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Feeding a Child with Stomach Flu

This is the second time my younger son has caught a nasty virus in the past year, and I think it's the stomach flu. He had a fever, threw up a few times and now has some diarrhea. The doctor said to feed him clear foods (broth, jello, etc.), but all he kept crying for was mac 'n cheese and milk tonight! Of course, we steered clear of dairy foods for fear of the consequences :) I ended up giving him some toast with jam and some instant oatmeal because he refused soup, and I didn't what else to fix him. What do you feed your child when he/she is ill, especially with the stomach flu?

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I agree with the bland foods, but I would also start supplementing his diet with acidophilus. They have some made specifically for children. It sounds like he doesn't have enough to fight off things like this if this is the second time this year. It will also strengthen his immune system.

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My 14 month old just had it for the 2nd time. When she was throwing up we gave her straight Pedialyte for a about a day and then transitioned to mini pancakes, applesauce and bananas etc.. We didn't give her any milk for 48 hours. She was only six for about 8 hours (WED) and then the next day she was just tired and recovering. By Friday she was back to normal.

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I am sorry to hear your son is sick. I would stick with bland foods such as: Toast,plain rice, applesauce,saltine crackers,jello, clear fluids(seven-up,ginger-ale etc)and pedialite if he is dehydrated. I don't know if he likes cranberry juice or not, but when my son is sick-I mix cranberry juice and ginger-ale or cranberry and seven-up and it really helps. Good luck and hope your son is better soon.


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Hi A.,
We had an icky virus too this year. In feeding my kids during these times, I think about how I feel when I'm sick. I tend to eat what I feel like eating, because almost nothing else sounds the least appetizing. Why should children be any different? I don't really eat only crackers and clear fluids when sick...

If he wants mac n cheese, why not boil the macaroni in chicken broth (for some added nutrition). I liked the grated cheese idea someone else had or leave it plain. My son was nearly three when he was sick and I explained at every meal "No cheese or yogurt until your poop is back to normal." One day he came running out from the bathroom and called me back to check it out. All normal, time for dairy again. Also, you could try to give him lactose free milk. My son is lactose intolerant. When people esp. children have diarrhea, they can become lactose intolerant until the good bacteria have a chance to recolonize the digestive system. This causes more diarrhea (and cramps if severe enough).

Good luck.

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Whenever anyone is sick it's important that they get adaquate nutrition. And whil clear foods are easy on the system they don't do a lot of good if your son isn't eating them. If your son is asking for Mac'n cheese he has a decent apetite. I say encourage the easy to digest foods (Bananas, rice, jello, yogurt etc) but give in a little on the mac'n cheese (just to get him eating.) Rather than feed him the box stuff that has all that extra salt in it cook up some macaroni and put a little gratted cheese on top.

Good luck and I hope your little guy feels better soon,


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Hi A.,

My 1 year old just got over the stomach flu. Pedialyte works and if he won't drink it give him pediapops (Pedialyte that is in Popsicle form). My husband and i got it after the baby and we lived on the pedia pops. It helped!

Good Luck!


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