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Facial Wart

My 6 year old daughter has a wart above her upper lip...her pediatrician said to get wart remover and that should do...but all of the wart removers indicate DO NOT USE ON FACE? Besides going back to the doc and clarifying the issue, do any of you have other thoughts or advice on what to do to get rid of it? thanks!

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I want to thank everyone for the great advice! I have so many different options I am going to start with a cream I found (googled facial warts)! See how that goes...again...All of you left wonderful advice! Much appreciated!

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Hi A.,

Ask her pediatrician about having it frozen off. My oldest son had a mole on his neck when he was young and his doctor froze it off with liquid hydrogen or nitrogen (can't remember which. At any rate, you need to get rid of it before she gets much older and it becomes the bain of her existence. Abuela

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Try rubbing pure Melaleuca oil on it once per day. It should take care of it in about a week.

A. - My daughter has 2 little "warts" on her chin and our pediatrician said it is molluscum. Look it up online. There is lots of info and it's common. She said it would go away on its own, but you can go to the dermatologist and they put a juice on it that burns it away. It is painful. There is some painless cream I saw online that I may try.
Good luck. Hope this helps -- Kathryn

I know this is going to probably sound VERY strange, but it worked with my four year old. She had one on her forehead and every night when she went to bed, we would put a piece of duct tape over it. In the mornings we would take it off. After about a week of doing this, it just came right off one morning...no blood/pain/scar or anything. IF you leave it on during the day it should take less time, but with it being on the face she probably won't want to do that.

Hi A.,

My name is S. and my son had a wart as well.....Do not use over the counter removers! I tried it and it severely went wrong and burned is unmature skin. Our pediatrician said to do it as well! We went to the a dermatologist who clarified the type of wart that it was and treated it accordingly! My son recieved a couple of "freezing treatments" and all was well in the world and it's been a couple years now and nothing as returned.

Best of luck tp you, I understand how traumatic it can be to you and your child!

Hi A.,
I just recently heard a mom sharing of her children having wart problems. She and her husband own a business called the Bread Beckers. You can get this talk/audio CD for free at http://www.breadbeckers.com/freestuff.htm. I hope you benefit from it.
God bless you,
A. H.

Get a referal to go to a dematologist, they remove warts. call and get an appointment with one and let them tell you what you can do or let them remove it.
Hope this helps

Hello. My daughter had a huge odd shape (like a brocolli head) wart on the inside of her nose at the age of 6 also. Her pediatrician gave me a cream-I'm pretty sure it was Aldara- to put on it twice a day and also put her on presription strength Tagament-yes the Tagament for stomach/acid problems- she read that one of the side effects in children was that their warts fell off. Hers fell off very quickly with no pain at any time. Hope this helps.

Take her to a Dermatologist. He will know how best to treat the wart safely.

As a child I had a few warts on my hands and the only thing that worked at getting rid of them was Cod Liver Oil. I believe you can purchase it at the grocery store or any health food store. It is something that would definitely not be harmful to put on her face. But as other recommended, I would go to the dermatologist just to be on the safe side. However, I would not recommend getting it frozen off, that procedure would definitely be painful.

Hi A.,

Ask her pediatrician about having it frozen off. My oldest son had a mole on his neck when he was young and his doctor froze it off with liquid hydrogen or nitrogen (can't remember which. At any rate, you need to get rid of it before she gets much older and it becomes the bain of her existence. Abuela

I would definitely go to a dermatologist if you can. I had that same issue when I was a child and they knew exactly what to do.

Hi A.,

Look up on the internet to see what is a herbal remedy.

Just call the office and talk to the nurse.

Good luck. D.

I would echo what other moms have said in seeing a dermatologist. However, both my son and I have had warts (he is now 5 and has gotten them twice). In both our cases, nothing worked--except time. I had mine frozen off, burned off, and medicated, and they always came back. My son's started on his thumb, spread to other fingers, then to his face (nose and right beside his mouth). His pediatrician said it was viral and that it spread because he would touch his hand with a wart to his face. For both of us, the warts just stayed in one place for a long time (a year or more). Then they would suddenly start getting bigger and spreading to nearby areas. In a few weeks time they would just die and fall off for no apparent reason. I had several doctors tell me different things to try (put a penny in your pocket and rub it throughout the day, try duct tape, try over the counter meds, etc.) but in the end none of them worked. If you are worried about scarring or how painful treatments might be, try just leaving it and being patient. I'm told the virus can last up to 7 years in the body . . . But ours died much sooner than that.

Best of luck.

Hi A.!
A dermatologist could freeze it off which would take less time than treating it with the drugstore wart remover. Good luck!

I think your best option is to take her to a dermotologist. My daughter had warts and they can do an in office procedure to remove it.

Hi A.,

Like everyone else, I would take your daughter to the dermatologist. My sister had one above her lip and it was frozen and has not come back (it's been 3 years). However, the dermatologist gave her some wart remover cream to put on the spot to make sure it did not come back. Hope this helps!

I want to 2nd the duct tape suggestion.

The reason this works is that the duct tape stimulates the body's immune response.

It may or may not work for your daughter, but at least it's harmless if it doesn't work.


My 5 year old doughter also has had problems with this. She has had up to 8 on one hand at one time and three on her face. For the ones on her hands I used Salicylic Acid to remove those. It is not painful at all. It was something I got from our doctor. Freezing did not work at all and it is very painful. For her face, one had to be removed by surgery because it was on her eye lid. The others she ripped off herself. I know it sounds bad but she would wash her face very hard and they just come off. They would bleed but then they were gone. My 8 year old son has 4 of them on his knee. His are so big the doctor gave him a shot of something under the biggest one. It made his body start attacking them and within 2 weeks all of his are gone not just the one the doctor treated. I don't remember what kind of med was in the shot. Sorry. Anyway, my doctor did tell me that this is very common in children and most of the time it can come and go for about 3 years. I hope this has helped.

Hi A. ~
I would definately get a clarification from the Doc on the use of these types of wart removers. The face is a MUCH more sensitive area than the usual spots that you get warts and I would be very concerned about scaring. I recently used a FACE depilatory on my upper lip, and even THAT gave me a wicked chemical burn! I now have light red discoloration on one side of my upper lip. I would have a professional do it if I were you, and I would make it clear to them that you don't want any scaring! Good Luck!
~ K.

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