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Finger Food Ideas for 1-Year Old

My 1-year old daughter suddenly decided that feeding herself finger foods is great! I'm glad she likes them, but I'm looking for more ideas of what to let her try so she doesn't get bored. So far, she likes bananas, strawberries, kiwi, carrots, green beans, meat sticks (she's not a big fan of regular meat like chicken or meatballs yet), and any kind of cracker, cereal, cereal bars, etc. She also likes yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce and is OK with someone feeding her that stuff. She's not a fan of potatoes of any kind, except french fries! What other things should I try so she doesn't get bored eating the same stuff all the time?


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Thanks for all the great ideas! I'm going grocery shopping tonight and I'll be picking up some new things for her to try. She decided that she likes scrambled eggs and spaghetti now, too!

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MINI MARSHMALLOWS my son loves them .. my son doesnt really like meat right now either but loves vienna sausages or if you want the healthier kind they have the meat sticks by gerber i think so maybe try those plus there good for the small hand size and there mushier then hot dogs. graham cracker sticks, jello , or even the cheese crackers with the peanut butter in the middle if you feel comfortable giving them

Hi L.! My littlest one enjoys scrambled eggs with the prepackaged diced ham, which is the perfect size! Also spiral macaroni and cheese is easy for her (me too). Rice mixed with stuff is great too! I use a pizza cutter to cut her food too!

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My 9month old likes mac and cheese and he also loves veggies. I can open a can and my 9month and 2yr old will eat the whole can for a snack. They really love green beans and the mixed veggies. Also good things are cheerios and kix. Good luck

My daughter loves eating dry cherrios, raisens. I think that your giving her good finger foods trial and error always worked for me! L.

My daughter is really into lunchables. She's 14 months, so not much older than yours. There are also graduate snacks, like the puffed fruit. She loves Tyson chicken nuggets also.

Fish sticks
chicken nuggets (both can be homemade with Like Shake and Bake or something like that)
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Thawed Frozen Peas (great for the diaper bag too!)
Roasted Potato Wedges (great bridge from Fries to regular Potato!)
Jello (you can put shredded fruits and veggies in it)
Trail Mix (just mix different cereals, and cracker bits with some Gerber Dehydrated fruits another great one for the diaper bag)
mini marshmellows (for a treat!)
Soft Peaches (you can cook them first with a little bit of cinnamon)

A good website to look at is myfreshbaby.com they have good ideas for finger foods.

You seem to have a good handle on things. My son is almost 16 months now. When he started finger food his favorites were colby-jack cheese and turkey lunch meat (he wouldn't eat any meat until we tried this). Just wait until she insists on feeding herself applesauce (he's in that phase right now). It's so funny but such a mess. Good luck!

i would say to follow a few simple rules: trust you instincts, watch the portion sizes and choking hazards, look for nutritional content, etc. I also highly suggest taking a trip to the nearest 'Trader Joe's' grocery store. They have oodles of healthy, often organic, snacks such as sourdough parmasian sticks (my son's personal fav.), crackers, cereals, and a large variety of dried and freeze dried (which literally melt in you mouth) fruits ...
oh, and when my son was around 1, he loved to gnaw on frozen veggies- great nutrition and helped with the teething...
hope you find what you're looking for!

Hi L.,
My son is two and I gave him almost everything we ate (his was cut up in teeny tiny pieces, of course). He is now a GREAT eater. It was be hard getting him to like 'regular' meat such as chicken/beef. He's still a little weird (he'll chew it up but never swallow it). To try to get some meat/iron in his diet, I gave him cut up hotdogs (make sure that you cut then in half length-wise to avoid choking!). I wasn't sure when I gave him his first peanut butter & jelly sandwich but when he was only a year he ate half of it which really surprised me.

One thing that I did do was constantly give him vegetables. Now vegetables are his favorites. We give him fruits on occasion and we make sure to give him vitamins to make sure that he is getting plenty of nutrition.

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