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Fears of H1N1

Real examples of H1N1 experienced with children? This mother of a todler is nervous every time he gets the sniffles...advice? Signs to look for?

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We had it. My 10 year old son got it first. 2 days of fever and two more days of not feeling well and he was fine. My 15 year old got it next. He was actually very ill. He had about 5 days of very high fevers and felt just awful! He spent 11 days in bed and slept for most of those days. My husband and I also got it. He had a mild fever one day and I didn't have any, but the dry cough that lasted afterwards was the worst part of it. It lasted for weeks! I'm not scared of the flu anymore since we all had it, but it wasnt' fun for my one son. Definitely worse than any other flu he has had in the past. For the rest of us, other than the cough it was mild.!

Dont let fear take control.be cautious and wash hands often and i stay out of public more than i used to.just take percautions.you will be fine.C. swanson

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I agree with most of the previous advice given, except for the advice of getting the vaccines. I have 3 children, and my daughter (we think had it) and know others that have, it was pretty much like the flu. It was not as bad as made out to be. My daughter's started out with aches and pains similar to flu, but only with a mild fever. She didn't get a higher fever until a couple days later. We did not get Tamiflu, which is causing many problems for people...most cases, worse than the H1N1 itself. I also went to a health food store and got her some echinacea and goldenseal--you can get kid's doses. Some ways to stay healthy are to make sure you get plenty of vitamin D, sleep, olive leaf extract also works well...lots more good info on www.mercola.com.

Unfortunately the government, mainstream media and pharma companies have blown this so called "pandemic" way out of proportion mainly due to the big $$ to be made, and power. mercola.com also has some powerful interviews exposing these falsities.

The truth is coming out that most of the H1N1 claims were people with either respiratory or simiar problems to begin with, and many of the so called H1N1 cases were really instead bacterial infections. Whatever you do, I urge you not to get the vaccines for you or your children. They are filled with poisons and causing many problems for people receiving them, including becoming paralyzed, getting Guillan Barres syndrome, and many other terrible things. First and foremost, the H1N1 vaccine has not been accurately tested. It's fact that many vaccines can have detrimental effects that may not show up for years later. Although in some cases, people are having immediate problems from this vaccine. To clarify someone's earlier post, there a 2 types of the vaccine--the shot, which is in fact a dead virus, but many have preservatives such a thimerosol (which is a high level of mercury) which can damage your brain and is linked to Alzheimer's Disease. Even if the shot is preservative free, there is no proof that the H1N1 is completely safe...all around the world, there have been cases that different batches of the vaccine have been contaminated and people are DYING after receiving them. Again, even if they are not contaminated, they are not guaranteed to be safe. The second vaccine is the H1N1 mist, which IS A LIVE VIRUS, and is sprayed up the nose. In addition to being the live H1N1 VIRUS, it also contains MSG, which is an excitotoxin - an ingredient known to cause nerve damage by overexciting nerves...this is being sprayed directly into your head, where your brain happens to be. The government came into my children's schools against many of the parents wishes and most that got this mist, ended up being sick with fevers, etc..and in addition to this, anyone who receives the mist is contagious for 21 days afterwards.

Some good resources for more, trustworthy info are:

Hope this helps,

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Instead of listening to everyones opinion about the vaccine and how safe (or not) it is I would suggest talking to your childs pediatrician. In my opinion, if you trust the pediatrician enough for them to care for the health of your child you should trust their opinion about the vaccine as well.

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As previously stated, H1N1 is simply another strain of the influenza virus. Several strains circulate every year and those of us who are vaccinated receive an inactive version of what they anticipate to be the biggest problem each season. H1N1 has received so much media because it was active outside the typical flu season. The strain has remained fairly constant and has not mutated into different strains as originally predicted. It's worth noting that decades ago, there was another H1N1 spread that did not cause the pandemic they are expecting. (This is why they feel that many of the older generation has built up immunities: they have been previously exposed.)

As an ICU nurse, I can tell you that they have been prepping us for a pandemic that has not yet occurred. Not to say that there have not been cases of H1N1, because there certainly have, but as pointed out in the media, it seems to be more of a risk to people with preexisting medical conditions.

That being said: be sure your child is getting a healthy diet to boost his/her immune system. Wash hands regularly. There has been a lot of controversy over receiving the H1N1 vaccine. I, personally, received it a month ago and my son just received it. It is engineered in the same way as the seasonal flu vaccine and if you get a shot, it's a dead virus. Many people say the get the flu from the vaccine, but this is just coincidence...the vaccine takes 3 weeks to reach it's full effects, so it stands to reason that within those three weeks, you can still be exposed to the flu and your body hasn't produced enough antibodies to protect you yet.

One final note...if your child has any symptoms, go to your pediatrician immediately because antivirals (Tamiflu) can only be given within the first 48 hours of onset of symptoms...fever is usually the benchmark symptom, but on rate occasions is not present, so keep your eye out for any behaviour that would suggest your little one is under the weather.

Dont let fear take control.be cautious and wash hands often and i stay out of public more than i used to.just take percautions.you will be fine.C. swanson

It's the flu. It is like any other flu but with a special name to it. You will have the same symptoms as any other flu: fever, chills, aches, fatigue, nausea, etc...
And just like all flu symptoms, it can be mild or it can be severe. H1N1 is not a death sentence, media hype will just have you believe that. There are several people I know whose kids or grandkids had the H1N1 and got over it in just a few days.

i've read that it first comes with fever, low grade and dry cough, barely noticable. it is advisable to take him in and have his ped. test for the flu.
i am in th same boat. i carry hand gel everywhere with me and we try to avoid crowded areas. did not and will not vaccinate though. it feels like a russian roulette
ps I just want to reply to Dana's post. My kids have always gotten the flu shot, mercury free vaccine. This year the ped's office didn't have it, and since i was not going to get the H1N1 vaccine I agreed to the flu mist. The flu mist has the weak live virus and my child did end up getting the flu from the mist. Our pediatrician confirmed that is what happened, so Dana looks like you need to read up a bit more.

My 18 month old son had it in the beginning of October. He had a low grade fever (99.9) one night and a runny nose. The next day he woke up with no fever and acted fine. So of course I sent him to daycare thinking he was okay. The sitter called at noon to say he had a fever of 102. I took him to the dr. They were not even going to test him for the flu (even though thats what the dr. thought he had) until I told them that he is around his Great Grandmother who was in chemo for breast cancer. Sure enough he had it. They gave him tamiflu to help with the symptoms bc he has what they call "asthmatic episodes". But trust me when I say this, it was not that bad. He ran a fever for 2 days and acted just a little tired. He was fine within 5 days.

All three of my boys got H1N1. Zach (5yrs old) and Nick (3yrs old) had similar cold/flu symptoms with the exception that they had a 104 fever for days. Basically we kept them on tylenol every 3 hours and then alternated with motrin. My youngest was affected a little more. He had the same as above but he ended up needing to be on a breathing nebulizer because he had fluid in his lungs. Honestly, the H1N1 is more hype than anything else. This sickness was just like a really bad cold. And from what I've heard about the vaccine, I'd just as soon take the real virus and be done with it.
Best of luck!

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