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Expired Pregnancy Test--accurate?

Hi, ladies. To my great delight, I just got a positive pregnancy test (Clear Blue Easy, plus/minus, not with morning urine, about three days late for period). However, the test expired in July of 2007, so it's about six months "old."

I called the Clear Blue Easy Help Line, and the woman told me to not rely on the test results, that she didn't know if an expired test might more likely show a false positive or false negative, and that an expired test might lose its effectiveness. (So if it's less effective, it might be more likely to show false negative, I'm thinking?)

So, please, anyone: what have been your experiences with expired tests? Thank you!!

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I went out this afternoon and bought a new pregnancy test--and it was definitely positive. Wow! We're so excited. Thanks for all your input!

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I was told from the doctor that you don't get false positives, just false negatives. So....congratulations!

I agree that most likely if it was neg., it could be wrong. My bet is you are pregnant! Congratulations! Yeah,babies are so much fun!!!

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I have found my expired tests to be just as accurate. That isn't too old either. The lady at clear blue has to tell you that in case it is inaccurate. I have used the tests from the dollar store which work perfectly fine. It's more likely you would get a false negative this early than a false positive. I would be almost positive you are pregnant. CONGRATS!!

go buy another test and save yourself the wondering. honestly cheap little dollar store tests work just as well and are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. buy 2 or 3 of them and take them all. thats what i did. and they all read positive and they were very correct :) trust me!!! or go to the doc and tell them you think you may be and they will do a test and your insurance will pay for it :) good luck and [possibly] CONGRATS

It probably is! :) It happened to me too! I had 2 expired tests left, and they both came back positive. When I made the appointment to see my OB, and I told him I wasn't sure if it was accurate, he laughed and said it usually is even if it's expired! Congratulations!


I had two positive results with two expired tests. I bought them at All-A-Dollar so not only were they expired but also cheap! They were expired because during the process I found out I was in ovarian failure & would not be able to have any more biological children but I never got around to throwing the tests away. About 6 months later I couldn't fit into my new summer clothes & thought I would take the test "just for the heck of it". When it came back positive, I knew it had to be wrong so I took the next one which was also positive. I knew they both must be wrong & went & bought the newest, most expensive test I could find. Positive again! Good luck to you!!

More than likely it is correct. But if you want to be sure and can't afford to buy another one Planned Parenthood will do a pregnancy test for you for free. Good luck.

well, i too had a clear blue digital pregnancy test with 2 test in it and i happened to look at the bottom of the box and saw that it was expired july 2010 and so it was just a little over a month or perhaps i would not even call it even expired. however i took the test first thing in the morning and the test came back "not pregnant" so i think its safe to say no, i'm not pregnant,but i cannot understand what's goin on with my body anymore i still have the symptoms but i dont kno whats wrong with me if im not pregnant. i think first thing im gonna call the clear blue digital toll free number and speak with an associate to see what they say i will get back sometime tomorrow however i am testing again on 8/30/10 to be 1,000 % certain even tho i have pcos n cystic on my ovary that even said it could be negative so we will see. if anyone, whats to commet please feel free with your advice or respons cause im confused... thanks.

I agree that most likely if it was neg., it could be wrong. My bet is you are pregnant! Congratulations! Yeah,babies are so much fun!!!

I used an expired preg test - I forgot what brand - it was one where nothing would show up if you were not pregnant, and some kind of symbol would show up if you were preg - and it came up positive - but it was a light (+) where it kinda faded in/out. So, I didn't really know what to make of the whole fading in/out.
Anyways, I went and got a new preg test, and it was definately positive. So I figured the fading was b/c it was expired and was losing its effectiveness...
That was my experience. Hope it helps!

I don't know much about the accuracy with an "old" test, but if you really question it, go get another one and try again. Or you could wait and see what happens. I know that when you are trying the waiting is not really fun. What ever you decide, good luck and if it is postive congrats.

I only once used an expired test (one month expired) and it was negative and accurate. But I would just go buy another one. You can get a store-brand test (Wal-Mart, Target) for under $4 and they are just as accurate - especially if you're already late. Some doctors office or hospitals even offer free test.

I'm not to sure on the expired test, but I know that the dollar store tests work just as good as the expensive tests. So why not try a new one. I hope it is positive for you...

I'm not an expert on pregnancy tests and I'm not sure about expired pregnancy tests...but I have heard that there is no such thing as a false positive. I would suggest getting a new pregnancy test and compare the results. Hope this helps.

I was told from the doctor that you don't get false positives, just false negatives. So....congratulations!

I just wanted to say congrats!!!!

I have taken "old" ones before, on accident, and they said positive and I was, from what my DR told me is.....They are set up to dectect a hormone so no matter what it will, old or new, tell you whether or not you are. He also said there really is no such thing as a false-positive, just false-negatives. But if you REALLY want to know for sure go get another one.

I don't know about those being accurate or not, but I do know that every Tuesday and Thursday Mt. Timp Women's Health Care just down the street from AF hospital gives free pregnancy tests. You can give them a call at ###-###-####. This way you know you have an accurate test, and you don't have to go buy another test! :)

i once used an preg. test that had been opened a few months before, kept in the package. It gave a false positive. Just go to the dollar store and buy a couple there. They are very accurate.

I wouln't rely on the test being accurate. I was also late on my period and took a home pregancy test that had expired. In fact I took two (expired) tests because I wanted to make sure.
They both were positive, so I made an appointment for my doctor. Turns out I wasn't pregnant so the tests I had taken were false.
If I were you, I would take another test (one that is not expired)so you will get a more accurate answer.

How about you just go buy a new test and retake it? Then you'll know for sure! Good thought.

I wouldn't trust it- justgo buy another one.

I would take another test. Try First Response, they're one of the best.
Good Luck!

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