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Expired Formula

Does dried formula in the can truly expire when it says it does or can i still use it? I have new unopened cans of Enfamil Next Step Lipil (9-24mos) which has an expiration of March 1, '09. Do you think it's still ok to use?

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I know that baby formula is expensive especially when you are feeding two, and you definately don't want to waste any, but when it comes to something like formula, you really want to be careful, because you don't want to make your babies sick. There should be a phone number or email address on the container, so that you can contact the company. Sometimes those expiration dates are sell by dates, but i really would check with the company. If you can not get any information, I would throw it out, better safe than sorry. Good luck and take good care of those twins.

Throw it out! Would you drink expired milk???

My pediatrician told me it's good for 6 months after the expiration.

I had the same issue when my children were little. I fed it to them, and they were fine! When you call the manufacturer, they will tell you not to use it beyond the expiration date (to cover their own behinds!!). I did not experience them offering to refund my money or send me a coupon for a free can. It may lose some of the nutritional value over time. Since at 12 months, they can go on whole milk, the "next step" isn't really necessary. I believe that I have also heard the "six month' rule. I would just make sure that it is opened and consumed within those 6 months.

If you go to infantformula.org they say not to feed an infant expired formula. They have the explaination there under the FAQ. They also state that you should be able to get a reimbursement for it.... I would check into that!

With that being said- I will admit that I have fed my daughter expired formula by a few months. It was late and I did not want to run out to the store so I gave her a few bottles of it til the next night. She was fine! I did not finish the can since it was just a few bottles though and threw it out.... I was too nervous to do more than that!

Good luck and many blessings!

I would never go past the experation date!
It's there for a reason. Why take any chances. I'm sure a lot of people disagree, but I would never!

There is very little science to those expiration dates and so I imagine that they are fine to use. The manufacturers have their own economic interest in putting short expiration dates. The same is true of cold medicines. In fact this has been the subject of some congressional inquiry. They won't make a child sick. the only issue is whether all the nutrients are quite as potent as they were. Shelf life is not a cliff. Something ages over time. The process of aging and losing nutrients is very gradual. So if you have something that expires on March 31, it doesn't switch to being bad on April 1. What you have in your house is something that was made last year and has been aging ever since. Also, if your children are over 1, they can move to whole milk. The benefit of the next step products is not proven at all and it is expensive.

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