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Feminine Product Irritation?

When i use certain brands of feminine products, i've had problems with skin irritation... itchy, burning, irritated... kind of feels like i'm wearing sandpaper. ouch.

i've been using cloth pads, which helps a TON, but sometimes they are just not convenient. whenever i use a disposable, my skin hurts for the next day or two.

any advice, or experience?

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ooooh I have problems... if I wear Always too many days in a row. I like their overnight pad it is a nice size and I buy the thin ones. But they do irritate - and I don't buy ANY unscented pads or tampons...

I LOVE O.B. also, it is the only kind of tampons I use. Nice to not have that applicator to dispose of :)

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Try buying only pads that are not scented.The scented ones irritate me as well.

I have problems using tampons with card board applicators. I have to use ones with plastic applicators. I can even use them in Wally World brand.

I hope this helped.

Over the past few years we've eliminated all scented products that can cause irriation. This includes all scented feminine products and toilet paper. We use All - no dyes, no perfumes and Bounce has a dryer sheet that is the same. I only use Dove unscented soap in the shower AND for the most part I wear white cotton underwear. (I wasn't going to mention the underwear, but I thought it might help you.) All of this together has made my life SO much better! At first it seemed like a lot and now it just the way we live.

Good luck with finding the right solution for you. It is a process but you'll figure it out.

This happens to me, but so far it is with only one brand. I have to make sure that, whatever brand I buy, the top doesn't have a plastic or synthetic feel to it.

Do they really have organic tampons and pads? Wow.

hi T.,

i have always had a major problem with anything that is the "always" brand. causes me the same problems. sometimes almost feels like a yeast infection. and the last time i used carefree mini's i had a severe reaction. they were the scented ones, so i figured the "scent" part was what had caused it, though i have used them before. sometimes i get a reaction from stayfree, so i try not to use them. my best choice, with 0 problems is kotex. i have no idea why, but trial and error has me with them!

good luck! i feel for you!


Are you using deoderant ones? I have heard of those causing irritation sometimes. You might also search for some more natural products...some that use natural ingredients.

I don't use pads often, so I don't really know about those, but I have had sensitivity issues and I have to use OB applicator free tampons. They are 100% cotton. For some reason the ones with the applicator DO cause me irritation, even though they are also 100% cotton. Just be sure to wash hands very well before and after inserting.

Hi T.!

Quite possibly you are allergic or sensitive to Latex. For me it's both Latex and corn (corn starch is used in almost all paper products and disposable pads and tampons and such). Unfortunately, I only use the cloth pads now. I just make sure I have plenty so I don't have to do laundry everyday. If I am going swimming then I use organic tampons. I still find they can be irritating, but for short periods of time I can use them with little irritation as opposed to many days of irritation.

Take care.

Tampons are the best. I wouldn't use anything else.

Sounds like you could have several problems. First, you might hve a skin sensitivity to the minor amounts of fragrance that are in the disposable pads and that is one reason why the cloth works so much better. Second, you may be having a reaction to the plastic that covers the disposable pads. Third, if you are shaved and active you may just be getting rubbed/chaffed while wearing the disposables which are made to move and not cling. Asside from offereing reasons I'm not quite sure what to tell you, but figuring out which one would definately help to solve te problem. You can try and go with a fragrance free product, or go with one that is not covered in plastic (Stay-Free has both and I used it after both my pregnncies when I was not allowed to use tampons). You may also want to try getting a longer pad like the "ultra thin night time" pads, they ae longer so they grip better, move less and are nice and thin.

I hope this helps and if you would like some more detailed information about the alergies I have an expert in this field in my family that I can ask for you.

I have noticed the same problem lately with pantiliners...don't know why!?!? Let me know if you get any great advice, okay? :) Good Luck!! D. R.

My friend had a similar problem.
I got her some organic cotten panty liners & she's had no problems with them at all.
She even likes the organic cotton tampons.
Sometimes they just put too much stuff into bleaching the cotton & that irritates some people.
Get a pack and try them out. If they work well for you, go online & order them in multiples, it will save you money.
This brand is just one example of what is out there. Do a search & you'll find others. http://www.ecowise.com/product_info.php?products_id=549
Hope this helps. :o)

ooooh I have problems... if I wear Always too many days in a row. I like their overnight pad it is a nice size and I buy the thin ones. But they do irritate - and I don't buy ANY unscented pads or tampons...

I LOVE O.B. also, it is the only kind of tampons I use. Nice to not have that applicator to dispose of :)

Have you thought about a Diva Cup or similar menstrual cup? I use cloth pads and the Diva cup, and I find the Diva cup to be more convenient.
I still use the pads a lot because I think they are more fun. lol.
But the Diva cup is super comfortable for me, and only requires a few moments to clean it out each time you change it. You also don't have to worry about TSS with menstrual pads, like you do with tampons.
There's also the environmental aspect ;)

a friend of mine has had the same problems, she has to buy unsceentd and I know that at least one helped but she did go see a dermatologist because her skin gets so inflammed. When she gets the flare ups, they told her to take a zyrtec and they rx'd a cream to help with the inflammation.

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