Facial Cleansers During Pregnancy

Updated on June 16, 2009
J.H. asks from East Northport, NY
8 answers

I am looking for a safe facial cleanser to use during pregnancy. The one I was using before becoming pregnant contains things in it that are unsafe to use during pregnancy. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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check this out maybe it will help!!! The best & cleanest products imaginable!!!!!!!!!



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I found couple of organic products that are completely free of everything (Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, (any) Paraben,Propylene Glycol,Diazolidinyl Urea, ...), and one of them is "Karen's Botanicals" (http://www.karensbotanicals.com/products4%20Cleansers,%20....
But as we all know that not every organic product is always safe for you, so here is a site where you can check a specific product (put the brand name into there search and it will give you a list of products and there score of how hazardous there are):

I personally stayed away from everything and anything (hair styling items, hair dyes, some shampoos, age fighting cleansers and moisturizers, nail polish, some eye make up .... and list goes on) while I was pregnant but I went back to all those things after the pregnancy, well only because the organic stuff didn't give (or needed more time to give me) very good age fighting results :(



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less is more. dove soap, or noxema. if you have acne, you can try using dial antibacterial soap a couple of times a week if its not too harsh for you. my derm recommended dove soap with dial a few times a week, cleared up everything, nice and soft, and not too much of any crazy chemicals.



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Johnson & Johnson's Purpose face wash.


answers from Buffalo on

I use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap (Castile Soap) in Baby Mild. It is very pure soap and does not contain any essential oils. Here's a picture of it on the Dr. Bonner's website: http://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/OLBA08EA/BabyMildLiquidSoap...

I buy it at my local grocery store or health food store, but I have also bought it from www.vitacost.com

It is a concentrated soap and you have to buy a foam pump to use it for a hand or face wash. I use 1/3 soap to 2/3 water, but if your face is more oily, you can use a 50/50 mixture. I bought my foam pumps off of e-bay.



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I love Neutrogena facial cleaner. It comes in a pump and can be found unscented.



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Arbonne products are GREAT! All of Arbonne's products are pure, safe and beneficial. I also couldn't help but notice that you are an animal lover. Did you know that Arbonne's products are approved by PETA! I loved the products so much that I became a consultant. It is a great job because it allows to to be there for your children and make a real income. The great thing about Arbonne is NO PARTIES! I would LOVE to drop off some products for you to try in your own home for a couple of days to see if you like them. NO OBLIGATION. If you are interested in trying some product for FREE in your home for a couple of days let me know.

Talk to you soon

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