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Finally...... Our Honeymoon!

We will be married 3 yrs in June. We got married in Sedona, AZ on long weekend. I was in school at the time in Phoenix. So life happens, fast forward 3 years and here we are. We are looking for someplace to go this year. Here are our stipulations, some I won't bore all of you with, including we don't want to go anywhere we went with our previous spouse, LOL. (that shortens the list quickly as we were both married for 13+ years previously).
Ok, we have contemplated the following: Europe (however the Summer Olympics are there this year)
New York (she wants to go at Christmas time)
Nothing in Mexico (i don't want to be a story on Foxnews)
Nothing in the Middle East ( see Mexico)
Vegas (we've been before and really enjoyed it)
San Diego
Alaskan Cruise
An Amtrak train adventure
So let me know my friends. Where would you go with your SO, money really isn't a concern at the moment, we just want to find a place first. Oh yeah, we have about a week to do this.

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We did discuss Hawaii, but neither of us had an interest. Good idea though!

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This is going to sound crazy, but Disney World in Florida. Yes, seriously. About 5 years ago I won a vacation for 2 to anywhere Southwest Airlines flew to include hotel & daily food expenses. After plenty of thought, we chose Disney. We stayed at Shades of Green which is the military resort on the property so we didn't need a rental car at all. We didn't have passes to go to parks every day there, but we did get I believe a 2-day pass to Disney & a 1-day pass to Universal. The only time we needed to arrange transportation was the day we went to Universal, but the concierge (sp?) at the resort handled it for us. Every place else we just used the Disney bus or monorail.

Being there without kids was amazing. There was nobody worried about a melt-down, nobody complaining about standing in lines, no whining that someone was hungry or just wanted to go swim in the pool. There were no early mornings, but rather a lot very late nights spent in Downtown Disney. It was an absolute blast & I have recomended to every couple I know that they take this trip without their kids at least once. It's like a whole different vacation!

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Bora Bora, Hawaii, St. Lucia, Ireland and Scotland, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Greece.

Those are where I would LOVE to go.

I don't think I would do the Alaskan cruise because, as beautiful as it may be, I will never pay money to be cold.

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Italy. I would probably want to go to Italy to see Rome, Venice, the Great Cathedrals, the ruins. Very romantic.

Greece would be great too.

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Alaskan cruise! We did that for our 10-year anniversary and loved it. It's most likely going to be unlike any place you've seen before. We loved it there -- beautiful scenery, fun activities, stunning glaciers, amazing wildlife (saw a ton of eagles on one terrific excursion) and the cruise itself was great.

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The Olympics are in London. You can still go to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain....I LOVED Belgium and Germany - get the train ticket and travel ALL OVER!!!

If money isn't an option - Australia. But that takes about 2 to 3 weeks - so I don't know how much time you have.

An Alaskan cruise in May would be GREAT!!!

San Diego - sooo much to do!!!

Whistler in Canada....


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This is going to sound crazy, but Disney World in Florida. Yes, seriously. About 5 years ago I won a vacation for 2 to anywhere Southwest Airlines flew to include hotel & daily food expenses. After plenty of thought, we chose Disney. We stayed at Shades of Green which is the military resort on the property so we didn't need a rental car at all. We didn't have passes to go to parks every day there, but we did get I believe a 2-day pass to Disney & a 1-day pass to Universal. The only time we needed to arrange transportation was the day we went to Universal, but the concierge (sp?) at the resort handled it for us. Every place else we just used the Disney bus or monorail.

Being there without kids was amazing. There was nobody worried about a melt-down, nobody complaining about standing in lines, no whining that someone was hungry or just wanted to go swim in the pool. There were no early mornings, but rather a lot very late nights spent in Downtown Disney. It was an absolute blast & I have recomended to every couple I know that they take this trip without their kids at least once. It's like a whole different vacation!

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Well, I'm a major foodie and what interests me these days is Barcelona.


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Money no issue...Europe!

Denver (used to live in the area) is actually great during the summer...plus there is so much to do in the mountains. One year hubs and I rented 4 wheeler(s) in the mountains for a day and it was so much fun!

Loved San Diego, love Chicago...

Of course we loved Maui...I know you said not much of an interest...we didn't do any of the Luau type things...but love snorkeling with the sea turtles and right off the beach from the resort.

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I am a really well traveled person. I've been everywhere on your list except the Alaska vacation. Go to Trip Advisor and read comments and recommendations of other travellers.
If you go to Croatia, no crowds, great beaches, Slovakia is gorgeous and has lovely natural places. The Czech Republic is a magical place to be. Prague is the only city that is as beautiful and full of music as Budapest, Hungary.
I would do only one country if you only have a week.
I have worked in Europe for 28 years and so I take a few vacation days to see the world beyond work every half year.
In November a friend of mine and I took a train at 7am to go to Como, Italy to eat, shop and visit the Duomo (Cathedral). We were home by 10 pm. Well fed and shopped out. If it hadn't been raining so hard we would have taken the cruise along the lake for a few hours in the morning.
Take the train in Europe. I haven't been able to decide who are the most aggressive, wild truck drivers the Spanish or the Polish. If you drive through Germany you will arrived wet from sweat due to no speed limits and drivers passing on the left and the right at nearly the same moment.
In Italy you don't wear jewelry unless you want it stolen. I kept my bracelet that I never remove under a sports brace for my wrist which I wore everywhere including the Vatican.
Scotland is fantastic beautiful nature, exciting cities and people do speak your language. You can drive if you aren't too dyslexic to remember which side of the road you have to turn into.

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Bora Bora, Hawaii, St. Lucia, Ireland and Scotland, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Greece.

Those are where I would LOVE to go.

I don't think I would do the Alaskan cruise because, as beautiful as it may be, I will never pay money to be cold.

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i say go to dubrovnik (croatia) this summer or southern italy.

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I vote Italy or an Alaskan Cruise.
They're both on my Bucket List.

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I vote the Alaskan Cruise as well... I think it would be fascinating.

Have fun!!

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The Olympics are in London, England which is only a small part of Europe. Plus it is separated from the mainland by the English Channel. Avoiding Europe because of something in England is like avoiding the Maine coast because of something happening in California. So seeing as you have a train adventure on your list, I would suggest a European train trip. A travel agent would be thrilled to guide you through planning one. Whatever you decide...Have a great time :)

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If I had a choice, I would pick Italy (never been there but always wanted to go), or Bora Bora Island! Congratulations on your honeymoon. We are having our 10 year anniversary next month and we never had a honeymoon, and will most likely have to wait another 10 years to do so because of our debt. But, hey, it will make 20 years even better right? lol. Have fun!

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Of your choices I would pick Italy. I haven't heard a bad thing about vacationing there from anyone.

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Y'all are gonna get away for a week without kids!!
Now that's a vacation!!
Just kidding!!
Whatever y'all decide I am sure you will have fun!!

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I vote for Italy, but if you are going in the summer make sure you are on the coast or have access daily to a pool...it is punishingly hot, but the nights are warm and romantic!

I noticed you did not mention Hawaii??? Been there previously with spouses? The reason I ask is my husband and I just got back from Kauai and next to Italy it would be my favorite so far.


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I see that you have quite a few answers, not sure if that makes it easier or harder to decide, mine is only because I just read about things like this the other day and would be thrilled to live the dream vicariously through! There are a couple of choices I just think it is different.http://www.poseidonresorts.com/
I think I like the first ones pictures better, looks like an awesome place to spend the night, or weekend.

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My choice Alaskan Cruise.
Ive search it an its beautiful! ;-)
Good luck!!

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Italy. I would probably want to go to Italy to see Rome, Venice, the Great Cathedrals, the ruins. Very romantic.

Greece would be great too.

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Hi J.,

I was in China right before the last Olympics and it was great because they were actually prepared for the tourism. Go to Europe!

Hawaii is AWESOME!!!!

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If I were you, I'd do the cruise. Cruises are AMAZING! So relaxing, you stop in different ports, see new things. Love cruising.

A cruise throught the Panama Canal would be great, too.

The Olympics will be in England so you should feel free to go to other countries. If you do pick Europe, try to go to two or three countries. Italy, Greece, Croatia - all fabulous. I would love to go to Austria one day. Looks amazing.

Can you go to the far east. Bangcok and its outer islands in Thailand are supposed to be so gorgeous. You can go there and stay in a Ritz Carlton for a song.

Have the best time ever and please update us on where you do decide to go.

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Alaskan Cruise or like Queen said the Northern Rockies are amazing! I am from the PNW :) can you tell? Not sure if you're into nature/hiking...if so, Yellowstone is fabulous!
Oh, and Vegas Baby!! I am one of those that is always up for a Vegas trip :):):) We're not big gamblers, but we love to have a good time!
I've been to San Diego too ~ I enjoyed Sea World and can't wait to take my kids.
BUT...if $ isn't an issue I'd definitely be heading to Italy!!!!!!

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I'm jealous, first. We've never even taken an overnight trip together, let alone a honeymoon. :)

If it were me and my husband...hm...tough one. I think we'd like to see something spectacular. I've personally done just about everything you've listed, and some of it's really lame for a nice trip...don't go to San Diego or Chicago or Denver, in my opinion. Have a special trip.

There's lot to do in the US that can be special. Have you thought about doing the Grand Canyon/desert type trip?

If you've considered Europe...well, where in Europe? Why not Australia or New Zealand? Personally, I would LOVE that.

New York can be a lot of fun, but I wouldn't go during ANY holiday season because what you think you'll experience, you won't. It's just too busy.

And if you like the touristy, "fun", lighthearted stuff...honestly, Branson can be SOO much fun (Do Silver Dollar City, the Dixie Stampede, etc) and so can Myrtle Beach (but it's just very touristy.)

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Since I have been to most places in your list , I would definitely go to Europe :)
Hawaii was where I went on my honeymoon. It's a honeymooners paradise:) I would definitely recommend that.
But I would recommend Alaska above all.

Europe (I have never been there but want to. My friends who have been there , all of them LOVED it. Different continent, different experience.)
Italy - well it's part of Europe , so you might as well see a few other countries while you are there.

I have been to Alaska( didn't go on a cruise though). It's an extremely extremely beautiful place. We flew to Anchorage. Did a road trip Anchorage-> Denali -> (drive back ) Matsu valley -> Seward. Amazingly beautiful esp during fall season. You will love honeymooning here. You can try different activities like glacier hiking etc which is a lot of fun!

Hawaii. It's also extremely beautiful. A close second to Alaska( as per M.) But I know some people love Hawaii esp the beaches. If someone tells you it's same as Florida, please don't beleive them.Nowhere close. I have only been to Maui, there are other things to do there not just beaches.

I have been to few cities in Canada. You can definitely consider Canada as well and make a road trip through few cities - Toronto,Ottawa and Montreal are all very nice.Niagara falls ( from Canada side) is a must see. I haven't been to Quebec, Vancouver but I have heard a lot of good things about these cities.

New York, Chicago - great cities , lot of things to do . I absolutely love Chicago. I would have settled down there if not for the harsh winters. New york is a great place to visit, tons of places to see but also very crowded and dirty as well. I would skip these cities for honeymoon though , the other options you have are much better.

Denver - skip this. You will love the rocky mountains but it's an hour and half from Denver. But if you really love snow capped mountains , go to Alaska. Also I liked Boulder better than Denver.It's closer to the mountains.

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Cruise cruise cruise!!!!

I'd love to take a cruise anywhere! My parents went on one last year that started in San Diego, went around North America, through the Panama Canal, and landed in Florida. It was an 18 day trip, and they had the time of their lives! They cruise once every couple years, and that was the biggest and best. It was for their 50th birthdays :-)

Whatever you do, I hope you have SO much fun!!

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I didn't take the time to read all the answers - sorry - but with a week....there's NO WAY I'd spend a week in Vegas - take a weekend for that one.

Anywhere you go "across the ponds" is going to take 2 extra days for travel (and then jet lag) - just keep that in mind. It really depends on when you want to go - my folks LOVED their Alaskan cruise/tour and hubby and I spent time in Anchorage and Fairbanks, but you've got to go from the end of May to the very beginning of Sept or NOTHING is really open - we couldn't even get close to a glacier because of all the snow and none of the tourist stuff was open at the end of April. It was beautiful though.....not enough to do for a week.....

AFTER you pick a place then ask what people have done that's enjoyable. What do the two of you ENJOY doing? Hiking, eating, wildlife, etc. If you're just planning on romantic - you can do that just about anywhere!!!! If you really want to see sights, depends on what kinds.....ruins in the UK, and Rome, castles in Germany, WWII battlefields in France, Germany and Italy, Interesting wildlife in Australia, our countries' history - Washington DC or Philly or all the civil war battle grounds.....got to give me more to go on before I can recommend somewhere....need to know the when and interests.

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Italy is wonderful, especially Rome! Look at getting a deal from a travel agency - flights and rooms. I suggest not getting the cheapest room. The beds in the cheap rooms are not for honeymooning in, though after 3 years, you DO want to see the sites.

Florence is a train ride away from Rome, so you could work your trip with the travel agency to go to several cities. You can catch cabs easily in Rome (less easily in Florence) to get around.

If you do decide to go to Rome, watch the movie Angels and Demons before you go and write down the places that they detail. I only saw the movie after I came home!

I went Thanksgiving last year. It was a little over $3500 for a family of 4 for 8 days with two rooms (cheap rooms, LOL!) That happens to be the low season there, but even with 7 out of 8 days of rain, it was warm enough to not be miserable and we had a fabulous time!!


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We have some friends who shared their fabulous experience on an Alaska cruise that included a rail excursion in Alaska. The pictures they brought back are beautiful. Hearing their experiences and seeing the pictures has put that at the top of my list. I think it would make a memorable honeymoon.

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Japan (depending upon what happens with North Korea)
camping in the Rockies--Idaho/Montana are gorgeous
Northern MN (even though you said not Canada ;-)
Charleston, SC
Washington DC
Norway or Sweden

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i loved hawaii, hiking in rainforests, beautiful views swimming in waterfals
But if thats not on the list I'd choose the train adventure, it sounds like a unique experience, maybe a rental car and road trip too? btw i went to mauii in hawaii and picked that bc you could get the best of everything IMO

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The Pocono's....You will fall in love all over.

They have different locations, but check them out online.
Hope this helps.

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Cinque Terre and Florence in Italy - oh so romantic! And if you like coffee, the espresso is fantastic. We also ate gelato every day, because it was so hot there in July. (I wouldn't recommend July, by the way.)

A Mediterrian (spelling?) cruise? It would include Greece, Italy. Italy is so beautiful. How about Australia? I have heard it is a wonderful place to visit with very friendly people. Like visiting a whole country of Texans. Since this is your honeymoon....Go Big or Go Home! Enjoy whatever you do!

You don't mention when you will want to be doing this. If it is soon, I don't recommend Alaska during the winter. The length of day light (less than 6 hours a day?) could be a big problem.

I think the suggestion to check out tripadvisor.com and read reviews is a great idea. You don't necessarily want to go to a shopping 'mecca' if only one of you truly enjoys shopping.

Good luck and congrats!

I would check out Aruba, Jamaica, Barbados, Antiqua, Puerto Rico or even Christmas in New York which is simply divine. New York is always crowded. Christmas time makes no difference but it is amazing with the decorations and the shopping, shows, restaurants all ablaze with festive lights. I live in NJ. We make a special point to trek into the City at Christmas time because it is just so incredibly amazing. Enjoy your HONEYMOON.

Some of my very favorite places:

- Washington DC: SOOOO much to see & do (remember, admittance to all Smithosonians is free). So much stuff within a short drive as well!
- London: OK, so the Olympics will be there for a brief time. Go before or after. Just an amazing city! Dine at Le Pont de la Tour near London Bridge.
- Maine coast: rocky, romantic, exceptional. An easy, slow pace and lots of time to enjoy each other.
- Nantucket: small island off the Massachusetts coast. Beaches like you can't believe. Eat at American Seasons. If money's no object, stay at The Wauwinet (sp?). Definitely get some chocolate covered cranberries at Sweet Inspirations.
- Ireland: Loved Cork! Driving around is not for the faint of heart. When the weather's good, it is just absolutely amazing. Remember, though, that it's green for a reason -- weather can be iffy (there's a lot of drizzle).
- Tenerife: OK, so the city itself is kind of grungy but Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque is one of the most exclusive and elegant places I've ever stayed (and, thanks to my old job, I've been fortunate to stay in some really, really nice places!)
- Hayman Island, Australia: So this one will be better if you have, like, 10 days -- but is absolutely, totally worth it. The entire island is the resort -- so exotic, beautiful and romantic! Beautiful beaches, attentive staff, tropical location, wonderful pools, great food. Aaaahhhh. Thinking about it makes me want to go back (especially as I look out my window at the snow).

Other places I've really enjoyed: Rome and Boston (it's almost my hometown, so I'm a little prejudiced, but I love the history & the variety of things to do), Hawaii.

Places I've been but have no desire to go back: Atlanta, Orlando (in fact, Fl in general), Dallas, Frankfurt, San Diego, Chicago.

In my dreams: Copenhagen, Edinburgh,

How about a Canadian train adventure. Went to August and it was the trip
of a life time. We found heaven on earth in the Canadian Rockies. We
travel a lot on Amtrak and we do enjoy it. However, if you are looking for
that something special, "The Canadian" train is amazing. Want to go back.
If you are interested in who I booked it with and what we did, you can send
me a message.

My SO and I went to Buena Vista, CO last year WHAT A BLAST!! Talk about getting out into nature and really coming together as a couple. Hiking up 14ers, white water rafting, taking an old mining train up into the mountains- the sights were astounding-, biking, then we headed over to Colorado Springs to go to the Garden of the Gods. Also, we drove up from TX and there is a dormant volcano in Capulin,NM you can actually walk around the lip of the volcano (its all overgrown with shubbery). We only had a week but it was plenty and such a memorable time!

There is also Destin, FL, its amazingly beautiful and not so toursity as some place like Miami or Orlando- its on the northern gulf side of Florida.

Good luck and have so much fun!

My list is
Eastern Europe - If you want to avoid Olympics craziness, it will probably be less crowded but you may be able to find some good deals as they will be trying to cash in on tourists from the Olympics.
Russia - St. Petersburg, Moscow
Vietnam & Cambodia - I had a friend that went and it was gorgeous. However, it might be best to go as part of a tour and that might not be fun for a honeymoon.
Peru - I was able to go on a trip to the Amazon jungle and I loved Peru. I would like to see more of the country and go to Machu Picchu.

There are too many places I want to go. I would travel all the time if I could.

Out of your list I would pick Europe (get a train pass) and visit several different countries (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc). But I guess it depends on how much time you have. Or just picking one country in Europe and staying there would be very cool - there is so much to see. Yes, Italy would be awesome. I really enjoyed hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy and recommend that if you like to hike! We went to Tulum Mexico and stayed in a small BnB on the ocean last summer and it was quite safe. We did not go near the cheesy resorts and we had a terrific week there. We lived in Alaska 14 years and that is a wonderful place to go. I personally would not do a cruise bc you are on the boat most of the time, but if that is the kind of thing you like it would still be a cool trip. Make sure you have a cool adventure at every stop you make --- sign up to hike to glaciers or whatever. We would watch the cruise ship people and feel a little bad for them bc they never had time to really see all the sights. Vancouver and Victoria are great cities and you could take the ferry over to Vancouver Island and then rent a car and drive up to the northern part of Vancouver Island. All the little towns there are so cool and you could kayak and go whale watching (my Canada recommendation). If I could pick anywhere to go with my money, I would pick Chile or Costa Rica.

I have heard wonderful things about the Alaskan cruise. With only one week I wouldn't do multiple countries in Europe (jet lag, down time for travel, dragging luggage, etc). Also be mindful of how busy places get during the peak tourist times. For example, I have been to Maui the first week of December and it was dead. All of the tourist vendors commented that was the best time to go since it was between the crush of Thanksgiving and Christmas. In contrast London in the summer was nuts but was such a more enjoyable experience during the fall and winter.

For what it is worth we were married and honeymooned in Kauai. We enjoyed it but... In seven days we put over 1,000 miles on the rental car. The rental lady checked the mileage three times and stared at us in total disbelief. They only have 130 miles of driveable road on that island so you do the math. We LOVED the food but found there wasn't much to do on the island. The beaches aren't the best and the water is squirrely current wise since the island is exposed. Also it is the rainest island of the whole chain.

At any rate do your research, good luck and happy adventures.

I still have yet to go on my Honeymoon, and we will be married 11 years this year. When we go, we are going to Italy. I want to see the Island of Capri. When we go (I'm thinking maybe on our 20th!), we will rent a car for two weeks and just drive around, staying in B &B's.

I vote the Alaskan Cruise or Italy. My MIL went on an Alaskan cruise and loved it. The pictures she brought back were amazing. But Italy would be a very romantic place for a honeymoon.
Would the Amtrak train adventure be through the states? Do they have one that goes to Alaska? That would have some great sights to see.

san diego! stay in la jolla...it's beautiful and reminds me a little of Hawaii.

I would avoid Vegas. It is so trashy now that you can't go anywhere without being reminded that there are many who do not value what you are celebrating - a committed marriage.

What do you like to do together? We love cruises because we like adventure and going to a lot of new places but don't want to pack, unpack, etc. We also like the quality of food entertainment and we don't have to ask, "What do you want to do tonight" and hear "I don't know" or "I don't care."

Would you like an outdoor adventure or going to indoor events? Would you like to see historic things or try lots of new foods? Do you like tours or venturing out on your own?

Do you want a cold weather adventure like skiing and enjoying a hot tub? Or would you like a warm weather adventure on a beach and bicycles? Do you like big cities and all the choices or do you want a quiet, cozy bed and breakfast?

The lodging can make or break a vacation so be sure to get referrals or recent reviews online. Most places use pictures of when their place was brand new so it is deceiving.

There are so many choices! Have fun!

Just to throw something different out there-how about Iceland? We went two years ago (my mom was Icelandic so I have some relatives there) and we loved it-especially my husband. The highs in summer are around 60 and the lows in winter don't dip much below 30. There is whale watching, incredible waterfalls, glaciers, great scenery and the capital is filled with lots of great activities. Also-due to the fact that their banks collasped a few years ago, it's cheaper than it has been in the past. Don't get me wrong-it is still considered Europe so still pricey but no where near what it would have been five years ago.

My husband got to go snowmobiling in August on a glacier-he thought that was really cool and everybody speaks English so no challenges there. It's also not too bad of a flight since you only have the week.

Oh and if money was no limit for me-I would do an African safari tour for the wildlife or go to Austrailia but I wold want more time then too (than just the 1 week).

We would go to Vegas, we absolutely love it there and there is always stuff to do and see. There is a new Titanic exhibit that will be there for 10 years that I am dying to see. It has a replica of the grand staircase. Plus all the shows and the new City Center is open now.

Another place that my hubby and I would love to go back to is the Pocono's. We spent our Honeymoon at one of the Ceasar Pocono resorts. The rooms were fantastic, there was a ton of stuff to do and it was all inclusive (and not too expensive!)

We also have talked about an Alaskan cruise. We have friends who are cruise addicts and go twice a year on different cruises, so one of these days we will get around to going!

I hope you and your wife find the perfect place and have a great time!!

You could do Europe as the Olympics are in England.

Austria (Zurich, Salzburg, Innsbrock) are nice and it beautiful with the Alps. You could spend a few days there at different cities and fly home. It is between Italy and Germany. There are other places but you only have a week.

Canada you have the Canadian Highway east/west, west/east with beautiful scenery.

Amtrak would be another good one.

San Diego but then again depending on your Mexico thoughts since it is close to the border.

Last but not least is Sin City for fun. Play a real tourist and take in a few shows and lounge around the pool and have fun.

The other S.

PS If I could just find my way around Vegas since they built it up I might have more to say about it.

NYC is so much fun, but beware, it is soooo crowded in December!
Vegas is great too- my hubby and I got married there!

We love Destin, Florida, but thats always been for a family vacation. We want to go to Haiwaii for our 10 year anniversary, but I see that's on the no list. What about the Florida Keys? I've heard they're beautiful- my husband has been and loved it. Another cool city is Charleston, SC. We would also like to go to NOLA someday.

Have fun wherever you go!

ETA: I visited Southern Maine for the first time last summer and I would love to go back some time! It is absolutely beautiful with perfect summer weather (I went in August). I was only there for a weekend, but I could have easily stayed for a week.

Disney World! I've never had so much fun as I did on that trip with my husband and he feels the same way. That was almost 10 years ago and we still talk about it! Our second pick in the resort Couples in Negril (Jamaica). Much more laid back but we still had a great time. We love England, but it will be a nightmare if you go during Olympics, however, if you wait until they are over you might get a great deal. Have fun!

New York at Christmas is FANTASTIC!!! But the weather can be iffy.

Here were our stipulations for our Honeymoon 17 years ago... I wanted to go somewhere neither of us had ever been (hard, because I had traveled a lot with my parents growing up). We ended up at Disney! (#1 Honeymoon destination!!!)

So, following those guidelines, Vegas would be out for me :) Amtrak is iffy on service, but I would love to take the Transcanadian rail trip (Via is much more reliable that Amtrak). We also LOVE the Pacific Northwest (Canada or US- or both!).

This sounds like a really good Bucket List trip. For me, it would be African Safari or Australia.

My husband and I would love to do Chicago...we are both really into art and architecture...so we have always thought that would be fun.

Of course the close quarters of an Amtrak train adventure would be romantic and fun...even better the Orient Express from Paris to Venice (Google the trip...sounds really awesome!!)

How fun!!!! Well, if money is no option, don't go somewhere here in the US. Take advantage of the fact that you have the time and money to go overseas. You need to think about how active or sedentary you want this trip to be. I personally like both on a vacation. My dream is to go to Italy and eat, eat, eat. ha-ha! Maybe even do some sort of 1 day cooking school. I think there are cruises in Europe, on the Rhine river, that take you to several different countries in a weeks time. Greece is an option. I have always wanted to see Australia too. If you need to travel soon, do you have your passports ready to go? I'm sure Alaska would be amazing but I'm not sure I would want to go there this time of year. Research what the weather is like, regardless of where you go. You don't want to be stuck wandering around a country in major snow. Yuk! Ambergris Caye, Belize is an amazing place....very slow paced but still has plenty of activities, the water is unreal. What about the Cayman Islands, Rio or Peru? There are so many amazing places! How will I fit it all in before I die someday. ha-ha! Oh, we went to NYC recently. I wouldn't bother with that. It's a really cool city but it's still just a city (nothing unreal). What about Tahiti! Congratulations on your honeymoon!

Sounds like you should take a cruise. I am heading on one in a few months. Yep avoid Europe until after the Olympics. The Alaskan cruise sounds good to me. Of course I am happy to see your Chicago option. Good food and entertainment here :)

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