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Finding Single Vaccines

Ideally i plan to vaccinate for:
Pertussis (acellular, not whole cell)
Polio (the Salk vaccine, cultured in human cells)
and maybe measles mumps and rubella?

But i am trying to do them separately. but i cant find them separate!! can any one point me in the right direction? is it even possible to get these vaccinations one at a time any more?? i know Merck has quite making the MMR separately, but what about the others?

I have asked my doc. but he has only given me a list of companys like GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, for me to look up on my own.
and I can see nothing on their web site that has led me to believe that they sell them seperatly.
PLEASE, skip the vaccination debate! i am really looking help in finding a place to purchace vaccines.

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Your pediatrician would have to order these. Many pediatricians won't order single vaccines, but some will. Some do single vaccinations, from the beginning. Again, many don't. You can definitely get the MMR vaccination separated. I don't know which manufacturer, but our pediatrician does them separately. I do not vaccinate my son, but we did a lot of research into this. You will have to find a pediatrician who does single vaccinations, you can't order them yourself.

They don't put that on their website, because single vaccinations cost more money! AND, only doctor's can order them. The website information is not for doctors, but patients. Patients don't need to order vaccinations, so that information doesn't have to be there. I am surprised your Dr. would even tell you to find them yourself, because you can't GET them yourself...he has to. Is he giving you the run around, so he doesn't have to deal with it himself??

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I may be wrong about this but have you checked with your county health department? I thought some of those clinics did single vaccines?

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My doctor said they come in batches of 10, so if I wanted to do them separately, I would have to buy all 10 of the shots! I too wanted to do what you are trying for, but I found roadblocks everywhere! Frustrating....
Good luck, I hope you have better luck than I did.

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Try nvic.org. While they do not have a doctors list you may be able to find an organiation linked to their website that can help you out. I know that some doctors do buy them seperately and maybe you can find one in your area.

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Are you a doctor? If not, I don't believe you can purchase these yourself. Call your pediatrician and ask. Our pediatrician does these as separate vaccines (some of them) so they are out there. He's big on detecting allergies and if they are all blended together or given at one time you can't differentiate the allergen.

Call around to your doctor or local clinics and ask.

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I JUST read Dr Sears Vaccine book... Pertussis, disptheria and tetanus - ONLY tetanus has a single vaccine. For the really troublesome pertussis and diptheria - it only comes in the combo vaccine DTaP - which Dr Sears says has a very low rate of major side effects. Here is the tweaked version (I changed the original a bit) of his delayed schedule:

2 months: DTaP, Rotavirus

3 months: Pc HIB (shot visit only)

4 months: DTaP, Rotavirus

5 months: Pc, HIB (shot visit only)

6 months: DTaP, Rota virus

7 months: Pc, HIB

9 months: Polio

12 months: Polio, Mumps

15 months: Pc, HIB

18 months: DTaP, Chicken Pox

2 years: Rubella, Polio

2.5 years: Hep A, Flu

3 years: Hep A, Hep B

3.5 years: Hep B, Flu

4 years: Hep B, DTaP, Polio

5 years: Measles

6 years: Chicken Pox

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They would have to be ordered seperate and most peds will have you pay out of pocket. You may be able to ask the pharmacy if they can order them too. You would not be able to order them unless you are a Dr or pharmacist.

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