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Extreme Fatigue the Week Prior to My Period

I have received such great response on other topics, I just had to post this question. The week prior to my period I become very fatigued and lethargic. All I want to do is sleep, lay on the couch, etc. I also become very moody, not my normal patient self. It is very frustrating. It is almost as though I am in the first trimester of pregnancy (being so tired). This has been persisting for almost 2 years (since my son was born). I am not on any birth control, my fiance had a vasectomy so no worries on becoming pregnant again. Has anyone experienced this? What helped you through it? Is there any hope? I hate the way I feel during that time, and feel as though I lose an entire week each month because of it. Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer!!!!!

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Dear D.,
I have found the negitive feelings associated with "that time of month" tend to be a lot less noticable with 1) lots of water 2) many leafy-green vegetables and 3)some people say primrose oil capsules are helpful.
Good luck ! Gill

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A 500 to 1000 mcg B12 supplement helps me with my energy level when I feel sluggish before my period. Studies have shown that taking a calicium supplement (I can't recall how much but 1000 mcg/mg comes to mind) has been shown to help with pre-ministral mood swings. And then regular moderate exercize always helps as well.

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I do not know how old you are-but, I am now 40 and have the same problem. Plus, I have zero patience. It is like a alien has taken over my body. I have no ideas on what will help.

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Go on the 'women to women' website. It offers supplements, nutritional support and advice from a nurse. Check it out. Their program has perked me up.

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Hi D.,

Two things would be good to do:
(1) Go to your OB/GYN and have a series of blood tests run to rule out anemia and have your progesterone/estrogen/testosterone balances checked.

(2) Search out a local practitioner of Oriental/Chinese medicine, preferably someone who has experience with herbal medicine and women's health concerns. There are some issues with Liver here (nothing to do with Liver in the western sense) that may be related to irritability, fatigue and hormonal imbalance. A good practitioner will know how to address this after checking your meridian pulses, tongue and other symptoms. And you don't have to live with this.

Best of luck,

S. Ihrig, L.Ac.
Lotus Wellspring Healthcare
456 E. Mission Road, Suite 100
San Marcos, CA 92069

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D., you are not the only one who has this problem. After my second child, I had your same symptoms. I was so tired, I looked sick and pale!! I am studying to be a doctor of natural health, so I make it a personal mission to find remedies that really work. We are all different, so what works for one person may not work for another. After trial and error, process of elimination and research, this is what I have found to work best.

1. Lifewave energy patches. Based on accupunture/accupressure. These work extremely well, especially if you put them on before exercising. You will not be disappointed. Lifewave.com/kherihealth for more info.

2. One tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses mixed with rice milk and quarter tsp. each of clove powder and cinnamon makes for a healthy and balanced energy booster. It taste like chai tea. Works best if you put it in a blender. Molasses is full of iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Perfect for PMS. This drink is very inexpensive and is quickly absorbed by the body. Do not waste your money on supplements that contain these minerals. Clove kills infection and parasites. Cinnamon slows sugar absorption, lowers high blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol. Both spices contain anti-inflamatory compounds that help with menstrual discomfort. There is a lot more that these spices do. You can google them for more info.

3. Drink plenty of water, but do not overhydrate yourself. This will cause your cells to burst and make you exhausted. Like overfilling a water balloon, it burst and becomes useless. Over watering a plant will kill it. You get the picture.

4. Eat healthy and exercise. Walking outside in the fresh air does wonders.

Good luck. K.

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Hi D.,
You should really discuss this with your OB/GYN, it sounds like you may be suffering from "true" PMSD, Pre-menstrual Syndrome Dysfunction. If you are open to it, there are medications you can take that may help you feel better. There is no sense in letting this continue on. I wish you the best. ~~L.

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I have awful periods (before and during). The docs have suggested that I use an IUD or minipill of some sort. The other option that they have suggested to me (which is one that I'm really considering) is uterine ablation. My doc said that this would lessen all symptoms and I would not have to spend a couple days in bed each month because of my period.


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Hi D.;
I also experience extreme fatigue, although usually only 2 days or so. I have found that keeping up with my daily Omega's throughout the month has been helpful. I also take Milk Thistle on a daily basis for improved liver function. A friend of mine told me that when our hormones are out of balance it is troublesome for the liver.
I'm not a nutritionist or anything, but these help me. Hope you find something that works.
Best regards,

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You didn't mention your age, I'm 40 since February. My mom had mentioned to me on my Birthday that that's when she started menopause.

I have noted the last 2 months feeling like all I want to do is sleep, plus I'm mean-crabby. Before I knew what made me moody it was simply cleanliness. I'm a neat freak but can control myself that we live here and kids make messes and leave things out. But the week before my period I deep clean and constantly pick up to keep it clean. As long as things are clean that week I'm level headed and not crabby. This month and last, I still cleaned, but the smallest things seem to drive me into mean, and I'm very aware that I'm not a nice person because I told my kids when they weren't listening to me that: this is not a good time for you to act this way I'm not a nice person right now. I have also noticed a small amount of depression, like I can't get out of this box and I need a change, I've tried buying myself something new but that didn't help. Anyway the ladies here at work told me that it sounds like begining stages of menopause. And told me to see a doctor for the simptoms. There are things on the market but the doctor would be the one to help me decide what's best for me. I'm now trying to decide what exactly bothers me So that I can forworn my family.

Iron pills may help with the tiredness. If that is truly the only simptom. Good luck with finding the reason your tired. J.

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Hi D.,
Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture helped me soo much with this. I would highly recommend finding a reputable practitioner and try it for several cycles.
best of luck,

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