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Fetus Has a Calcium Deposit on Heart.

Hi, I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child and we were told at our 18 wk ultrasound that she has a deposit of calcium on her heart. We were told that this could be a sign of downs syndrome but there were no other signs present so there was a low likleyhood that she would have downs syndrome. However this is still a very scary situation and I was hoping to hear from others that have possibly experience this in their own pregnancy.

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Hello again everyone. Thank you so much for your support and all the information. My daughter was born last week and is very healthy. She has had no problems at all. I appreciate all the responses it put my mind at ease.

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My mom was told that my sister would likely have down syndrome. They even asked if she wanted to "keep" the baby. My mom said yes and they held on until they could perform an amniocentisis (sp?) test. This is where they take a long needle through the abdomen and take out some of the amniotic fluid and run tests. After they did this they determined that the baby was normal. So hang in there sometime this scare can be a false indicator of DS.
Best wishes and health!

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My mom was told that my sister would likely have down syndrome. They even asked if she wanted to "keep" the baby. My mom said yes and they held on until they could perform an amniocentisis (sp?) test. This is where they take a long needle through the abdomen and take out some of the amniotic fluid and run tests. After they did this they determined that the baby was normal. So hang in there sometime this scare can be a false indicator of DS.
Best wishes and health!

Hi! When I was pregnant with my first child I was told that she had a calcium deposit on her heart also. I was sooooo worried throughout the rest of my pregnancy I took a test called the AFP test and the results were good. Then I went to genetic counseling, there I was told that long ago they thought that the calcium deposits were a factor in down syndrome but as studies have improved it is being ruled out but as a precaution they like to keep a close eye on babies with this. I was also told by my doctor that it is like the baby having a freckle on her heart it will go away and if it were up to him he wouldn't have even told me because there's nothing I can do about it but let time go by and it'll go away without me worrying 24/7. It turned out that the next ultrasound that I had the deposit was gone and by daughter is now 3 yrs old and very healthy. Please enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and know that your baby is a true blessing. You and your baby will be just fine.

Hi E.,

I'm hoping to be able to ease your mind a bit. When I was pregnant with my last child who is now 7 monhts, I was told that she could possibly have down syndrome. Because she had to much fluid in the kidneys. That was the only sign they could see. I was terrified. But as the pregnancy went on and she got bigger, she finally a good average amount of fluid in the kindeys. Everything went great with labor and delivery. She is as healthy as can be. I dont think you have anything to worry about. As you know the doctors have to take all precautions. As scary as it is I wouldnt worry to much. I do hope the best for you and your unborn baby. Please let me know how things go, my email address is ____@____.com

The calcium deposit is what’s called a "soft marker" for Downs. Alone it means nothing, but with other soft markers the likelihood increases. Basically, most babies with Downs have calcium deposits, but not all children with calcium deposits have Downs. You can do a blood test for specific proteins, and also have them measure femur length and head circumference as other soft markers. Also, the previous post about the accuracy of ultrasounds is true...they can see so detailed these days they see things that they never did before, like calcium deposits. My son had a calcium deposit in his heart and even had a polyp in his stomach. Neither was a problem when he was born. I am sure your baby will be fine!

I had an ultrasound about the same time during my pregnancy and the ultrasound specialist told us the same thing. He said its unlikely and sometimes will just disappear without any further problems. I was pregnant with twins and they both turned out fine. No problems. No downs syndrome. I'd try not to worry about it and if you can't stop they can always do further testing to let you know for sure.

hey E.,

i myself had the same thing told to me during my pregnancy. my doctor told me that with todays technology is sometime too good and shows us things that you shouldn't be to alarmed about.

i have a happy and healthy 21 month old baby boy...the "calcium deposit" was naturally absorbed by the body...good luck


My sister-in-law was told similar things, and even had an amniocentisis that "confirmed" the downs. They decided to keep the baby and now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl with NO downs! :o)

Hi, I had a blood test done in my first pregnancy which showed a potential that the baby could have Down's Syndrome. I had a high-tech ultrasound and they noticed a possible heart valve defect that can sometimes be a sign of downs syndrome. Finally I had an amnio done and after a few days was told I was going to have a healthy baby and that is what I have - a wonderful, healthy five year-old. I have never been as worried in my whole life as I was in those few weeks so I know how you must feel. Just know that I have heard lots of stories like this and the majority of them have healthy outcomes. Good Luck!

How discourageing and scary! From what I understand, as long as the blood tests are okay, than your chances of having downs is pretty low and the calcium deposit should go away soon. hang in there!

S. Tuke Doula, CCBE

I went through a simalar experiencence when I was pregnant with my last child but they thought he might have trisomy 18, which is pretty much terminal be for birth or within the first year. Or possibly downs syndrown, I was so incrediable scared but I am proud to say Conner is now 19 months old, VERY healthy and VERY much alive....
What the doctor did for me is he ordered a geneology test which another word for high tech ultrasound. They are able see any "markers" that would indacate if there was ANYTHING wrong. And it turned out there was nothing wrong but the doctors like to error on the side of caution even if there is a chance NOTHING is wrong. I would call to see if they could do this test for you. Plus have you had any blood work done that shows sign's of downs? Do you have a good doctor whom you trust? If you are not hooked on you doctor I have a wonderful one for you who was voted best in az for 3 years in 5 years.
Well, take a deep breath and try to stay possative. If you would like to talk PLEASE feel free to call me, ###-###-####. I know how scary and overwhelming it all seems.
I would be more than happy to to be a shoulder to lean on.
A. Colvin

I had the same thing happen to me, as well as the other mom commented. They told me she could have trisomy 18. They wanted me to do an amnio, but I refused. My daughter is now 8 and is a very healthy little girl. She never had any complications whatsoever. You don't mention your age, but that might be a factor. I was 34.

I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was pregnant with my fourth child, and the ultrasound showed a calcium deposit. I was over 30 during that pregnancy,and because of a congenital heart defect, a high risk also. I refused the amnio and, just kept monitoring the situation with ultrasounds at Phx perinatal. My son came 3 days late and at a whopping 9 plus pounds at birth. Perfectly healthy and now a very active 3 year old. I admit it was very scary, but if he had been born with Downs, nothing would have been different, Hw was my son and I would love the same as my other children. Try not to stress about it. The last thing the both of you need is more stress. The world is stressful enough. Have your doctor schedule another scan in a few weeksand just watch and wait.
Hope this helps.


I had this same thing when I was pregnant with my son. Honestly I scared the #*$& out of me. I was so nervous my whole pregnancy because they said that he might have Downs but at the time he had no other signs either. Then 3 weeks before I delievered they told me he had short femur bones and that was also a sign so for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy I was so scared. It turned out that he is perfectly normal and healthy and just has shorter legs. It is so hard not to worry and I wish doctors would put these worries in our heads without further proof but they don't always think that way. I would say if you do not have any other signs then try not to worry...easy to say than do.

I had the same thing with my fourth child. He turned out just fine. I was very concerned. We had additional testing done (in depth ultrasound from a OB who specializes in high risk and otherwise abnormal pregnancies), and he had no other markers for Downs Syndrome. Get as much information as you can to ease your mind. The statistics for your child having Downs is so low. I know how you feel. You're not alone!

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