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First Baby Doll

My daughter is about to turn one, and I thought I'd get her a little baby doll for her birthday. I'd like to get something soft and simple, since she's really too young for a proper doll. You'd think this would be easy, right? But I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the choices. So far I've liked the Corolle Babipouce, Baby Stella, and the Gund soft baby dolls. Any other recommendations or opinions?

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I found a little baby doll at Target for just $3.00 when my DD was about a year old. She carries that doll around everywhere and she is 20 months old now. It is about half the size of a regular baby doll and the perfect size for her to carry around in her little hands.

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For my DD's first birthday her Nana bought her a plush cabbage patch kid. There is no hard pieces, ie the face, arms or legs and nothing that can come off, ie clothing, accesories. My DD loves hers and caries it around saying baby baby baby. So cute. The doll also comes with a birth certificate just like the original dolls do. The only thing that I was slighly disappointed with was the fact that there was no stamp on the doll like the originals had on their bums. I guess technically since the clothes on the doll dont come off they cant do this but still.
Happy hunting and hope this helps
Happy Birthday to your little one

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I like the dolls offered from Hearthstone catalog.
Or you could get one with a soft body and rubber/plastic head, arms and legs.

Regarding my comment below about clothing I want to edit my response - even better is to get a life-size baby and just reuse those cute outfits your child wore once or twice (or 200 times in 2 months) and you just can't bear to give away. My son loves to put his favorite clothing on his stuffed animals. When he was still in diapers, he'd use his old preemie diapers for his smaller teddy bears and monkeys.

One suggestion - get one that is a standard size. That way you and she can get patterns to make more clothing or be able to buy premade clothing (holiday and church fairs are usually more reasonable with the prices that commercial stores). It doesn't have to be American Girl size - look at the pattern books in a fabric store to see the standard sizes.

My daughter (age 7) still sleeps with her baby dolls. They are completely soft (like the Gund, no rattle inside) which I loved because they are machine washable and didn't wake her up if she rolled over onto them at night. For my son, I bought the Corolle Babipouce - super cute, soft (except for the vinyl face) and they even smell like vanilla!

We bought Baby Stella for out DDs 1st Bday & I can not recommend it enough. Has been through the wash (gentle detergent in a lingerie bag) too many times to count & still in great condition. She takes the doll "baby" everywhere. Super cute features, accessories & so soft. Stella is adorable. Purchased ours from Amazon.

Someone got my daughter the American Girl Bitty Baby around her first birthday and as much as I LOVE American Girl. I would not reccomend this one for a child that age. It is much much to heavy for carrying around, and honestly it is still almost as big as my daughter (though she is on the tiny side)
I'm not to familiar with the choices that you have listed, but I think that for a first baby doll it should be something simple, light weight, easy to clean, and snuggly. From a quick google search all three that you listed look like they meet those requirements. I would also pick one that is easy to find and pretty inexpensive, incase she gets really attached and you need to stock a replacement or two. :)

I would have to recommend the doll from "Just One Year". I can not speak personally for the doll, but I can speak for that brand. My son seems to gravitate toward them and I don't know why. They are durable, hold up well, and last a long time with out looking "worn out" and maintain their softness.

My kids are happy with the $5 or $6 Walgreen's Baby Bella and Baby Maggie dolls. They aren't fancy. My son is 18 months and my daughter is 4 and they are happy with their dolls. I have to say though that they aren't really doll people. My daughter loves to dress and undress her dolls/stuffed animals, and she has some stuffed animals that she dresses and undresses with her baby brother's outgrown clothes, so I didn't have to buy a dress me doll for her. I'd get her a cheap doll to cuddle, given her age, and then if she really likes dolls as she gets older get a nicer one that she can dress and undress. The cheap dolls we have have a soft body and vinyl head, arms and legs and sleepy eyes. There's a Madame Alexander one with sleepy eyes that has a vinyl head and vinyl hands but the rest of the body is soft, and I preferred that, but there's a BIG difference between a $60 doll and a $5 doll, and I went with the $5 option, especially with an 18-month old son.

i got my daughter trixie from blabla. it's a knitted doll. she is 2 now and she still plays with her. she was expensive but it was my baby's first birthday : )

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