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Feeding Schedule for 9 Month Old

Hi! I am looking for some advice on a schedule for my soon to be 9 month old. He is still eating about 7 oz. of formula 4 times a day, but I am wondering about solid foods. How often, how much, etc. If anyone is following a certain schedule for their little one I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance.

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My daughter just turned 9 months and has been on this schedule for about a month now:

Wake-up- nurse
Morning- breakfast (cereal or fruit)
Lunch- meal
Early Afternoon- nurse (only if she wants to)
Between 4-5pm- fruit
Dinner- meal

For her meals, I have been giving her food that we eat - rice, lentils, vegetables, soups etc. I was blending it, but now am trying out more chunky food.

Dear T.,
When introducing solid food, I first started by adding a little cereal to the formula in the bottle. You do need to increase the size of the hole in the nipple to allow the cereal to flow through. Then introduce one new food at a time. One of the best words of advice came from my mother - imagine that! Introduce vegetables before fruits. Fruit is naturally sweet, so a child will instantly develop a taste for them. But veges are not, so by introducing them first, they learn to eat them automatically. I followed this advice and both my kids grew up eating most veges and all fruits. I also found broiled fish, such as talapia and orange roughy, easy to start them on. It's easy to chew and digest, and is nutritious and fat-free - brain food.
Introducing solid food is an integral part of growing up. Good luck.

My daughters are 14 months but when they were 9 months, I began them on stage one. Their day looked like this. (They ate and still do every 3 hours).

6AM- wake up bottle
9AM- stage 1 fruit (i/.e. banana) and bottle
12PM- stage 1 fruit and bottle
3PM - bottle
6PM- stage 1 dinner and bottle
8PM- bottle

Now the girls only get an AM and PM bottle and are drinking from straw cups (water or juice) in the day- 3 meals and snack. The idea is the wean off the day bottles.

The BEST book I have read is THE CONTENTED LITTLE BABY by Gina Ford. Gives schedules for sleep/feeding and how much and what types of food to introduce.

Personal note: my youngest (8months) 6am: 4oz formula, 7am: rice cereal(1 packet) w/formula and 2oz fruit mixed in, Noon: 6oz total of veggies/protein/fruit, 12:30 4oz formula, 3pm: 5oz and a baby yogurt, 5:30pm: 6oz total of veggies/protein/fruit and a teething cookie (not really eating here), 7pm 4/5oz bottle.

So total 18oz formula, and about 18oz "food".
I have found that 3 "meals" a day and a snack work out well because I have another one who eats at the same time. Little lguy eats more when we all eat together. Eats better when I feed him on the faster side, and frequently I wind up mixing veggies with a "coating" of fruit. Looks unappetizing to me but he loves it as soemtimes the fruit alone is too tart I guess.

All babies are different. He is 95% height and 75% weight. I think he eats a good amount. My toddler followed this routine too (again a tall kid) and is a great eater as well. Good luck, DEF. check out the book (browse in a book store if you don't want to buy it, but it SAVED me esp. re: sleep schedule, which is really tied into the feedings).

I'd put him on a regular breakfast, lunch, dinner schedule. Also, I'd offer a morning snack and afternoon snack between meals. I use to give my daughter her formula first thing in the morning when she first woke, a cup with every meal, and then another bottle before bed. If he starts eating regular meals he will drink less formula.

this is how I feed my 9 month old:
wake up - breast feed
1 hour later - 4 tablespoons barley cereal & stage 2 fruit
before morning nap - quick nurse
after morning nap - breast feed
1 hour later - stage 1 fruit & stage 1 veggie
before afternoon nap - quick nurse
after afternoon nap - breast feed
dinner - 4 tablespoons oatmeal & stage 2 veggie
bedtime - nurse or 4 oz bottle

My big guy eats a lot.... LOL.

He nurses first thing in the morning (6am)
8-9am He gets a bowl of Cereal (oatmeal)
10-11am He usually takes a bottle of breastmilk (8-10oz)
12pm He gets a stage 2 jar of food (veggie, mac & cheese?)
2-3pm Bottle of Breastmilk (8-10oz)
5-6pm Stage 2 jar of food (turkey & sweetpotato is his fav)
8-9pm Nurses
Continues to nurse during the night as he wants...
He just turned 9 months on Halloween. He also enjoys pancakes and foods he can mash in his mouth. Still no teeth yet. I should also add that although he does eat quite a bit, he is a healthy size for his age at 18 1/2 lbs. My oldest son was a larger baby and I think he ate about the same amount, so did my daughter.

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