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Fever That Won't Go Away After 2 1/2 Days, Too High for Teething

Any ideas of what could be causing a fever at 7 1/2 months. No excessive drooling, no runny nose, but lots of whinning and eating and sleeping issues.

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Decided to go the Dr. It was an ear infection. Glad I went...now I have the meds and hope to get a good night sleep.

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My daughter just had this too. She also had congestion. Her doctor suggested we give her Tylenol Fever-all. It is a supository (sp?) and that helped her fever go down. Also make sure you are giving the correct dosage of Tylenol/Motrin. Tylenol= 15mg/kg, Motrin= 10mg/kg. (1kg=2.2 lbs) Also try giving some Pedialyte. I hope your baby starts to feel better soon!!

You can alternate tylenol and motrin and if I remember once from my kids you can do the tylenol every three until it breaks but check with your pedi. By the way, my experience with fever, sleeping and eating issues has been it is almost always an ear infection.

Call her doctor, you don't want to take any chances... she may still be teething, she could maybe have an ear infection, could be a number of things...
God Bless

Ear Infection?? Make an appointment to see your doctor. I know it can be scary being a first time mom. It will be okay.

Hey there!
Sorry your little one is sick. Sounds like it might be an ear inection. If you haven't had them checked, I would and if it has been a few days, you might have them checked again. Hope your little one is better soon!

Our babies got the roseola virus. It is a viral infection which means there's not much you can do for it except treat the fever with tylenol and motrin. A few days after the fever stops baby/child gets a rash (small red spots)all over the body which is the only way you can tell they had roseola. At that point the virus is over. Of course this is only one of many things that could be bothering your baby but I remember being a 1st time mom and our baby getting this and not being able to figure it out. Our 3rd baby got it too and I wasn't as shocked when she woke up with a horrible rash all over a day after she had ran fever for 3 days straight.

We are in flu season, so I would NOT take any chances. It could be as simple as an ear infection. I would call your pediatrician. Better to be safe than sorry! Good Luck! Hope your baby feels better soon!

It could be an ear ache. My daughter had ear aches in both of her ears for almost the first two years of her life. She was miserable and so was I. If her fever is that high I would try getting her into a doctor.

my daughter (14 months) had that same problem a few months ago. it ended up being a uti. i would definitely take your baby to the doctor and have it checked out. you definitely don't want to chance anything with a little one. lots of prayers for you!

My 6.5 month old battled the recurring fever all last week and now has the runny nose too. I too called the dr and they said something was going around as long as he wasnt pulling on ear and warned that he may develop a rash after fever ended if it is roseola which was also going around

My daughter is 15 months old and has had a fever since Friday night, It started at 104 then slowly went down but I haven't been able to get rid of it. She has had problems eating & sleeping. I thought it was teething at first but now I'm not so sure. My niece who is a month older then Jordan had a UTI and presented only with a high fever.

I don't know how high the fever is but it could be roseola. Think I spelled that right. My baby had it before she was 1. Several other babies I know have had it. The illness mainly starts as a sudden high fever. I put my daughter down for nap and she was fine then when she woke she had like 102 fever. There are no real symptoms other than fever. No vomiting no diahrea nothing. Just fever. So we had to take her to dr. and have finger prick test. No infection showed and then fever still wouldn't go down after another day and higher fever we went to the ER they drew blood (it was awful) and urine test. No infection - they say it is a virus and go home. We wait a few more days and go back to dr. That day the rash showed up. That is roseola - high fever - lack of appetite and no other symptom then in 4 -8 days (for us it was 8 of fever) a red splotchy rash shows up especially on the trunk area. That is when you know what they had. So infuriating to watch your baby sick and not know what is wrong until the illness is finally over. When the rash shows up the fever usually goes down and then they get well.

I don't know if that is what your baby has but it could be since you are not seeing any other symptoms.

Hope that helps.

Poor baby...sounds just like the virus my two out of three kids had recently....it seems to be VERY contagious and I've seen similar posts in the past week with other children having the same symptoms. My kids ran an off and on fever for up to a week, had trouble eating from stomach pains and were both very tired. It seemed with both of my kids that when the fever passed, they finished off the virus with a sneezy runny nose.
Hope your baby gets better soon but make sure to alternate tylenol and motrin. Take care!

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