you would've spent and put it into their savings/college accounts. They'll appreciate it more.

What about simple cute things like LADYBUGS.....KITTENS....PUPPIES? There are a TON of ideas for kids parties in books when you go to places like PARTY PLUS, etc. You can do EASY ladybug ideas w/ oreos or cupcakes OR a cake if you like.


Dress them up and let them do their thing. Toss lacy ribbon or whatever to make it kinda girly and then just make stations! Bubbles at one end, play dough or markers at another. You know what they like, imagine a day where they have the choice to do it all!! A theme can be anything maybe yours should be "girls just wanna have fun!" Maybe make a cd for the girls and dress up as well! My daughter is only 6 months old and I can't wait. My two older boys are 3 and 7 so the girly thing is going to be a blast!

Call it a twins party. which mean you have to come dressed like who ever u bring or who comes with u. U would buy twin looking items to decorate (two things that look alike) get creative with the idea. It can be fun.

It is so much fun with that first birthday! But I agree that too much activity/events can turn an enjoyable day into frustration and tears! Just simple girl themed colors and designs will be fine - with my twin daughters, I made two small 8 in round cakes, one for each of them, and had the picture on it of pink teddy bears. Then I made cupcakes as well for them to enjoy (banana cupcakes - they loved them). I got each of them a little birthday tiara to wear too (didn't stay on long, but it was cute). Personally, for my cakes (for all my kids) I get on ebay and search for edible images for cakes and select from there - so easy to do, make at home, save money, and lots of choices. I've been going this route for many years - the older kids love looking at the choices, and almost all of the time, the seller will personalize it. Good luck - and take lots of pictures!!

How exciting! We had a blast planning and enjoying our twin daughters first party last year! They were not into anything either so I chose to do a very girly (we have three boys before the girls!) pink & purple polka dot party! I decided to do a "First Year Open House" to celebrate. I thought it would cut down on the amount of people all at once. It really did help. People popped in and out all afternoon & evening. Many stayed all day. It also eliminated the pressure to open gifts in front of everyone, or even to have the girls eat cake in front of a big group. We did a small "family only" hour before the actual party started so I could take pictures and really enjoy the twins eating their first cake and playing with their birthday hat!
I ordered a three tiered birthday cake decorated with fondant polka dots in all shades of pink & purple for the party (the girls had there own little cakes for picture & messy purposes) The tableware was easy to find since we used solid colors. I bought a white cloth table cover and sewed felt dots of all sizes onto it.
The party was more for me & my husband! A celebration of their first year of life, and our year of survival! We had a pretty big guest list. We made outdoor seating areas by the playset, and had a fire pit later in th evening for smores, and kept the food always accessible.
We also rented a bouncy castle for the older children who attended and it worked out wonderfully! Although we did have a designated adult by the bouncy to keep an eye on numbers and sizes of kids jumping together! The safety police!
I think a color theme is fun. I think an animal theme could work ~ what about the Zoo? What about Sesame Street? At one our girls recognized Elmo & Big Bird.
I have never done anything "princess-y" with the girls, but I have seen some cute castle, princess themed parties. Whatever you do will be wonderful....just remember to take lots of pictures and enjoy the day. Let people help so you can watch all the special moments unfold.

Hi K.!
I agree to save your money for themes when they are old enough to enjoy it. I just bought the "1st birthday" themed stuff at Walmart for my twins last year.
Also, I couldn't figure out how to send a personal message but I noticed that you are from Maumee and was wondering if you are a member or have heard of the Toledo Mother's of Twins Club? We have a wonderful group of mother's of multiples. It is great to be able to network with others who know what you are going through! We have meetings the 2nd Thursday of the month from Sept-May. Our first meeting of the year is tomorrow night at 7pm at the Toledo Hospital. If you need more info please let me know. I was lucky enough that someone from the club spotted me with my twins when they were like 4 months old at the mall and told me about it. I have made some wonderful friends and have gotten great advice.
Hope to hear from you!

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