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Failed Vasectomies

Just wondering if anyone personally knows someone who got pregnant more than 5 years after her husband's vasectomy (in a 100% monogamous relationship!!)?

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Wow! Thanks so much for all the responses! The results you ladies told me about sure don't correspond with the research I did on the Internet. Guess God's still in control no matter what man may think - HA!

I'm not preggers, guess it may be early menopause. My DH just gets SO upset whenever I'm late. I keep telling him I'm 42 - it's to be expected! I just wanted verification about the vasectomy issue. Thanks again! BTW, DH had his 6 month check and 1 year check but hasn't been back. I've offered to "help" get the sample but guess he'd rather worry. LOL!

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Yes I have know a couple that he had a vasectomie and several years later she got pregnant. And they where 100% monogamous too. It's possible!

oh yes, I had a good friend that I worked with that got pregnant several years after her husbands vasectomy. It is not uncommon at all.

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Hi T.,
1st... CONGRATS>>>This is definitely God's plan. FYI< my hubby has titanium clips on the ends of his severed tubes...nuthin's gettin' thru those bad boys!! Check on that course of action next time!
warmest blessings with you pregnancy,

A good friend of mine has a beautiful 8 month old boy that is the result of a failed vasectomy. Her husband had one while he was a freshman basketball star in college so he didn't "mess up his career" by having an "accident". He is 29 years old now so it was more than 5 years - but there is no telling when his failed. Hope this helps.

We had some good friends that became pregnant after his big "v" and he had had it done years ago. They were at retirement age and then she became pregnant. I have heard of this happening to several couple that we know. Some just didn't get checked for the full 3 months and others didn't go back year after year for the follow up. Good luck....

My husband had a vasectomy after our 2nd child. Our second is now 5. I'll always remember the cautionary remarks from the doctor. He said another pregnancy is possible. So I wouldn't be suprised about it if it happened. B.

Yes a friend of mine was 40 years old and thought she had the flu and finally found out she was pregnant. Her husband had a vasectomy many years before. Their daughter is now in her mid 20's fixing to get married. She has been that special God given blessing they certainly hadn't planned on. God is still in control and sometimes gives us what we need not what we think we wanted. Thank goodness. L.

yes!it can happen regardles of what everybody says it happened to me 14 years after the vacsac. it was a very hard time,being accused of cheating ,to this day still get the remarks, I almost was convinced to have a abortion but couldn't do that, this is what god gave us and I could'nt do away with that no matter what any body thought,suicide was also a thought. but glad I didn't she is my gift from god
a little about my self 51,married 30 years, six children,ages 34,29,27,25,24,10- 3 boys - 3 girls
I could go on but I'm not dwelling on it any longer and yes I had been faithful, because my husband had been thru that with his first wife and I knew from experience what he went thru.

Yes I have know a couple that he had a vasectomie and several years later she got pregnant. And they where 100% monogamous too. It's possible!

I just went to a baby shower last weekend for a friend who had a baby after a vasectomy. He had it 6 years ago after the birth of their 3rd child. She had no idea she was pregnant until she went in for a MRI for another issue, and they asked if she was pregnant. Even though she said no, they did a preg test and sure enough! I saw the precious little baby just last week :)

Sorry to say, vasectomies are not 100% effective, neither is a tubal ligation. I actually had a patient once that had a tubal, got pregnant, her husband had a vasectomy, and she got pregnant again. She took it well, said God meant for that child to be born!
Good luck!!
C. M.

Sure do! One of my neighbors is due any day now with #5 after her husband had a vasectomy a few years ago.

...it happens, though i don't have personal experience. sometimes the vas can grow back together. sometimes there is a third vas (when almost always there's two). sometimes the medical professional didn't get the vas? i know that where i work they send each vas to pathology to make sure it's what it needs to be.

i'd always thought routine checks forever would be a good idea for guys having had a vasectomy.

My parents knew someone who became pregnant about a year later. The husband filed for divorce but the wife sweared that she had been faithful. The attorney, at the dr's recommendation, suggested the husband get checked. He did, and it turned out that his vasectomy hadn't work. They stayed married, had the baby and things worked out fine.

This story led me to have my tubes tied after my 4th child...I wanted to be sure that I didn't get pregnant again and I think when women have it done the results are better.

I don't know anyone, but I worked for a urology physician for several years and we did vasectomies all the time. We always told the men that the procedure isn't 100% fail-proof. Nothing man-made is. And we did have several patients showing up later with pregnant wives, all upset, thinking she cheated on them lol. One of my friends had her 5th child after having a tubal ligation. So that just goes to show you that God is the only 100% anything !

Yes, a lady at church recently found out she was pregnant. Her husband had a vasectomy 7 years ago.

I have heard of this happening but don't know of anyone personally. This scares me because my husband had one about 6 months ago. Did your husband get checked yearly? I know my DH had to go in at 6 weeks, 6 months (which he needs to do), and then every year after that. I know A LOT of husbands who have avoided going in for the recheck and one of them ended up fathering another child 3 years after the vasectomy. Things can grow back together. Best wishes!

My friend's sister is expecting 4 yrs after her hubby's vasectomy and this is her 4th kid--she is freaking out , needless to say. Did your hubby get checked after a year to make sure it took? I am not sure if hers got checked or not. I heard this can happen! :) C.

My mom is a urologist and she has told me that until cauterizing was the norm (which was fairly recent) it is not uncommon for the tube to grow back. Men have a tendency to not read the fine print with they have a vasectomy. If there is any doubt I would talk to a urologist before accusing someone of being unfaithful. You can't always come back from that kind of accusation.

oh yes, I had a good friend that I worked with that got pregnant several years after her husbands vasectomy. It is not uncommon at all.

My husband's cousin is pregnant with their 5th child, 3 years after their vasectomy; but they did not do a follow up semen analysis. It's possible, that's why doctors don't provide money back guarantees. My husband still needs to do his followup.

ouch! was he tested twice after to be sure he was "dry"? my hubby had one last year & that is my biggest fear. sorry & congats to you! guess this baby was meant to be...
take care

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