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Fat Baby Feet

The top of my daughter's feet have gotten really fat recently. She doesn't wear shoes a lot so I didn't notice it before. I tried to put her size 1 sandals on and they didn't fit so I grabbed her size 2s that she's never worn and they didn't fit either. So I pulled out all of her other size 1s and 2s and nothing fits! It's not the length. Her stretchy bunny house shoes don't even fit. She has started standing and walking with help in the last month or so. I figure that has something to do with it. My question is, with the season changing I was about to buy some winter shoes. Can anyone suggest something that might work?

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My son has very high arches and chubby feet. The only thing I have found that works for him is wide width shoes. You can get them at payless and they also ship to APO, FPO. Here is the web site www.payless.com. Hope this helps.

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See Kai Run has wide shoes go for the Smaller line since she is just learning to walk.


Pediped makes good shoes for beginning walkers as well that are very flexible and I think would be good on fat feet. Go for the Originals not the Flex! line. The Flex! line is for older kids who are walking really well.


There are also Robeez and Robeez -style shoes that pull on with elastic that are good for beginning walkers and would probably work with her feet.


Go for something with a very flexible sole and not a lot of arch supports. Hard soles cause kids to trip and they also interfere with foot development as do arch supports. Shoes that are closest to bare feet with give you the protection she needs, but allow her feet to develop naturally. Print out the sizing chart for each site and make sure it is to scale and order up a size from where she measures. The size charts vary with each company, especially for baby shoes.

Stide Rite carries extra wide and extra extra wide shoes. My son has fat feet and for the longest time I had to buy him extra extra wide shoes.

All I can suggest is try going up another size. My daughter is the same way. She is 4 and wears a size 11.5 childs shoe. It's really hard to get her foot in right now so soon she will be in a 12 or even 1. When she was your daughters age we had the exact same problem. We just went up a size till it fit. My mom said they had the same problem with me when I was younger and the lady at the shoe store just said to go up 1/2 size. I blame my daughters problem on her father. He wears a size 13 EE and her grandpa wears a 7 EEEE. Those are some of the hardest sizes to find.

Hi R.! My daughters feet were the same way, nothing to worry about, they will "slim" back down in a few months. The best shoes I found that worked during this time were Robeez. You can find them on robeez.com or target has some that are similar but for a cheaper price. One good thing about these shoes is that your daughter will not be able to pull them off and they have a soft bottom, that is non-slip, to help her as she learns to walk. I loved these shoes and we still get a pair every year to use as "house shoes" and my kids are now 4 and 2!

Good luck! :)

You could try getting Wide Width shoes. If you can't find them there I know they carry them at Pay Less Shoes. you can find them online. I had to get WW for my son. Wal-Mart even carries some WW baby shoes. If you can't get them to mail to you, you could have a family memeber back in the states get some for you and mail them to you. But i do know that PayLess and Wal-Mart both ship to FPO/APO mail boxes so you shouldn't have a problem. I hope this helps. Good Luck and God Bless

Please, please, please do your daughters feet something good and don't put any hard shoes on! Get those socks with the stoppers on the bottom! It is normal for babies feet to be all fat and chubby, but if you are really worried about it go to a doc! The worst thing people do to their little ones feet is putting them in shoes too small! as long as your daughter doesn't walk more then a few steps let her walk them barefoot or in those nonslip socks, she will have a better balance with being able to use her toes!

Hi R.

I would not worry about your little girls feet being chubby. But I am british and we don't put shoes on our babies feet until after they are walking. It is not healthy for their little feet to have shoes on. Once she starts walking they will probably thin out. Infact, in England when I took my eldest son for his shoes (many moons ago now), they (Clarks shoe fitters) would not even size his feet until he had been walking for at least 6 weeks, as it is so unhealthy to encase their little feet and they change shape so much with walking. I am sure the fat disappearing is part of that process. So what I am saying is I personally would not even bother with shoes, just put some warm little socks on her or a snow suit type garment when leaving the house. That is what I did with both my boys. I know it is probably a cultural thing too with the shoes. So just adivce from an old fashioned Brit :)

I have an 8 month old as well and he is wearing a size 5 shoe, anything smaller just won't squeeze on! I tend to keep him barefoot or in socks most of the time.
I have had good luck with a hatchback shoes with my other kids at this age. They open up very wide to help with getting them on. I know they have a website online! Its funny at this age they seems to have little blocks for feet :)

Good luck!


My daughter is 2 and we still have this problem. She has always had "fat feet." The one shoe that I've found that works best for her are crocks. I know you said winter shoes but I wouldnt be sure where to tell you to go in kuwait.

My friend's son had feet like this, so they had to buy him shoes that seemed ridiculously large for such a little guy. He's five now and his feet are slimmer. When your daughter is indoors it might be best to leave her with just socks on. Doctors told me that it's a myth that babies need a lot of support or hard shoes when they start walking, and that walking without shoes can actually strengthen their foot. They said just to have her wear shoes when walking outside to protect her feet from germs, glass, etc.

My son has very high arches and chubby feet. The only thing I have found that works for him is wide width shoes. You can get them at payless and they also ship to APO, FPO. Here is the web site www.payless.com. Hope this helps.

Try robeez they work great for babies with any size foot.

I have had luck with Stride Rite brand. Their website might give you more information on fit. You can order from their site or from Zappos or even Nordstrom. You may have to buy wide shoes until the "babyfat" lessens.

Good luck!

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