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Feeling Guilty for Feeling Bored!

My son is 16 months old. I work part time (3 days a week) but here is my situation: I have been feeling a little bored/ unfulfilled lately. I take him to the park, on walks, etc. but it just gets kind of boring! Is this normal? I dont have any time for myself, which i EXPECT with a little one, and my son is VERY active so he keeps me very busy. I ADORE my boy, love him more than ANYTHING on this planet, so I feel VERY guilty for feeling this way! Can someone tell me this is normal for new moms to feel like this, or give me some new ideas besides the park everyday? I want to add one more thing- He is REALLY active, like I said and makes it almost impossible to go out to eat, shop, etc. And I actually DID join the Y but they had to come and "get" me everytime I left him in the daycare, because he would'nt stop crying. I guess you could say I have my hands full with him! ALthough I love his energy, I wouldnt have him any other way...

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So far I have had great responses and fast too! I would love to hear more advice. It makes me feel good that I'm not the only one who feels like I do. THANK YOU!!!

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I think it's totally normal. I've felt the same way at times, but I always come around to realizing that things are just fine and that I'm not so "stale." It's important to find something that you can enjoy at home, even if it's something you only get to a few times a week. Reading or writing, art or some sort of puzzle...or some sort of charity work you can do from home. Maybe try to find a local MOMS Club. Bottom line: I know what you're going through; I've been there...and I think those feelings will pass. They did for me. So feel better. It'll all be okay!

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Totally normal. It will not always be this way. Great that you have work you enjoy - make sure when you are there that you are 100% into it and really focused (i.e. not feeling guilty about being away from him.)

Also, do things that you enjoy as well, and your enthusiasm will spill over and engage your son.

Of course you adore him! DON'T feel guilty. Put that energy into coming up with more creative outings and maybe with another mom and baby! Reach out to someone else who may be feeling the same way.

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Hello R.,
I know how you feel. I have a one year old who is very active and I love it but it is difficult to keep him entertained. His favorite thing to do though is play in the water in our back yard. I have a slipping slide for him that has a pool at the end, it has two lanes so he can crawl all over or walk all over and it shoots water up in the air like a sprinkler. I got it at wal-mart. It would keep him entertained all day if I would let him.


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This is totally normal!! You are busy but you don't have anything that keeps your mind busy. When I had two little girls 15 months apart, both in the baby/toddler stage, the thing that kept me happy was joining the local Moms Club. I even did a co-president thing for a while and loved every minute of it. I started a playgroup within the club, and those women are still my friends! Check into it - if there's something like that in your area, it can be a sanity saver!

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It is quite normal to feel yourself in a rut.One idea would be to take your boy to the library story hour. He will get some interaction with other kids and you can interact with other moms. Another idea is that you could try little art and craft projects together. My 16 month old loves to color and glue, but you have to keep an eye open so he doesn't stick it in his mouth. Finger paints are fun, but a little (understatement) messy. Read stories and do songs with motions (itsy bitsy spider, I'm a little tea pot)
When you go for a walk point out the flowers and the grass and trees. Your walks will be less boring and this is also a good way to learn colors and increase vocabulary. I hope this helps. God bless you and your family
M. K.

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yes, it's noraml....i feel the same way at times....but i remind myself that this time in our child's life is so short, and i want to cherish these moments. try mixing it up a little by changing the activity...and find mew mommy friends to do the activities with...there's "mom's club" and "mops". look the both up for a chapter in your area.

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I don't think your boredom has anything to do with your lack of love for Jack at all. What it has to do with is lack of challenge. It is not much of a challenge for you to do toddler games (esp over and over again!) I know. You can relish in the challenges your child gives you everyday...his great level of energy for one! Soon Jack will want to learn to read, and sing new songs and keeping him busy will keep you busy! Find a mother's group with kids Jack's age so you both can share and make friends. FWIW, I got super bored with my second girl, like I wasn't already bored with my first? I had to endure 8 years of Barney the Dinosaur and do all the same girl-y things all over again! Trust me, more and more interesting challenges are headed your way. Enjoy this time!

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Hi R.. You shouldn't feel bad. I think all moms feel like this sometimes....I know I have. We moved away from all of our friends and family almost a year ago and its been very hard on us. Even though my 3 kids keep my hopping there is days where I do feel bored.

Do you have friends that have kids?? How about doing something with another couple??

My biggest thing here is that most people only speak spanish and we dont speak spanish at all so I haven't made any friends at all.

Also if he is crying every time you leave him that is completely normal. Children at this age are very very attached to mommy or daddy. My son is 21 months old and even still when I leave he cries for me.

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Join a moms group or MOPS program. I know of plenty in the Austin area. Not only will your son find friends his age to play with, but you will meet new people you can talk with who probably share your feelings. My son is the same age as yours and separation anxiety is very common. Why not take him with you into the pool at the y? My son loves the water and it tires him out for a great nap!
Maybe your feeling of being bored or unfulfilled is just you wanting to feel accomplished at something? Perhaps you can learn a new skill like sewing or cake decorating. Maybe take your son to the children's library reading time....they do crafts and other fun things. You can find your cake decorating books there, too! :) You can find recipes for edible playdough so you and your son can play,sculpt,eat!
You can visit different parks so the one you go to all the time doesn't get boring. Search for a childrens museum nearby. They are full of fun. The one in Austin has a tunnel slide my kids love and a great toddler play area....lots of hands on activities.
Have you introduced your son to coloring yet? He will just scribble, but kids love it! Just watch he doesn't try to eat them. If he is too active, teach him to do summersaults, logrolls. We have such fun with our son rolling all over the floor. When he is good at rolling, take him to a park that has a great hill and roll down it!
Hang in there, mom, you are not alone.

K. -

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