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Eye Infection & Eye Drops Advise for First Time Older Mom

My daughter has an eye infection in both eyes & needs to take eye drop medicine. She is 6 yrs old. She opens her eyes wide but when the eye dropper gets near her eyes, she squints or looks down or closes her eyes. It is hard getting the medicine into her eyes

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Thank you to everyone who replied. I used the eye drops while she was sleep & also I used the method of just putting it in the corners of her eyes while they were close & having her open them & blinking & hoping I put enough drops in her eyes. The infection did clear up so all of the advice I received helped. My first request & it was a success

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Being an optometrist, I do this all the time. Just have her close her eyes and put the drops in the corner of her eye. Have her open her eyes and the drops go in. Sometimes you may have to give her a little help to opening her eyes. Hope this helps.

Try having her keep her eyes closed, with her head tilted all the way back and then you can put the drops in the inside corner of her eyes. Have her open her eyes then and the medicine should flow in. Hope that helps! ~ K.

I always did my kids eyedrops once they were asleep. I just raised their eye lids and put in the number of drops needed. Have you tried gently holding her upper eyelid open so she does not blink or close them? It is not easy, good luck, I had to sit on my daughter when she was 2....:)

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have your daughter sit in front of you with her bck to your front between your legs,then have her tilt her head back and rest it on your chest with your non dominate hand take your thumb and forefinger put thumb on lower eyelid forefinger on upper lid gently open her eye then put the drops in close the eye wait a minute and do the other eye.Its natural to close your eye when something is coming toward it but this should make it a bit easier and when your done you can hug her :)

while she is laying down put the medicine in her right eye, corner of her eye closest to her nose. then have her roll to her right side. repeat with her left corner of her eye rolling to her left side. the medicine should go in her eye no problem.....good luck

I feel your pain...if bribing doesn't help. Then you've gotta just get help from someone else to hold her down. I know it sounds cruel, but once they feel that it doesn't hurt they usually cooperate a lot better. Bribe as much as you can though first! :)

I found that if you have them look to the far left or right depending on which eye it is that getting the drops into the eye is easier as they don't see it coming and it makes it less stressful for the two of you. I hope this will be of some help to you.

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Take your time putting the eye drops in. Have your daughter close her eyes and relax. When you are ready... have her open her eyes and you put the eye drop in the tear duct location.

After that you'll be a pro. Good luck!


I always had better luck when I warmed the drops first - not as much of a shock to the eye. I would have my son lay on the couch with his head in my lap and then tell him to look away and give the drop with a tissue.

try pulling her bottom lid out and putting the drop in the "pouch" then slowly close it. Also sometimes an ointment can be prescribed and put in the same way. I always felt that the ointment stayed in better.

What I do for my 3 year-old is: have her lay down on the floor, put her head between your legs and hold with your knees firmly but gently, then, hold her eyes open with one hand and put the drops in with your other.

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