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Fenugreek vs Lactate Support for Increasing Milk.

I went to the health food store today with the intent to buy mother's milk tea. The owner told me it would be better to buy Gaia Herbs Liquid Phyto-Caps Lactate Support. When I got home i looked up just Fenugreek Capsules which had between 500 and 600mg per capsule and you take 2 caps twice a day. The Lactate support has:

fenugreek seed 225mg
fennel seed 150mg
red raspberry leaf 75mg
blessed thistle 75mg
marshmallow root 21mg

This is the total dose per day (1 cap 3 times a day...again the above is for 3 caps total)

My question is, is this enough fenugreek to help with my milk supply. Or should I take the lactate support and extra fenugreek caps?

I am drinking tons of water and feeding frequently, but just returned to work during a growth spurt and having trouble keeping up with the pumping.

Thank you.

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Go for and it so how they all work. Also, what worked great for me was barley and oatmeal. After a while, the herbs weren't doing it but a serving of barley (cooked like brown rice) and the milk was overflowing. Good luck, AM

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I would take extra Fenugreek. I would at least try it. It always works very well for me when I feel like I have to boost my production. Best of luck -- M., nursing mom to a 15 month old

I think the biggest problem is that you don't know how YOUR body will react. All the herbs mentioned are all credited with increasing milk supply, fenugreek is not the only thing that works, it's just the most common thing used in this country.
Every body is different, and each milk supply aid has a different potency time period. You could use the lactate capsules for a few weeks and then switch to just a fenugreek supplement for a few weeks and then switch back so that your body doesn't get immune to it's effects.
I used fenugreek tablets with my first and they did work. I took three capsules a day but i don't know how much that was. I have since read that you must start out with the recommended dose and work up to a point that your milk smells like licorice.
I also loved the anise based teas and drink them often (i am BFeeding #2 currently), but i am also eating lots of whole grains, pearled barley, steel cut oats, all good for lactation support.
A book i recently discovered was "The Nursing Mother's Herbal". It has some great tips about nursing, some massage tips and all the herbal things. It also talks about what things to avoid. I didn't know, but parsley and sage can both decrease your supply in large doses.
The most important thing is to try different approaches and see what works for you.
Good luck! I go back to work in 3 weeks and will be dealing with the same issue!

I took fenugreek and it was just enough for me and I did try the tea,k but I had too much milk to keep up with. Fenugreek helped me to still breatstfeed for 5 or 6 months more. I was losing milk supply early as the same with my other son, but unknown reason I was losing milk supply and too fenugreek, it was shooting across the room again and it was great to continue nursing again. I would try Fenugreek and if not enough, try the late support. I never had my period while nursing. A friend of mine had her perios while nursing and for her, she said that Fenugreek gave you more cramps while menustrating. Try it and see what is best for you....

Make sure you always pump before feeding the baby. It is easier for the baby to get the milk out then the pump.

I would suggest just taking the fenugreek. The max until you get your supply back up to speed. Also, really do try to get the pumping increased as well. I know it's hard when you're working, but it will tell your body that you need more milk production otherwise your body will only make what it thinks you need.best of luck

Extra Fenugreek caps wouldnt hurt. I've been pumping at work for the last 9 months. I think the trick is to make sure to pump! Twice a day for 15 mins...try to schedule it like a meeting so its sure to happen...You go Mom!

Go for and it so how they all work. Also, what worked great for me was barley and oatmeal. After a while, the herbs weren't doing it but a serving of barley (cooked like brown rice) and the milk was overflowing. Good luck, AM

I produce tons of milk and oatmeal really helps. Salads help too. Lettuce is a great milk producing food.

I had big milk supply issues with a baby in the NICU. Fenegreek did help me a lot--up to 9 capsules a day (I think 500 mg capsules, from GNC). I also had a doctor who put me on a prescription medication (domperidone). The other fun thing was making lactation cookies--they are oatmeal cookies with steel cut oats, brewers yeast (2TBS)and flaxseed meal (2 Tbs in 4 Tbs of water)and of course chocolate chips (for taste).

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