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Feeding Schedule for an 11 Month Old

Hi everyone-

I am looking for advice on what and how much to feed my 11 month old. He currently has about 32 oz. of formula/breastmilk a day. He also eats cereal and fruit for breakfast, a jar of babyfood for lunch, a jar of babyfood and some cereal for dinner and a snack at some point (a cookie or puffs)...

My issue is that he attends daycare three days a week and they seem to be insistent that he eat additional food. Yesterday they gave him waffles, green beans and beef-a-roni (can you believe that?!)...and they called me to see if he still had to eat the babyfood I packed him that day! I told them he is to eat what I provide FIRST and they can supplement if they think he is still hungry. He never seems hungry at home with me...his feeding schedule and nap schedule are excellent. His daycare seems to think he needs additional food and/or more fingerfoods. Am I behind with that? Have I done something wrong? I just think he is fine with breastmilk/formula and babyfood at this point...

So, I was wondering what you all are feeding your 11 month olds so I can get a sense of what changes I might need to make!

Thanks in advance for your time!

= )

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I also have an 11 month old. She was a very late teether and got her first (and only tooth so far) at 10 1/2 months. However, I started her on table food at around 9 months. As long as the food is cut up dime size and smaller, they can gum the food down. Table food allows babies to feed themselves giving them a sense of independence as well as enhancing eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills as they work on their pinch grasp. My daughter loves bananas, mac and cheese or any pasta for that matter, cheerios, grapes (skinned and cut), bread smeared with marinara sauce, and cheese. She isn't a big meat eater but we do try to give her dark meat chicken and small pieces of steak.

If he's got teeth let him use them. At this point he should be starting to eat table foods there's no reason why he can't have a lot of table foods by now. Baby foods are an expensive convenience.

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Guess what? Your baby is not a baby anymore! He's entering toddler stage and I don't think it's a bad thing to introduce more finger foods and put him on the same kind of schedule you eat on. You may want to wean the babyfood away and start with regular table foods - green beans, cooked carrots, bits of chiken or meatballs, mashed potatoes (watching him eat that with his hands is a riot)... that sort of stuff.

I know it's hard to believe that at 11 months your son is eating beef-a-roni. It all happens so fast! My son didn't spend very long on baby food either.


PS - the daycare may be preparing your son to move into the next class, that's why they are feeding him other food. At my daycare, once your child is walking, off bottles, and eating "center food" (daycare provided menu) they can move up to the toddler class. Most of those milestones take place around a year old.

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I pretty much agree with everyone else. I started my daughter on table food at 9 months (and she only had about 2-4 teeth at that time). However, my niece had texture issues and was still on baby food after a year old, but my sister was always trying table food with her to help her get over the strong gag reflex she had. So, you really do need to go with whats best for your child.

Daycare should respect your wishes, but they may also be getting your son ready for school lunches. At my daycare they start providing snacks and lunch at 1 year and a few weeks before she turned a year old they started giving her lunch to make sure she was ok with what they feed them. Are they just trying to prepare your son for school lunches?

My daycare also provides a three week rotating schedule of whats for lunch so you can track and see whats planned. Maybe your daycare does the same and you can send alternate lunches on days they serve things like "beefaroni". I know I wasn't always crazy about how many carbs it seemed like my daycare was feeding my daughter but my mom reminded me they're very active (especially once they're up running/walking) and growing quickly so they need lots of snacks and good carbs (along with plenty of fruits and veggies).

I've had my share of difficulties with daycare as well (constantly changing teachers, no director for 4 months, missing diapers/wipes), just be up front with them and see how they respond, after all, he's still YOUR child.

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My 10 month old is following a similar diet... I am still nursing and since I was feeding "on demand" from the beginning I have just went with it. I feed him until he is full - I can tell when he becomes disinterested. He has - since week 2 - been a good eater. I am feeding him mostly fruits, vegetables and iron-fortified grains though there are the occasional fruit loops (when dn Alaina visits - aged 6) and sips of soda!!! (also introduced by miss Alaina). I think the key is moderation and a regular (not strict) practice of basic nutrition.

Other people always have OTHER opinions – they are what make life interesting. But you need to find your comfort spot, and then listen to YOUR voice.

If you feel that the lunch you pack is sufficient on the 4 other days of the week that you get to feed him lunch (lucky duck) then you are RIGHT to express that to his caretakers. The "let him eat what I provide then supplement if he is hungry" makes sense to me.

Just remember that he might ACT different when he is not in your aura! I work from home and my boy is a crabby kid with the sitter in the mornings and a comedian in the afternoons with her AND the complete OPPOSITE with me on the weekends. BTW - The kid naps for 2 hours with her - I get two 15-30 minute cap naps out of him on the weekend. Your boy might be MORE hungry when you are not around. Hey, stranger things have happened. If I were a nutrition researcher I might even study it - baby with mom (not stressed -time of plenty- 4oz of food) baby not with mom (stressed -time of famine- 8oz of food). I don't know - but there may be something there.

BTW- The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, "Gradual introduction of iron-enriched solid foods in the second half of the first year should complement the breast milk diet. It is recommended that breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months, and thereafter for as long as mutually desired."

SEE even the APA recommends – what you have done instinctually -- your doing fine, you have a right to feel one way or another (that your instincts, voice), don’t forget to question why you are concerned about your judgment as it seems saine to me (do you need to bone up on your nutrition basics?, do you have a bad relationship with food?) Trust yourself and have fun with him!

I'm a first time mom also, so I can understand your nervousness. I would be extremely annoyed with the daycare for giving him food you didn't approve. How did they know he wouldn't be allergic to any of that food? Especially Beef-a-roni!I believe it has cheese in it. Besides that, I started my little girl on finger foods before she was a year. Just simple things like pieces of fruit and toast. We even started giving her tastes of what we were eating, within reason. Things like mashed potatoes and macaroni. Just start slow... and test every food for a few days. If he has not showed any problems with jar food he should be fine.

When my daughter was 11 months old we were feeding her regular food. She still drank one bottle of formula a day at that time. She was done with that after she turned one. She had a mouth full of teeth and was very interested in the foods we ate. Her pediatrician saw nothing wrong with giving her the food so long as we did not give her nuts (which she is allergic to) seafood and anything too spicey. Though 32 oz of formula or breast milk seems like a lot a day. My son is nine months old but he only has two teeth so we had to give him stage 3 fruit but stage 2 veggies because he doesn't quite have enough teeth to chew with yet. He gets 4 oz of formula with his cereal and fruit in the morning and 4-6 oz of formula at night before he goes to bed. At lunch and dinner time he gets a fruit and a veggie. You know what's best for your baby but if nothing else, ask the doctor. Good luck.

The number of teeth your son has definitely makes a difference as to how much table food you can give them. We've been blessed??? with an early teether (started at 4 months) & so he's been on table food for a while now (started at 8 months introducing mashed potatoes and other "pureed" foods). Applesauce or even yogurt are really good alternatives to the baby jar food. You could even try cheerios. If you're nervous, introduce it at home first before sending it in with your son.

Well it looks like u have gotten a pretty good response from everyone. I would also sat that the daycare was in the wrong. What stage of baby food is your little getting? Do u make ur own baby food? There is another book out there that is called "Feed me and I am yours" I think that is the name of it. It helps with some feeding questions and it also gives recipes on making some of your own food or snacks for the age that ur little one is.
My 3rd children at that age was eating table foods and didn't want anything with baby food. My other two where diffenet. My one son started baby food later do to delevlopemnt issues. So when started him on table food a little latter.
What it comes down to, is that u know your little one better then anyone else. Put your foot down with the daycare and what they want to feed ur child before they give him something that he isn't ready for.

I am wondering...they are probably feeding him at the same time as they feed the other kids...and because he sees them eating, he might 'seem' hungry...like he wants more. I noticed that with my daughter when she was small-plus if he has to sit in a high chair or seat of some sort-he might be anticipating the food-and 'seem' hungry even though he finished his meal but has to wait to be cleaned up and let down. At that age, my daughter would eat and eat and not stop...I assumed she was hungry and kept feeding her...but then I tried setting her down after a 'normal' sized meal and she was FINE...didn't cry for more food.

Ask them what he does to make them think he wants more...does he cry? Scream? Their tummies need time to process and realize that they're full, just like we do. I would ask them to feed him and then wait 5-10 minutes to see if he is still hungry...

Then again, my daughter was on baby food for an extended period of time-she didn't cut her first tooth until she was around 15 months old!

Good luck...it's hard when you have to trust someone to care for your child and YOU know best...

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