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Failed My Gestational Diabetes Test

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second son. I had a doctor appointment yesterday where I failed for the finger prick for gestational diabetes. I am now planning on getting the more extensive three hour test on Friday. I am very upset by this news and very puzzled. I am a very thin person, fairly good eating habits, no family history of diabetes. How could I have failed?

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Thank you to everyone for the kind and compassionate responses - the responses were more help than you will ever know. I called for the results this past Thursday and the three hour test revealed that I do not have gestational diabetes!! I am quite relieved. Again thank you for the support

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This happened to me too but the fasting 3-hr test was negative. You probably only "failed" the finger prick test because you ate breakfast that morning. I wouldn't worry until you have the full test.

I wouldn't worry unless you fail this next test. I failed my first test and then passed the more extensive test. This is very common (at least that's what other women have told me). I just wish that someone had told me this in the first place because I worried myself sick until the second test came back normal. All of my worrying was for nothing. Good luck and don't worry.
B. K.

Hello V.,

Gestational diabetes is something that some pregnant women develop while being pregnant. Sometimes the body does not process insulin that well while being pregnant, so it is not something that you are doing. Gestational diabetes does not have anything to do with whether you are thin or overweight or family history.

I hope this helps some.


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I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with my daughter. If all they did was a finger stick (not a 1 hour blood test) I would not be overly concerned until you take the 3 hour test. There were times when I would stick my finger and have a blood sugar reading of 435, think it was wrong, check it again immediately, and have a reading of 215. My Dr. said that gestational diabetes is a very understudied condition. Although they call it diabetes because is an imbalance of glucoses in the blood, it is very different from type I and type II diabetes. Unless you had diabetes before you got pregnant, it will almost definately go away at childbirth (if you have it at all). My case was more severe, but most women that I know that had it only had to take medication and watch what they eat. Even though my case was severe, the diet was still not as restrictive as most regular diets. Don't look at this like you failed, look at it like this is another change your body is facing (like horemones) because you are pregnant. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong or could have done anything to prevent it. Congratulations and good luck!

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Don't worry honey, it has nothing to do with a family history or anything. I have a friend, who is one of four herself, who had it with 2 out of 3 pregnancies. I have another that didn't have it with her first but did with her second. It's just something that happens. The worst that may happen is you may need to be induced a week early because the baby may be big. He will be perfectly fine and so will you. You just need to watch your sugar intake. Everything will be just fine sweetie. Congratulations and good luck!

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Take a deep breath and Relax!! Just do what you need to do for the "health" of your baby!! It will pass when you have your baby and you'll get back to "normal". Being pregnant does All kinds of Whacky things to our bodies, remember it's only temporary. Don't beat youself up, like it's something you did or didn't do...follow the advice of your OBGYN and you'll be fine! I've never had that happen to me, but my sister who's having her third baby soon, had that with her first pregnancy. Her son is 4, he's great, she's Great( a little uncomfortable with being so huge), but DON"T stress out, you'll be fine and so will your baby!!

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Don't worry yet. This happened to me and it was a false positive. Could of came back positive if you were eating sugary foods/fruits the day before or that morning.Once I did the 3 hr test came back negitive. Think "negitive" till you get your results Friday.

Don't beat yourself up about it. I know people that were the picture of heath that had it and those that weren't and did not. It's sometimes just one of those things. If you are positive they will teach you some diet controls that hopefully will keep it in control and you both will be healthy. Enjoy the pregnancy!

It could just have been there was alot of sugar in your system before the test, the three hour test is not that bad, except bring a book to read because it is long. I am 39weeks and have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (boarderline) I failed 2 of the three tests, It has required me to watch my diet, try to exercise, and test my sugars two hours after I eat. I did have a family connection but beyond that I was in your shoes, why. After doing reserach on the American Diabetes (ADA) Webpage and March of Dimes pages, I found from ADA that they now think that sometimes it happens because the placenta is blocking your insulin from being used, so there is not much you can do to prevent this. Gestaional diabetes is not the end of the world and more then likely you'll pass the three hour test and not have to worry, or if there is something then you will probably have to trade some of the full on ice cream for Sugar free. I hope this helps.

I have a 9 month old daughter, which was my first, and I also had diet controlled gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. I am 5'4 and 110 lbs, I also felt like I had very good eating habits. I was very upset when I got the news and blamed myself for it. The only risk factor I had for GD was my first pregnancy was after 25 years old (I was 27. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I am a nurse practitioner and most of my patients that develop diabetes have poor eating habits and are overweight and don't take care of them selves.
After going to a class for the gestational diabetes, that my insurance required me to go to, I learned why it was happening and that it was not my fault.
My body was not able to keep up with the amount of insulin now required to take care of my body and the babies. My body was not used to producing that much insulin so it could not catch up when it needed to. I ended up being able to control it with diet and never needed insulin. I would suggest going to a class if you can, I learned a lot about eating certain things together to keep my blood sugar low. I hope this helps!

They tightened the standard for the test just before I took my last one. Don't worry about failing it.

I failed it (barely) because my OB neglected to tell me that I was not supposed to eat before it. Even knowing that, I got stuck doing the 3 hour test, which I passed with flying colors.

It is annoying, but likely nothing. I know many people who failed the one hour test.

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