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Feeling Extremely Nauseous but Not Due for My Period Yet, Could I Be Pregnant?

Did anyone feel extremely nauseous and tired before missing their period? My husband are trying for Baby #2 and I haven't missed my period yet but I have the feeling I may be pregnant. My breasts have been sore and heavy for the last week but that is usually a PMS symptom but the nauseous feeling hit me today like a ton of bricks. Anyone else experience this, should I get a one of the early response tests?

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Today I got my period. It was disappointing but I guess if you are looking for the signs of pregnancy you will find them. Hubby and I will keep trying though. Thank you all for your support and God bless!

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I was hungry all the time and exhausted prior to my missed period. I called my MD, told him I was late (even though I wasn't) and went straight for the blood test instead of spending my $$ on a home pregnancy test.

i felt the same,i took an early pregnancy test and it came up negative-i got my period that month but very light and i was still sooo sick.I went to the doctor and found out i was pregnant when i took the test it was just to early to detect.usually us moms can tell we just have that feeling-good luck...

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About a week before I got my period, I told my husband that I had all the symptoms of being pregnant except sore breasts. Within 24 hours they were sore and I knew for sure that I was pregnant. I took a test and saw a very faint pink line. Sure enough I was pregnant.

Best Wishes,

Hi. With both my pregnancies I felt sick long before I missed my period, it was pretty much instant for me. So I'd say that could be a sign you're pregnant. Good luck!

Hi S.,
I was very very nauseous...thought I had the flu after taking a preg test and it came back negative...then lots of smells started to bother me and I thought to myself how can this be the flu..LOL...so I waited another week, took another test and sure enough I got a positive preg test....I would wait at least until you miss your period and then take a test...or you could do the blood test...that will come back right away if you are preg or not!! Best of luck!!

That is exactly what happened to me!

S., go for it if you want to see if you're pregnant, but if you're not, will you be disappointed and be hurt and will it upset you? If you think you'd be okay, then give it a shot. Go by your feelings. Let us know either way please.

I was hungry all the time and exhausted prior to my missed period. I called my MD, told him I was late (even though I wasn't) and went straight for the blood test instead of spending my $$ on a home pregnancy test.

Hi S.,
You could be pregnant, or not. One day of nausea before missing a period would make me more suspicious of a stomach virus than pregnancy, but it is possible to have symptoms a few days before your period is due. I'm not a big fan of those early response tests. They aren't very accurate. A positive is a positive, but testing negative doesn't mean that you're not pregnant - you might not be, or you might be but won't show positive yet and have wasted your money. These tests are an unnecessary expense. Is there a reason that you would absolutely need to know now rather than in a week? If you are trying to get pregnant, then you're likely taking care of yourself as if you were pregnant - so make sure you're doing this (as in, avoiding alcohol, cigarattes, etc). Good luck!

you could definitely be preggers!

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