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"Federal Taxes Not Being Withheld from Some of My Paychecks"

Hello mommies!!! I started a part time job at the end of March and just recently noticed that I have a total of 6 paychecks that do not have federal taxes withheld. Now, someone told me that if you do not make a lot of money, they do not take federal taxes out - which doesn't make any sense because the other checks have federal coming out. Why is this happening? Is this normal? What should I do to correct this and make sure I don't owe at the end of the year? Thanks in advance for your advice!!

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I think you should talk to payroll/HR regarding this. It sounds like you should have federal taxes witheld and you will need to pay it at tax time if not enough was taken out.

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You are probably fine - just didn't make enough on those weeks to have any federal taxes withheld due to the number of exemptions you have claimed. Does your stub show you as Single or Married and the number of exemptions claimed? Mine does - and there have been times that no federal has been withheld on mine due to the number of exemptions and the amount of pay - and it did kinda make me take a second look! I went and looked up the tables and made sure it was all ok!

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I think you should talk to payroll/HR regarding this. It sounds like you should have federal taxes witheld and you will need to pay it at tax time if not enough was taken out.

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Are they taking out Social Security?

If yes then depending on your income level they might not take out federal witholding.

If they are not taking out either, make sure they are not treating you like an independant contractor, then you would be resposnible for paying the SS and any fed owed as well.

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Hi, R.:
Ask your employer these questions?
Good luck.

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To clarify, you're reffering to federal withholding taxes (not FICA or Medicare).

Your employer is legally obligated to make deductions according to what you specified on your W4 form. So if your basically making the same amount each week, then your correct it would not make sense that some checks have withholding and others don't. However, if your gross pay changes from week to week, it makes perfect sense.

Depending on the type of computer system that is being used to issue the payroll checks, it may indicate your federal filing status on the stub - ie. M (married) 2 (allowances). Make sure that it agrees to what you indicated on your W4 form.

If you are claiming Married with 0 allowances you must earn at least $270 per week before your employer will begin withholding for federal income taxes. The more allowances you claim the higher the amount of pay before withholding begins.

Do you have a tax advisor or someone who prepares your income taxes? It might be a good idea to contact them to avoid any surprises at the end of the year.

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To get the maximum amount of taxes withheld from your paycheck, fill out your W4 as single with 0 dependent exemptions. It may be that you don't make enough money per check for federal taxes to be withheld but all those little checks will add up.

Simple fill out another W4, Single or Married but withholding at the higher single rate, and 0 for the dependant exemptions.

Ask your payroll when the cut off time is for this hitting your paycheck. All the best to you from an accountant.

I forget the exact amount, but you have to make about $250.00 before any taxes come out. If you are worried you can always change your W4, or request a flat amount taken out (like %5 a paycheck)

I wouldn't be too alarmed though check in with HR just to be sure.

The IRS describes fed tax as a "pay-as- you-go tax". They help you pay for your annual federal tax liability by withholding an "approximate" amount each pay period. This is so much easier for most Americans to stomach than getting a huge fed tax bill at the end of the year would be.

The IRS further says that "If your income is low enough that you will not have to pay income tax for the year, you may be exempt from withholding." So they may look at your paycheck and guess that if this is how much you will regularly make every payroll, you PROBABLY won't surpass minimum income requirements this year. I have no idea what 2010's min income level is.

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