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Father's Name on Birth Certificate

******I already updated this and said I got the answer... I talked to someone at the hospital about it. Thank you for your responses.******

My son is 16 and he and his girlfriend (she's 18) are expecting a baby in May. They were told by some of their friends that the hospital they are going to won't allow him to have his name on the birth certificate since they aren't married.
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this, as I've never heard of it before.

I was thinking of calling the hospital and asking them, but I'm not sure who to talk to. I don't put much faith in what their friends say, because you know how kids are, they think they know everything.

There is no question as to whether he is the father so that's not an issue.

*Forgot to add, they plan to get married after he is 18, and they plan to give the baby our last name at birth.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

I spoke to someone from the hospital, there is no problem with his name being on the BC and no problem giving the baby his last name.

thanks for all your replies....

I will be calling to find out for sure. As I said, i don't put much stock in what the teen friends are telling them....I just wondered if anyone had ever had this problem, since my son is underage.

I told them not to worry about it, because his dad and I will be there and we will make sure he is on as the father.
his g/f lives with us (although she shares my daughter's room), so I'll be there when she delivers anyway.... her mom lives an hour away from us, and at least 1 1/2 hours from the hospital, so it will take her a while to get there when the time comes. She has asked us to take care of things when the time comes.

**I should say that she was 17 when she got pregnant and turned 18 since then, they were both minors when she got pregnant. My question was more about my son being underage and being on the birth certificate, because it is this particular hospital we were told about... another hospital in the area (which we do not want to go to) does allow underage fathers who are unmarried to put their name on the BC. It is just this particular hospital.

****There was no statutory rape involved, they were both underage at the time.****

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Hello, I went through this as well because me and boyfriend are not married. The hospital I delivered at gave me a paper for me and him to fill out, called acknowledgement of paternity, basically if you are not married for him to confirm he is the father. You have to do this with the birth register at the hospital. Good Luck.

Hi there,

Not true! I have 2 daughters, 27 months and 8 months old and I am not married to their father yet. He is on both of the birth certificates. We did have to sign an extra form or two about claiming paternity. Good luck!


No this is a lie. The state or hospital does not care of the marital statues. The state wants every child to have a father. One thing if they brake up. the law will hold you responsible for child support. He is a minor if you have any case pending. In other words DYFS could consider you an unfit parent. She is an adult he is still a minor. She could get charges

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I'm not sure if its different in NY or for minors but in CT I know the father can put his name on the birth certificate. He has to sign an additional form stating he is accepting paternity for the child, and show identification in front of a someone at the hospital who can certify it. I just had a baby 6 months ago and went through this process. You fill out all the paperwork at the hospital. No paternity test required. Its completely up to the father whether or not he wants to accept paternity.

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Hi K.. I am an RN on the maternity floor at my local hospital. Your son can certainly sign the birth certificate!! When the parents aren't married, we have a seperate form for the dad to fill out. He will need a photo ID (driver's license, passport) and that's about it.
Hope that helps.. good luck!

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Marriage has nothing to do with it. They both just put there names on the certificate I went through this. She will fill it out and they both sign it. Even if for any reason they break up lets say and she doesn't want to put his name on the B.C. all he has to do is go to court get a DNA test to prove it's his and they will put him on the certificate. More than you needed to know and I hope it doesn't come to that but you never know.

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I actually work with this type of situation daily. A couple of things. First, in NYS his name can be placed as the father and his last name can be given to the child. At the hospital both will sign prior to discharge an "acknowlegment of paternity" where both indicate that they are the parents. Since he is a minor and they are not married it will not be a legal document. To make it "legal" at this point they would have to go to family court to take a DNA test or take one independently. But this will not be necessary unless they will be accessing public resources.

Is she in school? If so, what are her daycare plans? She can go to the Department of Social Services to apply for assistance with daycare. I can let you know the process to this as well if needed.

Does she have WIC, health insurance, etc.

Good Luck

My husband and I were not married when our daughter was born 4 years ago. My name had to be on the bracelet because I was the patient but there was no problem with him signing the birth certificate. My daughter has his last name. We are married now and we all have the same last name but we had no problems then. I never heard of that before. Good Luck and congrats!

sorry this is a bit late (i see you've already posted a "so what happened?") and i didn't read all your responses... but my husband was never married to his ex and his name has been on the birth certificate of their daughter since day 1, so yes, its possible if he wants his name to be on there - my husband just had to sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity paper.

as long as he is there at the time they sign the birth certificate his name can be on it. call the hospital and double check, but it has been that way for years, otherwise you go to vital statistics after teh baby is born and can legally change it. been there done that.

Hi K.,
Their friends are teenagers, they like to think that they know everything but usually they don't. As long as the father acknowledges paternity, it is usual for a father to be listed on the B.C. whether married or not. The only issue that I could see him having in terms of any parental rights would be that he is a minor and baby's mom is an adult but I don't know if that causes any problems or not.
Good luck, I am sure that your son and his girlfriend appreciate your support and I hope that you enjoy your first grandchild.

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