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Eyebrows Thinning as I Age

I've had a question I just can't figure out who to ask and since there are lots of "older" moms and grandmothers here I thought I'd ask all of you. It seems to me that I can't maintain my eyebrow shape as I have in the past because there's less hair in some places. I know I could use an eyebrow pencil but I think I might grow out my brows and have a less sculpted style. Is this part of aging? I'm not an aggressive plucker but the "tail" of my brow seems to be thinning. Is it going to get worse? Thanks!

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Unfortunately this is a normal part of aging. In my younger years I had very bushy brows and had to pluck frequently. Now that I am in my early 50's, I find I have bald spots and recently resorted to filling in with a eyebrow pencil. I don't think we can do anything to change the inevitable so try not to stress too much. I think in the scheme of things, this is pretty minor! Take care.

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I recently discovered a great product that I have been using to grow my eyelashes, also works on eyebrows too. Seriously, my eyelashes are twice as long and twice as thick as they were a year ago.

We have started carrying this product which is Jan Marini's Eye Lash Conditioner at our new spa in Mountain View. Embody Wellness Spa, 2495 Old Middlefield Way (one block south of San Antonio), Mountain View, CA 94043 tel ###-###-####.

It's not inexpensive ($159), but definitely worth it. If you decide you want to try it out, you can tell them that Rié said you can get a 10% discount. Good Luck!


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Hi M., I had the same thing happen to me. Other things that ocurred was my hair nails and skin were brittle and dry. I didn't connect these symptoms together but I also was starting to feeling tired, run down, and was sick a lot. Anyway, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 1 1/2 years ago and learned this is one of the things that can happen to someone with Thyroid issues. I only mention it as sometimes these symptoms mean something and sometimes they are just a part of life. Things can sneak up on you though! If this may be a concern talk to your doctor about getting tested. There are also experts in this field and a lot of information at about.com. let me know if you have any questions you think I can help with. Take care, T.

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I can't help you on this. I am 63 years old and my eyebrows look the same way as they did at age 5 when I cut a piece out of the front. What happened to me is that my hairline at the front on both sides seem to be receding on each side while the middle is like it always is. How about your family, do they have eyebrow issues? Maybe check Mom or Grandma or Auntie. They probably would be better at telling you about things like that. Good luck. When you find out the answers for you, write back and share with us. I know I would like to know your answers. R. T.

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Yes, your eyebrows do thin as you get older, but they will probably gray and become coarse, just like your hair, when you are much older. Also, if you'be been plucking for a long time, some of those brow roots have probably been damaged so they may not grow in like you think they should (either pointing the wrong direction or not coming back at all). After 20 years of plucking I thought I'd grow back my brows and was dismayed to find that after two years, only about half came back. I ended up going through electrolysis to get rid of the ones that looked like strays and get the best shape I could. Now all I do is brush color on them when I do my hair - so they have the same color base - then I use a lighter colored pencil to fill in any gaps and define.

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Dear M.,

Yesssss they will. Let them grow for a while to see what will happen. I almost don't pluck anymore because they are going, going, almost gone.

At least we got to be old.

C. N.

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Try supplementing with biotin and collagen for body hair, skin and nails. It will probably improve your appearance and give you 10 years back.

That is a classic low thyroid symptom! Get it checked out. Read the book "Thyroid Power", by Richard Shames, I think. I've checked it out from the library twice. He also has a website that you should look at right away called www.thyroidpower.com. And bonus, fixing your thyroid gives you more energy, and helps you lose weight! E-mail me back if you have any questions at all. Good luck!

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