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Fever - 12 Month Old

why do these things always happen on SUNDAY'S?! my 12 month old has a fever since yesterday afternoon, it keeps spiking, we are treating with ibroprofin, but we gave her some at noon (fever was 101.8) and 40 mins later the fever was HIGHER (103.5!)
Last time (3 weeks ago) this happened (ON A SUNDAY) the southdale peds nurse line told us to go to the ER, where they took a bunch of blood, ran tests, basically tramuatized her for a few hours and then let us go home once her fever went down. we are still paying off the bill for that. anyways, my question is: at what point would YOU take your child to the ER for a fever? How in the world do I know when i am over-reacting? AND WHY THE HECK IS THERE NOT A PEDS CLINIC OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK? I guess that would make too much sense. -Ali

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Burnsville Park Nicollet has a urgent care open 7 days a week. It is next to the hospital

I use the apple valley medical center whenever Southdale Peds isn't open. They are open 24/7 and have very nice doctors.

There is a urgentcare open 24/7 in Apple Valley. I bring my daugter there whenever it's after hours or I can't get in to our pediatrician.

If my daughter has a fever I bring her in. I always put fever with infection and think to myself the quicker we find out what's wrong, the quicker we can get antibiotics. There are times when it's not like that for instance teething or a slight fever with a cold but if it's not a slight fever I bring my daughter in immediately. It's either ear infection, or strep throat for us in which I like to have antibiotics. I've brought my daughter into the Apple Valley urgent care in the middle of the night before, I figure we're both not sleeping anyways and we won't have to wait in line. I don't think your over reacting at all. If you think your daughter is teething I wouldn't necessarily bring her in but 103 is a high fever and is most likely pointing to a infection.

My daughter always seems to get sick at night or on Sunday's too! I'm to impatient to wait a few days or til we can get a appointment so we use urgent care alot.

Our 10 month old had a fever of 102.5 a couple Sundays ago. I called the southdale peds nurses line as well and they told me that I didn't need to bring her in unless her temp was 105 or above. I thought that was really high but we waited till Monday and brought her in and she was just fine. They think she had a virus. I think it was her teeth. Who knows...I hear you though on how all of this happens on a Sunday. I would say if your baby is still eating/drinking/playing that you can wait till it hits 105 but that's just my thought after talking to the nurse. If my baby were 102.5 and lethargic, I would have brought her in anyway.

That Park Nicollet Urget Care is open until 5 pm today- I would go soon, they are the only ones I know of in this area open Sundays, and we usually end up with a 2 hr wait. With my son, high fevers are common. At 8 months on Christmas Eve morning at 5 am it was 106, so obviously that was straight to the ER. Until he was about 1 1/2 I brought him to the ER when he got high fevers, but last Feb. he had a 104.7 and by the time Southdale Peds called me back, I had gotten it down the same way the hospital does (both advil and tylenol alternating every 3 hours, clothes off, and fed him a mr. freeze- popsicles work too). So they just said bring him to the ER if it went back up. I've been through it enough times with my son who ONLY gets really high fevers, that it doesn't scare me as much anymore (still scary though!). Every time it is that high, it is a virus and there is nothing you can do about it but wait. First one was Rotavirus, which is a bad stomach virus. But they always do the same thing, and it has never required antibiotics. For him, if it is a bacterial infection, he usually has lower fevers around 101-102. When they go high, it USUALLY means virus for him, but not always. He had strep last thanksgiving (Yes- my son is sick for every holiday it seems like! And like your daugher- only when the clinic is closed!) I didn't realize that vommiting in young kids is a sign of strep, and thought it was a stomach virus so kept him at home sleeping and trying to get fluids in him all day (it started about 1 am). Finally I brought him into southdale peds at about 8 pm and it turned out to be Strep. That fever is the only one that kept going up after advil- which was my reason for brining him in, and was about 104. It takes time- but you will get to know the signs for your child of whether they need to be seen or not. Some people don't agree with me- but I would rather go to urgent care every time I am not sure, than put it off and be in the ER later and regret waiting. I don't take him in over every little thing- but I get a certain feeling that something is wrong and that is my sign to bring him in. I even have gotten that feeling when he was asleep and fine before bed- I couldn't fall asleep because I felt like I needed to take his temp., and when I finally did it was 105. 2 hours before that he was completely normal- I think as a parent you can sense when there is something wrong, and I have learned to just go with my feelings and ignore the nurses sometimes (when he had strep, they didn't want me to bring him in but I said too bad and did anyway- when they saw him they changed their mind). You know your child, if you feel like she should be seen, take her in. Good luck, I hope she feels better soon, and hopefully you won't be spending your weekends this way anymore!

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