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Family Pictures - Salt Lake City,UT

I am getting our family pictures taken but do not want to pay ALOT of money and I need to be able for them to do photoshop. I seem to ALWAYS have a pimple when picture time comes around and now that I am pregnant it seems to be alot.
Any help and info would be great

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Im another HUGE fan of Portrait Innovations. They are decent priced, and you get them that same day and I have NEVER had a bad experience and I've been going there for years

Not Walmart. We did Walmart for years because we were poor and I was trying to get the best deal, but sometimes I wish we'd just spent a few more dollars for Target or somewhere else.

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I see you're in Utah. My family has been using Karyn Johnston for years now and we are always so impressed. The oldest of my three sons is so grumpy about pictures, and she can always get him to smile and get great shots. She does a lot of on-location, natural lighting work and it's really gorgeous. I know she does PhotoShop because I remember her saying she took pictures of someone's baby girl all cute and naked, and then kind of blurred out her "parts" so one of the pictures wasn't such a full-frontal. She said she'll do that kind of thing as long as no one could tell she'd PhotoShopped the picture.
She charges $125 for the shoot, but takes like 100 or more pictures to be sure she's got the great shots of everyone, and that includes your whole group and even individual shots of the kids if you'd like, and then you can order the pictures yourself through SmugMug online, and they are so affordable--like 0.65 for each print. I can't tell you how many times I've been ripped off at photo studios spending just $20 for the session, but then coughing up bucks for "sheets" of photos later. . . . You can see her work at www.kjohnstonphoto.smugmug.com. or some older work at www.kjohnstonphoto.com. She's in Ogden, but would probably meet you elsewhere. I've been so relieved to have family pictures where everyone looks their very best without looking stiff and unnatural. I really recommend Karyn. Good luck!

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We just recently had our photos taken with Brian (www.briandawsonphotography.com) and he's amazing. Both my stepdaughter and I had some breakouts but you'd never know it. Here's a link to our shoot: http://bdawsonphoto.smugmug.com/Family/Chris-Sabrinas-Fam...

He charges $125 for a 60-minute shoot and you get all of the retouched images (around 50). He's amazing! Good luck!

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We've always used Sears Photography. They are good and cheap. We love our pictures. They can be creative with poses and are normally pretty good. They also edit the pics too. Hopefully it will work for you.

I am in Denver, and have two places I like to use. One is Target (not on a weekend) and the other is Portrait Innovations (my favorite) - if you have them in Utah. If you do they are awesome... you can really decide how much you pay, get the pics that day and a full CD of them. They also do holiday cards too! Have fun!

I don't know where you live, but if you're in the Salt Lake Valley Creativ Productions is doing a free fall family sitting and a free 8X10. They do amazing work. They did my wedding and now our family stuff. There also great people we've become family friends with one of the owners.

Here's their website: www.creativproductions (dot) com.

Good luck!


Margo, with Mikes Photos, took our wedding photos and she just took our family pictures at Murray Park. Her sitting fee is $30 if you are a family of up to five, $35 for a family of up to ten and so on. She will go anywhere in the valley for no extra fees, and can often suggest great locations. I believe she also has a studio out of her home to take indoor pictures. You get all the proofs of the pictures she takes, and then after you spend $50 she throws in the CD. Samples of re-order prices: 5 x 7 is $2.50; 8 x 10 is $7.50 and 11 x 14 is $15. You can re-order through her, or online. But I would suggest re-ordering through her personally, as she can make sure the photo shopping is done. She photo shopped a person (in the background) out of a 16 x 20 that we had done from our wedding! You get the proofs back in just a couple of days, and orders in less than a week.

She does a great job, and I love that we can have the pictures taken where we want, and that we get all the proofs! You can check out her portfolios and pricing on her website. Heres her website: www.Mikesphoto.net.

i would ask around for a photographer or just open your phonebook.......photographers are not as expensive as they use to be.....i found one that is better & cheaper than your typical sears or jc.......with a photographer you generally are not stuck purchasing a package with just one pose.......they typically do it out of their home and have a more relaxed atmosphere & people arent waiting for their turn on the otherside of the curtain & your kids will be more relaxed.........i have noticed in my area that more stay at home moms are doing photography out of their homes.......my photographer converted her garage to this fantastic studio & i pay a lot less than when i used to go to jc penney......congrats & good luck

Not Walmart. We did Walmart for years because we were poor and I was trying to get the best deal, but sometimes I wish we'd just spent a few more dollars for Target or somewhere else.

My favorite place is Portrait Innovations. You can get a nice package for $9.95. They were able to take a pimple off my teenager's face in a second! You can also purchase the CD and print pictures yourself.

Bill Ross does such an amazing job!!!! He just did our family photos and I couldn't be happier. He is unique, and really listens to what you want. Editing is included in the price. I'm telling you...AMAZING!!!!


Some posters thought you were from Utah, but I didn't see that anywhere. So in case you actually are in Colorado, there is a fabulous place called Portrait Innovations. They have one in Aspen Grove but I don't know if they have other locations or not. We went last year because they had a fabulous pckage for $9.99. The photographer was outstanding, took over 60 shots and we viewed them immediately. Within an hour we had our photos. We did end up spending more than the $9.99 because we had so many fabulous options to pick from so we went a little hog-wild. But it can be done if you are strong!;0) Hope you find a great place!

target is super cheap (you can get a coupon on their website for $3.99 a sheet and no sitting fee), but they don't do touchups, and if you want to buy the digital files so you can touch them up yourself, it is a lot more, i think maybe even like $100....can't remember for sure. anyway, so maybe not what you're looking for at all, but i thought i'd throw it out there...

Hi AA,
I don't know of any photographers near you however I do know that natural sunlight is a great concealer of blemishes so whoever you go with see if they can take pics outside or in a window that allows light but not glare to shine through, good luck!


I've seen lots of photographers advertising on craigslist.org, some just getting started and willing to do it for free or other more professional ones with special deals. It'd be worth checking out.

If you are in Utah, try www.tanyagarside.com as she uses natural lighting and doesn't charge anywhere near what she is worth. Look at her pics and see if it is the look hyou are looking for. Her pics are great and you get all the images to print for a lot less than other photographers.
Good luck.

I had a horrible experience with Target, and preferred Sears sooo much more. You can buy the rights to all the pictures and touch it up yourself, or you can call and ask about the touchups. I know I was going to have some corrected, but decided in the end that I liked the natural, so I don't have experience with their actual touchup work.

Im another HUGE fan of Portrait Innovations. They are decent priced, and you get them that same day and I have NEVER had a bad experience and I've been going there for years

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