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Finger Burn

my 1 year old burned his finger on the curlers what do i do im going crazy

What can I do next?

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I agree with many different pieces of advice.

Use cool water to help prevent further burning. Don't use lotions or anything that will act as a barrier for the heat to escape the skin.

Call the pediatrician and see what they recommend. It's really hard to tell what level of burn it may be. But, a lot can be told by how he's reacting. I used to nanny for a girl who put her hand on the grill while her dad was cooking (she was 2) and got a nasty burn. She went to the ER but was well enough to play the next day.

Still, have medically trained eyes/ears help you know what to do next.

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Calm down. If you are freaking out, your child will freak out.

First, run it under cold water. Let the water keep running over it for several minutes. DO NOT USE ICE WATER as this can further damage the skin.

Next, gently dry it off and have a look at it. Edit your message and tell us how big it is, where it is, is it blistered, is it open or oozing, and any other details you can give. I can tell you what is needed with that information. DO NOT PUT ANY KIND OF GREASE OR NEOSPORIN ON THE BURN UNTIL IT IS FULLY ASSESSED. If you have an open (3rd degree) burn you need to seek professional medical attention. If you do have an open wound, use sterile gauze soaked in water or a peice of saran wrap to cover the wound on the trip to the ER.

If it is very large, say covering the whole finger or more, CALMLY pack up a bag with the baby necessities, call your pediatrician and see if they suggest that you take your baby to the ER

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If it's just red put ice in a baggie wrap in wash cloth hold while giving hugs, blistering, the same but keep it very clean and watch for infection, purple, blistering, char call dr or go to ER. Watch for signs of infection...swelling, inflammation, fever, streaks moving up the arm, pus-go to doctor.whenever in doubt call your doctor, they may wish wo see them even if it's small.

Take him to the Doctor.... they need to assess how bad the burn is.
If burned badly, even putting ice on it can damage the skin/burn.
maybe cold water at most.

Here's a link on what you can do:

I usually have a sun burn spray that relieves pain on contact. I usually give this only on a 1st degree burn. 2nd degree burns, don't pop the blister, and I usually run it over cold water and then use the spray.

I had my son run into a charcoal grill once when he was 3. The doctor once told us not worry unless the burn is 30% of his body. Plus, I doubt burning the finger on the curling iron would give you a 3rd degree burn. 3rd degree burns are from chemical or electrical burns. I'm a chemist, I have seen 3rd degree burns.

mustard takes the sting out. I personall pop any blisters with a needle and drain the fluid out of them cause it hurts when the blisters pop any other way this way it doesn't. your call on that I don't know it would be advisable but I have always done my blisters that way.

Cold water right away. Let it rest and then put cold water on again. Something like 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. I just burnt mine a couple weeks ago and it helped. I tried putting stuff on it, but it didn't help. I actually heard that you're not supposed to put things on it, the skin is trying to heal. Best of Luck

my son burnt his fingers on the stove and i just ran them under cold water and left it alone and in a few days it was gone let the blisters pop on their own and he will be fine i went crazy too but its not as bad as it seems

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