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Fever During Pregnancy. What to Do?

Hello. I just had a quick question. If you get a fever when you are pregnant, what are you supposed to do? Has anyone out there had this happen? I am 25 weeks. My son and hubby both came down with a cold, which started with a sore throat and fever that only lasted about 12 or so hours, then just turned into a cough and runny nose. Do I need to be concerned? I have never had a fever during pregnancy, but am worried I am next. I have one of those slight "sore throats" you get right before you get a cold. Thanks ladies!

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Thank you everyone for your tips! I lucked out and didn't come down with the fever! I thought I was getting the cold for sure, but feel pretty good today! My immune system must be rockin' right now! (Knock on wood) (I also dodged a bullet with the stomach flu twice this winter! My kids were sick!) Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of this month!

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Right when I feel a cold coming on I take a lot of garlic (in capsules), a lot of vitamin C and zinc lozenges. I try to hold off tylenol or any medicine if possible. I am also preg with my third. Good luck!

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I never had a fever, but I did have TERRIBLE headaches from hormone changes. Anyway, my Dr. said I could have tylenol -- just make sure to follow dosing instructions closely and try and keep it to a minimum.

My doctor said you to take tylenol but not ibuprofen. I had two high fevers while pregnant with my second. Once with strep and once with influenza.

If it's bothersome take tylenol. I would not worry about it unless it is high for a long period of time. It sounds like you may be running a low grade.

Right when I feel a cold coming on I take a lot of garlic (in capsules), a lot of vitamin C and zinc lozenges. I try to hold off tylenol or any medicine if possible. I am also preg with my third. Good luck!

When I was pregnant I had a bladder infection that turned to a kidney infection. Mostly I was achy and feverish. I thought it was just a virus and kept taking tylonol. When we called the nurses line they said to call back if the fever goes more than 102 degrees F. It did and they told me to go to the hospital (it was Christmas Day and nothing else was open). The OB made me stay in the hospital until I went 24 hours without a fever. I was 34 weeks gestation.

My advise, if you come down with the cold or something else. Call your clinic and find out Tylonol dosage and at what temperature you need to be concerned.

Take tylenol or any 'fever reducer' that is okay for pregnant women. Not aspirin.

I had a good fever - over 102 and my OB had me take Tylenol. I was actually just into my 2nd trimester so I was also safe to have ibuprofen -- but I stuck with Tylenol. I had to take Tylenol for a few days before my body could keep my temperature down on its own. I was exhausted and had a cough and headache, but the Tylenol pulled me through along with rest and liquids.

I agree that it doesn't hurt to call your OB office or the nurse's line, just to be sure that you're doing what they would recommend for your situation -- and be sure to follow the directions on the Tylenol bottle.

You can use Tylenol to keep the fever down, just don't go over 4000mg in 24 hours and at most do a 1000mg every six hours. If the fever goes over 102, I would call your OB.

Tylenol is the only medication I would take if you need too. Otherwise, I agree with the others...keep up the fluids.

As long as it is a low grade fever, I wouldn't worry about it. If it is above 100 I would call and speak with the doctor or nurse. Make sure to push your fluids.

Drink fluids, don't worry about it unless it is above 100 and feel free to call your doctor on any recommendations on what you can help to reduce the fever.

I had strep in my first trimester, so high fever, on medication and everything turned out fine. I would not worry about it, just keep an eye on it.

As the others said, tylenol is safe. Cool baths, cold compresses, and stuff like that would help too. Fevers are only a concern in pregnancy in the first few weeks (like before 8). I had a high fever (103 or so) when I was about 6 weeks pregnant and the doctor told me not to take tylenol because it put the baby at too much risk that early in pregnancy. I couldn't get the fever down for a couple days and the baby stopped developing right around that time (and miscarried at 12 weeks). I really wish I had taken the tylenol. Maybe it was a coincidence but I don't think so.

Tylenol products are safe to take during pregnancy. There is also a whole list of other OTC products that are safe, but I suggest you call your doctor's office to get recommendations. A nurse should be able to help you figure out the right thing to take.

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