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Fertility Pills - Natural (Over the Counter)

This may seem like a silly question, but if I dont ask I would never know.

Is there any sort of natural or over the counter type of pill to take to help increase fertility? Anything that anyone out there has had experience with that you felt helped you get pregnant. Im not sure that I have fertility issues, because I got pregnant with my first son within 3 months, but we are ready for our next and have been trying now for a few months and so far nothing, so I am just looking for advice or ideas on how I can get my body to be as ready as I am!!

I have been charting my fertility, and have purchased ovulation test kits. I am just looking for additional ideas out of the normal charting/testing to support or increase odds of conceiving!


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Try Whole Foods. Solaray is the brand name and it is called Fertility Blend SP-1. I don't know if it works because I did not get pregnant using it but I only tried taking the pills a couple months.

Go to the Chiropractor, and hubby too. I worked in the field for 10 years and I can't even tell you how many people came in for other issues (we didn't even know they were trying), and they were pregnant really fast!

It really works, and anything can help!


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Hi Jen,

I run an infertility support group and suffered myself for years before conceiving via the medical field.
Skip all the OTC meds, ovulation kits, taking temp, teas, herbs right now. They will not help if you truly need medical intervention. If you get regular periods, that's good, if not you need to see a reproductive specialist or at least your OB/GYNY. Secondary infertility is not uncommon, depending on your age.
Acupuncture is great for relaxing, which is very important in trying to concieve. When you make trying to get pregnant a "mission/job/obsession", your stress levels increase dramatically. The more negative results you get, the worse the stress gets. Taking a month or two off helps getting back to a normal more relaxed lifestyle. Women in my group often "take a break" from all the meds and testing so they can just find themselves again. If after a few more months nothing happens, please go see someone. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more.
Best wishes, S.-

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There isn't anything legit OTC or half the world would be taking it. The general medical advice is: take folic acid supplements, excercise, avoid caffeine and alcohol, if you need to loose weight - do so now. Charting and ovulation predictors are useful. Then try to relax as stress can suppress ovulation. Infertility issues are only suspected if you have been trying for a year. I found charting very useful because even if you are quite regular, you can ovulate a little earlier in your cycle or a little later generally and so you can mistime things based on an assumption that you are ovulating exactly in the middle. Good luck.

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If you have been charting, that is the greatest way to achieve pregnancy. Make sure you are taking your basal temperature and recording them, as well as cervical mucous, on a chart or at fertilityfriend.com.
There are no over the counter remidies to increase fertility. It takes the average couple 6-12 months to get pregnant with good timing. If you know your fertile window, and you are having sex then, you have a 20% (every month) to make a baby. 20% is the highest number any couple gets, ever.

If you want to learn more about your body, your cycle and charting I would suggest the book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Good luck!

After reading previous responses, I wanted to add that folic acid/prenatal vitamins will NOT get you pregnant. It is a great supplement to take though while trying to concieve. This ensures that your newly developing baby will get all the nutrients it needs during the earliest stages of pregnancy if you take a prenatal during this time.

Also, asprin is an NSAID pain reliever. Nsaid pain relievers taken during the two week wait (the time between ovutation and your expected period) can cause problems with implantation. This can lead to conception, but no implantation or even miscarriage if the baby is able to implant but not able to grow. Do not start an asprin regiment with out the aid of your OB/GYN.

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Hi J.,
Have you ever concidered Acupuncture? Dr. Matthew Hoffman DC in Bourbonnais has had success with 8 women, who had been through various fertility methods. He can also talk to you about nutrients. Good Luck..

Try Whole Foods. Solaray is the brand name and it is called Fertility Blend SP-1. I don't know if it works because I did not get pregnant using it but I only tried taking the pills a couple months.

Don't know what exactly worked for me in the end, but:

Eat healthy
Get plenty of rest
Intercourse every day, days 12-18 of your cycle
Eliminate alcohol completely
Eliminate / decrease caffeine
Yoga for fertility

Check out www.pullingdownthemoon.com for the yoga and acupuncture and more. Good luck!

Go to the Chiropractor, and hubby too. I worked in the field for 10 years and I can't even tell you how many people came in for other issues (we didn't even know they were trying), and they were pregnant really fast!

It really works, and anything can help!


I drank this tea from the "Traditional Medicinals" brand. It's called Pregnancy Tea. It's supposed to strengthen and tone your uterus. Anyway, I had great results on it, and have recommended it to a friend as well. I drank a cup in the morning and one at bedtime until the pregnancy test said POSITIVE! It only took a month both times I used it. The first time we tried to get pregnant, we tried for three months, and then I started drinking the tea, and that fourth month it happened. The second time, when we were ready to start trying, I started in on the tea again, and it happened right away. It's made from all natural herbs that are recommended for pregnancy, such as raspberry leaf and nettle.
Good luck!

moreso than any pill, the best thing to do is pay attention to and maybe even chart your fertility signs throughout the month if you are not already. there's a great book called taking charge of your fertility that will give you tons of information. there's also a connected website with charting help, as well as another good site called fertilityfriend.com where you can chart.

once you determine if there is a problem with weak or anovulatory cycles, then i've heard good things about vitex from some women, but i'd definitely not turn to any sort of pill or medication unless necessary -- there a side effects to consider.

There are natural options for fertility. Acupuncture for fertility is often effective and a holistic practitioner can also prescribe herbs for you based on your body's needs.

I know several people that have had success with this route. For us, it took a combination of holistic and medical treatments to get pregnant with our 2 kids. I prefer the holistic treatments by far but did tried every combination needed to get it to work.

A little about me:
Expecting my 2nd child in Nov '08.

HI there. I see you got lots of responses. A friend of mine battled with getting pregnant for a long time. Used fertility drugs the whole caboodle. She send me this link since I was also getting to the point where I wanted to go and seek help. I never used it though as we then conceived. It is an herbal supplement called FertilityBlend. The company's website is


but I was able to purchase it at GNC for the same one bottle price. It is a little less if you buy a three month supply from the website.

Here also is the article on the first study at Stanford on the supplement.


I believe there was also a more comprehensive study being done that might be finished. Go and check it out and see if this might not be what you are looking for. Good luck.

Have you considered your diet? What you eat can negatively affect your fertility. "Healing Syndrome O" is a great book that we used, that tells you how certain foods affect your hormones in your body, which affects your fertility. They also have fertility boosting herbs and roots in pill-form at GNC in the women's section. I have never used them, so I can't vouch for them, but they are out there. Good luck!

good old geritol tonic or geritol vitamins will usually do the trick It took me a month to get pregnant. It's worked for a lot of people. try doing a search on the internet under geritol and read for yourself.


I have a cousin that tried for 5yrs. Finally after all the doctors and meds. She figured out what to do, she now sees a acupunctist.(SP)They say with all the stress of daily life you need to have it relieved!
Good Luck with everything!!

I agree with the folic acid advice. A friend of mine had fertility issues. The specialist had her going to accupuncture.

I have a friend who swears by acupuncture. Have you looked into that??

I am unsure of any OTC pills, but I do have some things to try before going for an expensive workup. Make sure if you have put on or held on to weight since your last pregnancy that you lose a few pounds, if you are underweight try to gain a few pounds. There is a weight threshhold at which your body will not allow a pregnancy to easily happen. If you happen to be overweight try to lower any sugar, high carb foods to avoid sudden insulin increases in your body. Lower caffeine intake and get regular exercise, enough sleep and start taking prenatal vitamins with extra folic acid. It also may be a good idea to go in to the doctor to get a pre=pregnancy checkup and make sure they know of any potential concerns. This way they will be on board and won't be surprised if you call with problems. The doctor will also feel more comfortable answering questions via phone if they have seen you recently. Also if you don't have a doctor you love this is a great time to shop before you need one instead of being stuck after getting pregnant.

Good luck.

Acupuncture helps as well as cutting out caffeine and alcohol.

you may want to pick up the book "taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler- it is a natural family planning method that looks at charting your cycle - which is sounds like you are already doing but there is also a lot of other suggestions given to increase the odds of conceiving - very informative book - i learned a lot about how my body works and why - who knew it would take me 20 years to really understand what my body does and why!!!!
Good Luck

You can increase your folic acid intake and/or take prenatal vitamins. Also the days you plan to concieve you can take robitussin.

Since you're charting, I thought maybe you'd read the book "Take Charge of Your Fertility" (Or "Taking Charge") -- but they tell you that ovulation test kits are useless because ovulation has already happened.

I suggest getting that book.

Plus, you don't say if you breastfed or for how long, or any other factors that may be affecting your hormone levels. Your body may be readjusting. I'm 3 months post-partum and just now having some major hormonal shifts.

J.-there is not magic elixir or drug or otc med that can help you conceive.

There is a fine balance in the body that has to do with acidity. When the body is acidic and harbors many toxins it does not function correctly. Do not waste your money.

What you can do is yes-your eating regimen is very important. Omit ALL processed foods and definitely go organic with fruits and veggies. www.acidalkalinediet.com. You also want to alkalize your water with pH drops or baking soda.

A good comprehensive detox will also help. Check out Brenda Watson's book the detox strategy. She is featured on PBS frequently.

I have so much info-if you want more let me know.

Detox Coach

GNC sells a supplement for both men and women that increases fertility. Whether or not it actually works I am not sure about. My husband and I have recently started taking it, but it hasn't been a month yet, so we have no idea if baby #2 is in the making or not.

Good Luck!

Hi J.,
I don't have any information on pills, but my husband and I were told by 3 specialists that I couldn't get pregnant. I went for accupuncture and we got pregnant on our own in 7 months. One year later I was pregnant with our 2nd and I just delivered our 3rd child in July!

I would highly recommend acupuncture. Good luck.

I was told by the doctors I could not get pregenant. I was having lymphetic massage therapy called Voder Massage. I got pregenant. I guess it was a good thing but sometimes I wonder. The therapist explained that our intestines can get full of toxic junk, food etc. He said why would a baby grow in that environment.

Try a clonic flush and massage therapy. Relaxing with the massage could help also.

I am sure vitamin and a great diet will help. Relaxing and not being frustrated will help also.

There is a pill like this- I found it at our natural foods store. I also recommend kicking out caffine. Good luck!

I might try supplementing your diet. I have had wonderful results with this new product that we have been taking for about month 6 mo. I know people with different fertility issues have had results with this product. Let me know if you would to talk to someone that has had help with this problem. Good luck! G.

I have not tried it yet, but just read an article about Chasteberry supplements. It is natural and can be found at GNC, or probably anywhere that has vitamins. It is supposed to regulate ovulation and research has found that it helps with fertility. I was thinking about trying it. I had no problem getting pregnant with my first two, it happened both times on the first try. We're not really "trying" now, but not using any b.c., and it hasn't happened. Good luck!

I recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It has great information about your body that we are never taught in school. With the tools and information in the book, you'll have a better understanding of what your body is doing.

I think we should start a rumor that chocolate helps with fertility, don't you? :)

In addition to all the other suggestions, there are progesterone creams available. You rub it into your arms once or twice a day beginning after you ovulate. But, stopping it is about when you'd start your cycle and if you might be pregnant, you can't stop using it so you'd have to do a pregnancy test. I know Arbonne makes this, you can probably find a consultant somewhere nearby.

If you haven't had your pre-pregnancy visit yet, I'd definitely do that first and talk to your ob/gyn about everything.

Hi J.,
What a frustrating time this can be. Although I have never heard of any fertility pill over the counter... what you can do is prepair your body for getting pregnant.
First thing I would do is get on a prenatal vitamin. This will give your body everything it needs to concieve. Also, relax. Stress is going to make it harder... Go to a massage therapsit and get regular massage. One thing I have found is just trying to forget about it. Tell yourself .. its going to happen when it happens and I bet you.. it will happen!
Good luck! This is an exciting time!!!

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