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Feeding a 5Mnth Old

I am not sure whether I should be worried or not. I have a 5 mnth of son who is just not into eating solid food yet. I have tried the store brand baby food. I have made the baby food homemade. He just doesn't seem to like it. He also will not eat the rice cereal. I know that he is still little & may "catch on" when is a little older, but it just seems that all the babies that I know at his age are all eating great and love food. He is doing great with his formula(he is 17 1/2 lbs). Am I worrying too much?? He is my first and I want to make sure that I am doing all the right things.

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Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and reassurance. I feel so much better. Actually he has taken to eating now just this past week--YEAH!! It was like he flipped a switch. He LOVES sweet potatoes. :) I am so glad that I found this site. When you are your own and a first time mom..it is very nice to bounce things off other people. Thanks again to everyone for their support!!!

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My 5 month grandson was not happy with rice cereal either- so we added vegetables to his diet, which he loves and then added fruit. We get in a spoonful of cereal every 2 or 3 bites and it goes down well now. Remember they also have to learn how to swallow at this point, not just sucking. Just keep at it - you may want to mix some veggies or fruit in with the cereal for a new taste sensation. Babies also have very sensitive tastebuds - much more than we as adults - has to get used to things - some more slowly than others. Hang in there! He will be eating you out of house and home soon!

My daughter was breastfed for 2 1/2 months, until I went back to teaching. She easily accepted formula, and then whole milk. She was a very cherub looking healthy baby.
She always knew when I would try to slip in some cereal into her bottle.
She would not eat baby food, even at the age of 1 and I would put it on my plate and try to feed it to her. She wanted the same food I was eating, so I would give her some to gum and later chew, as her teeth came in.
I felt lucky that I did not have to buy/make her baby food.
She is now a beautiful young mother, with a daughter of her own (that I am helping raise), that did not eat baby food either.

Maybe if you try using an infant feeder he might get use to it. You can buy them just about anywhere. My dr told me to try it when my daughter was little and she did eat her food then. She was just used to the bottle and so she took the food out of the infant feeder.

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Too young to worry about this yet.

HI B.,
Babies really do not need anything but formula or nursing until they cut their first tooth. That's God's signal their digestive system is getting more mature. This from a mother of 5, grandmother of 13 & a doc to boot! When you do introduce his first food, wait 2-3 days before you introduce another one to be sure he does not have an allergy to it.

Rice cereal or bananas are good ones to start with.
God bless you & your little one.

Have you tried using a feeder bottle instead of a spoon? My daughter used one at first.

Ask your pediatrician what he/she thinks, of course. I honestly wouldn't be worried about it that much so long as he's drinking plenty of milk and growing. He's still young

M. S.

He'll do it when he's ready and he's telling you he's not ready. Mine didn't eat real food until closer to 12 months and NEVER would eat baby food although she tried the cereals several times before declining. We just always offered her a soft food to try and sometimes, she would, others, not. She loved baked fresh yams and canned peas, to start, and whole wheat spaghetti noodles.

Make sure to check w/ your pedi/nurse and give him baby vitamins (Polyvisol w/ or w/o iron).

Good luck and relax a bit - they're all a bit different.

Btw, I am a single f/t working mom, too - feel the same about having a child - hardest and absolute best thing I've ever done.

Sometimes it takes kids a while to catch on and realize that solids are worth the effort. Sometimes kids have sensory issues with food, normal and nothing to worry about. All babies are learning to integrate all thier senses at this age, taste, smell, touch, etc. Try letting him play with solid foods, like the rice cereal on his high chiar tray no bowels, etc. and with one of his favorite teething toys, getting him to touch his mouth and play with it in and around his mouth. You can also try massaging him starting at his feet and with firm pressure work up to and around his face and mouth and than try feeding him some solids. Give him another month or two. Talk to your peditrician. If you are really concerned you can ask your doctor to reccomend a speech therapist to help you out. They specialize in feeding. And if he is at day care ask them how they handle feeding. Maybe it is too stressful for him at the center so just have them bottle feed him until you get him used to it at home and slowly work up to solid food at day care/caregiver's house. Good luck!

Dear B.
You have no need to worry. Formula is fine for the first six months and if he is doing well on formula alone, I would leave him be.
Try again in a month's time and he may be more willing to start lapping at some puree's.
All the best

Hi B.,

I also have a 5 month old baby, but a girl. She is also just starting to eat baby food. She does not like just anything. Cereal was something she refuses to try until yesterday that I mixed it with apple juice. She ate very little but it was a start. also as far as baby foods, she is very picky and I don't blame her, I have tried the food and some taste nasty. She does love sweet potatoes from the Gerber brand and from the beechnut brand she eats only the sweet peas jar and the carrots one. Try them, I tasted these ones and they are sweet and are the only ones I myself think have a good flavor. I have noticed the beechnut brand are sweeter and more watery than the Gerber brand i figure that is why she prefers them. Try them and Good luck. Let me know if they work for you.

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