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FIFTH'S Disease - Topton,PA

Hello Moms,

I'm not positive, but I think my 17 month old daughter might have Fifth's Disease. I am calling the doctor tomorrow to be certain. She had a slight fever for a couple of days which I thought was due to her painful teething. Then the fever subsided and last night I noticed a very slight rash.....hardly noticable....on her body. She is acting and feeling fine, though. Has anyone dealt with this before??? Any and all info and experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi C.,

I see someone already suggested it could be hand foot mouth disease. It sounds like it could be that. I work in a daycare and almost evey child in there just had it and is better from it. It starts with a fever that goes away then the rash (starts out very faint) starts and then the blisters start. Not much you can do for it. It is highly contagious but from what I've read, once they have had it they won't get it again.


It sounds like this could be Fifth's disease or Rosella. My son had both between 15 and 18 months. We didn't take him in to the doctor for either (just did phone consult) because there is really nothing you can do. Once the fever breaks they are no longer contagious and should feel better very soon! Good luck!

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My daughter had it when she was a baby and my 7yr old had it just this past spring. There is nothing the dr will be able to do about it if it is 5ths disease. The rash should get better in the next day or so. I would still check with the dr to be sure. It is contaigious though. It can also be harmful to someone in the first trimester of their pregnancy though.

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Hi, It really is no big deal. Once the fever is gone and the rash is there the virus is gone. Another day or so and the rash will be gone. If she was around anyone pregnant during her fever you should let them know as well as Moms of other kiddos that may have been exposed. Fifth's is the simplest virus you'll ever have to deal with.

My son actually just had this. He's 22 months old. The rash would randomly appear on his body and he had a temp of 102.3, the dr said it was from a virus and the rash was caused by the high temp. Sure enough he ended up with the flu the next day, then I got it, then the hubby got it. Its going around pretty badly right now. Definately get her checked out! With a rash it's hard to say and it could be multiple things.

All 3 of my children just had fifth's disease. It's very common in children and there's really no treatment. Children are contagious before you see any symptoms. Once the rash appears, it's too late to isolate the child from other children because incubation time is prior to symptoms. Fever is one of the symptoms, also headache, fatigue, sore throat, congestion,"slapped cheek" rash and the rash can spread to the rest of the body including the buttocks. The rash on the body is "veiny" looking. The rash goes away and may return so if that happens, don't panic, it's normal. Of course, every child acts differently. If it weren't for the rash, I would have never known my kids were sick :)! Google Fifth's disease and you'll get a lot of info, including pics of how the rash looks. I never took my kids to the pediatrician because there's nothing they can do for it but talked to the nurse and she warned me about the rash returning and that it was o.k. for my kids to be around other children, even with the rash. So, hopefully that helps! Fifth disease SOUNDS so serious, but really it isn't and you just have to let it take it's course. Good luck!

Believe it or not, fifth's disease is pretty common. My 2 year old had it 3 times. It's viral and they may keep her home from day care (if she goes) but once the virus passses, she'll be fine. The only thing is be very careful about close contact with her...after the last time that my son had it, I actually got the adult form of it. It is extremely uncomfortable and took 3 months of blood tests and trial & error to figure it out. The adult form is called Parvo Virus and mimics rheumatoid arthritis so just be careful and wash your hands all the time until the virus passes. She'll be fine!

I doubt very highly that it is 5ths disease. Sounds like Roseola or just a rash from the fever, which is very common. It will moslty likely dissipate by itself. I wouldnt be too concerned about it. Children get rahes and fevers often that we never really know the cause of.

This sounds like it could be rosalea. A rash appears after a fever subsides. My daughter had it this past winter. With Fifth's disease, I believe the rash looks like a slap on the face.

My daughter is 22 months, she has had both fith's disease and hand foot and mouth. What you are describing sounds more like fith's disease. When my daughter had that she had a fever (around 102-103) when that broke she got a faint rash all over her chest, neck, back. However, she played and acted normal except maybe a slight decrease in appitite. With the hand foot and mouth, she had the same fever, no energy (my child who never stops- laid in my arms for 3 hours straight after a nap!) She had white sores in her throat. The dr. said she could have broken out with sores on her hands and feet- Hence hand,foot and mouth. Finally, with both of these ailments, there is no medication except tylenol/motrin for the fever/pain. It will go away on it's own. Both are highly contagiuos. Fifth's especially to pregnant women (it can harm the fetus) and Hand foot and mouth to other children (mostly under the age of 10). I hope this helps. I know each time I was worried especially since I am home with my daughter- I just didn't know where she could have gotten it. But we do go to the playground and playdates alot. Good luck! Oh yeah- don't worry about her eating just push fluids so she doesn't dehydrate!

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