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First Birthday Cake - Charlestown, MA

My daughter's first birthday is soon and I am trying to decide what to do for her birthday cake. She has not had any egg and someone warned me that she could have a reaction to it in the cake. I was wondering if anyone else had that problem. Also, since she has not had much sugar, I was wondering if anyone had any recipes for a cake that is lower in sugar, but still yummy? Thank you so much.

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Ya' know, I think most mindful mom's bump into this and I feel like the most popular 1st birthday cake is a vegan carrot cake. Seriously, I think I know about 20 kids who had this for there first birthday cake. heheh...

If you're interested I have a great vegan cookbook named "How it all Vegan". I know that there is low-sugar egg and dairy free recipes for carrot cake, chocolate, vanilla etc...there are probably a few variations of each.

They are all good. I've made them with a whipped banana filling (also, from the book). It's all pretty good and healthy.
I think people understand that a one year old has special diet needs and seeing that it is there birthday - the cake should accommodate them.

If you are interested in some recipes, or any one in particular, please let me know and I'll e-mail you some recipes.

You could make an applesauce cake with a creamcheese frosting. Yum for everyone! Also try and think if she has had any baked goods ever...like banana bread or a bite of muffin? Those all have eggs in them;) Have fun with it!

Hi K.

If chocolate is ok, here's a variation on the box mix that eliminates the eggs.
use 1 box of chocolate cake mix (not with pudding in the mix).
add 1 can of pumpkin pie filling (14-16oz can). Mix and cook to directions on box. The batter will be very thick to work with. You will not taste the pumpkin flavor at all. I did this for my daughter's day care class and they LOVED it. It's really simple with 2 ingredients and takes away the potential for allergies to the eggs.


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I know your concerns. I was there once. I fed my baby girl all vegan diet and no sugar till her first birthday. I was nervous about the cake as well. I wasn't going to give her any but everyone said oh she has to have her own cake. So I made it myself. I bought an organic mix and just used soy milk and pure cane sugar. I don't remember if there was an egg in it or not. But I just gave her a small piece. And she was fine. I have a little guy who will be turning one next month who followed the same diet. I will probably do the same for him. I am sure all will be fine. If you live near a health food store. Some will have vegan cakes. Stores like wild oats and whole foods. Google them see if there are any near you. Also some bakeries now are special ordering cakes like that. There is more of a demand these days. You could check that out. Hope this helps. Have fun!

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Doctors say kids should not have certain foods like eggs until the are 2 in case of allergic reaction. However my first son had a regular cake from Shaw's which I am sure had egg in it for his 1st b-day & even had some sweets baked with egg (I did not give it to him, other family members like the nana's, grampy's and auntie's oh also the dada gave him behind my back)! But now that he is 2 and has had more egg products and eggs themselves is not allergic at all. I also have him peanut butter at 1 year of age all the time which is a no no but he is fine! Are you or your hubby allergic to egg at all? Then go ahead and get a regular old cake that EVERYONE can enjoy. FYI if you order a cake at Shaw's your daughter will get her very own cake!!! Also why are you wanting to find another recipe with no sugar in it. For goodness sake it is her 1st b-day the big ONE celebrate with a sugary cake for crying out loud. I don't like my son having much sugar at all or any other junk food for that matter! I am very strict against that however once in a while will not harm him or deprived him and for his first and second b-day I let him go crazy and have whatever he wanted (not enough to cause a belly ache though). He had a blast! The next day we were back to his "healthy" low sugar not much junk food "diet" its not a diet it is the normal way to eat.


I made a trifle for my son's first birthday cake. It was angel food cake, vanilla yogurt and fruit. I served it with sorbet, which is lower in sugar and milk products. It was a big hit and easy to make.


Make a yummy cake for everyone and let little one have a bite. I wouldn't alter a whole cake for this occasion, because she should only be getting a bite or two. No need for her to have a whole piece. She will probably just stick her fingers in it and play with it more than eat it. I also wouldn't use splenda, it isn't natural and who knows what it really is. You could also give her a tiny bit of icecream, too. Try to find one with natural ingredients like Breyers, usually it is just milk, cream, sugar. Don't stress too much about the cake and have a wonderful and fun first birthday with your daughter. Congratulations!

You could make an applesauce cake with a creamcheese frosting. Yum for everyone! Also try and think if she has had any baked goods ever...like banana bread or a bite of muffin? Those all have eggs in them;) Have fun with it!

I know it's winter, but my summer baby really enjoyed his Carvel ice cream cake. I got mine at Shaw's supermarket and the bakery even wrote a birthday message on it.

My son has an egg allergy, but I didn't find out about it until well after his 1st birthday. I got a regular store-bought cake. He took about 2 bites and that was it for him. No allergic reaction at all.

Can't offer any advise on cake alternatives, just wanted to let you know how things turned out for us.

Happy almost 1st birthday!

Hi K.,
If she has not had eggs she will not have an allergic reaction the first time she introduced to it plus when eggs are cooked the protien that causes an allergic reaction breaks down so you really have nothing to worry about but there are egg substitutes in the baking section at the grocery store if you really don't want to use eggs or you can make your own substitute with water and whole flaxseed heat it on the stove until it gets gooy. You can add apple sauce to your cake and reduce the sugar you put in it but really what fun is that. One piece of sweet yummy cake and frosting isn't going to do any harm to your daughter most 1 yr olds don't get that much cake or frosting into their mouths it mostly gets spread around and smeared on their face and hands.

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