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Feeding My 18 Month Old

I don't know what to feed my 18 month old. She doesn't seem to care for the baby food and most adult foods that my husband and I eat seem to be too much for her to handle. What kind of foods are good for her to eat?

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Have you tryed feeding her the toddler dinners? You can get little micrwavable cans that have a variety of different meals to choose from. Also you could try what looks like a t.v. dinner for babies. It will have a main dish and a side of vegetables that are small enough she should be able to handle. I hope this helps!!!

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Does your baby have many teeth yet? My daughter is 18 months and eats everything except corn and cole slaw. Maybe try soft, cooked vegetables and softer meats. Cooked carets, mashed potatoes, peas - those sort of things and try to keep meats moist and tinder and make really small or (this will sound gross) squishy bites.

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My 2 year old love grilled chicken, yogurt, shreded and sliced cheese. He also eats often spaghetti plain or even bread slices. Slices of lunch meat are also a favorite. We also put new food on his plate so he will try it. It of course does not always work, but we keep on trying. I hope this helps.

I feed our little 17 mo old whatever we are eating as well as fruit, hot dogs, fish sticks, pudding, applesauce, yogurt, whole milk replaced formula. I would not suggest any uncooked vegetables as they can still choke and not chew correctly. I cut the other items into small bites so he can eat them up. He loves muffins, pancakes, waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs for breakfast. I try to use lowfat or turkey based items as much as possible. Oh, cheese is good in low doses-string cheese cut into bites. Just keep trying one meal at a time to see what your little one will enjoy and use common sense and I think you will hopefully find a great eater!!

Our daughter is 17months, the youngest of 5. We have found to make that easy transition from baby food to our dinner is soup. This way they are getting a well rounded amount of veggie and meat. Our daughter likes turkey pot pie(Campbells), split pea, chicken noodle or some homemade... The list goes on, I just mash it with a fork or food chopper and she loves it. Be careful of any roasted type chickens because they are very stringy and hard to get down. I also do apple sauce/banana or yogurt for the fruit/dairy portions. Sliced deli cheese is good because it is thin and you can give it to her. I know how you feel, sometimes what you are eating seems so overwhelming to try and feed the baby, especially with the meat part. You can always feed her parts of your dinner and work her up to the complete meal, while supplementing with the soup to fill her up the rest of the way! Good Luck!

I had, and still do, have that problem. I got 2 great books you should check out. 1) 1, 2, 3 Cook For Me by Karin Knight and Jeannie Lumley and 2) The Big Book of Recipes for Babies, Toddlers and Children. They were life savers!

If she has teeth, give her green beans, pees, etc, to pick up and eat. When my kids were 18mths, I fed them what I ate w/o seasonings and in smaller portions and bite size pieces. They are now 13, 10 and 5.

I have had success with the gerber graduates foods. Might be worth a try! Good luck!

I had alot of luck with the food grinder.

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